Chapter 33

The Billionaire’s Daughter
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Minji’s POV 



That night after I took a shower, just as what I had thought, Yoohyeon prepared a movie set up in our living room. Waiting for me to get out of the room. Smiling patiently at me before guiding me next to her and wrapping her arms around my shoulder while I lay peacefully against her body on the couch.



We watched all three movies of the Before Trilogy. It was a peaceful night. So peaceful that we almost forgot about the things that had happened and the next thing we know is that it was 3AM. We cried and laughed and smiled and I thought, I thought we were going straight to bed but,



She held my hands before turning me around and putting her hands over my eyes, blocking my view. At first, I was confused but then it’s Yoohyeon.. of course she’ll do things like those.



I smiled and went along with it. She guided me to the balcony before retracting away her hands from my eyes and stared at me lovingly. I chuckled but soon I felt my eyes tearing up. You wonder why? Well..



This person, in front of me, was the first person who understood me well. Who waited patiently and never once gave up on me. This person whom is a daughter of some billionaire,  decided to refused all the money and privileges she had just to be.. with me. 



Is now kneeling in front of me. Holding this tiny black velvety box with her eyes staring at me full of love and s

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