Chapter 1

The Billionaire’s Daughter
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Yoohyeon’s POV


“What is this Yoohyeon? These are rejects, can’t you read??” I lowered my head. My Dad threw the papers in front of me and making it scattered on the floor.



“Do you realized how much time you’ve wasted by not double checking your work?? QUALITY YOOHYEON. QUALITY. These papers are worth millions and you decided to half assed it?!” My Dad shouted at me. I looked at the papers I spent months on making scattered on the floor before replying, 



“I was busy overthinking it and I—“ he interrupted me, “Did I asked you a question? When I hand you paper works I want the BEST quality, this company has always been know for its quality and here you are ruining it!” My Dad shouted disappointingly. I felt my cheeks getting hotter.



“I DIDN’T SIGN UP FOR THIS! I never wanna take over this stupid business of yours anyways” I snapped, he stood up before and warning me to tone it down.


"YOU better shut your mouth now"


“I just wanna live a simple life. Like MOM, like my sister!” I shouted, he slammed his palms on the desk again.



“Oh yea? How about I disown you then? You’re nothing without me Kim Yoohyeon. So, I suggest you leave this room now before I disown you ungrateful child” I scoffed before leaving the room and walking out of the building to the parking lot.



I put my hands on my hips before exhaling loudly and kicking the vending machine by the elevator. I went inside my car and dialed my sister, Sua.



“Yooh? Something wrong?” I didn’t respond.



“hey” she calls again, I sighed.



“Can I live with you? I promise I’ll bust my and work at your restaurant just.. take me away from here.. please” I pleaded.



“Did something happen? You know I can’t do that Yooh.. He can destroy us in minutes” I sighed. It’s true, our Dad is capable of doing that. I’ve seen him do it, it’s horrible.



“Just.. hang in there, build yourself and until you’re ready.. leave. I’ll be here for you. But not now.. I know it’s hard and we only have each other but you h

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