Chapter 19

The Billionaire’s Daughter
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Yoohyeon’s POV



I sighed for the fifth time today. I looked at my phone and found a few messages from Gahyeon. 



Unnie.. one last time, please meet me. - Gahyeonie




What for, Gahyeon-ah? I told you, I’m with someone. Please if you care for me, you’d understand - Y



I know. This time will be the last, please.. - Gahyeonie



I sighed before replying. 



Fine.. rooftop, afterwork. - Y



I put away my phone before starting the papers in front of me. I hope this meeting with Gahyeon will be the last. I sighed once again.



Will you be home early tonight? - Minji <3



Hm? I will try baby :c I miss you, are you at school already? - Y


Yes. Ok.. then I’ll see you later. - Minji <3



I frowned. I really should get my schedule fix, I barely give time for my girlfriend and it’s making me feel stupid for asking her to move in with me then abandoning her most of the times because of this stupid schedule I have.




Our relationship starts and ends at night. I will come home so late that all I can do was to kiss her because I know she stayed up waiting for me and I didn’t want to wake her up anymore.



Then I’d wake up early in the morning finding a cup of coffee with toast on the table, I guess she’d be awake in the middle of the night, or just before I go, to make them for me. She was probably thinking the same thing, not waking me up because she knows I came home late at night. I sighed. 



My shift ended at exactly 6:30PM. I hurriedly went up to the rooftop to get this meeting with Gahyeon done. All I want to do is to go home, spend time with Minji. Nothing else.




“Unnie.. you came” I nodded.




“Gahyeon-ah.. please.. tell me everything that y

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