Chapter 10

The Billionaire’s Daughter
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3 weeks later..


Yoohyeon’s POV


Ever since that incident with Gahyeon, We both agreed not to speak about it until we actually feel something for each other. She’s like a little sister to me. 



I’ve never even thought about kissing her at all and I’m sure that it was just the alcohol doing. However, I do feel that she feels the other way around and it’s scaring me.. what if I accidentally lead her on? I don’t wanna break her heart.. I sighed.




It’s also been a few weeks since I stopped texting Minji. I felt bad for ignoring her and I honestly can’t take it anymore, I just wanna go barged in their apartment and steal her away but I can’t. She has a boyfriend, she has someone already.




I walked inside DC Hospital to meet my workaholic bestfriend, Dami. Her girlfriend, texted me to come and visit my bestfriend because according to her she’s been working non-stop and she’s worried for Dami’s mental health so here I am. 




“Hi, I’m here to visit Yubin” I said to one of the hospital admin. She immediately recognized me before saying she sent a message to my bestfriend and that she will come out and meet me. I nodded, I turned around and found a seat.




“Hey yooh!” I was about to sit but I heard my bestfriend shouted at me. I smiled and gave her a hug.




“Hey, Dongie sent me! You should take a break Yubin-ah” I said, she glared at me, “look who’s talking! Look at you you also look like a zombie, all skin and bones! Have you been eating healthy foods?” I ignored her before playfully punching her stomach.




“Yoohyeon-ssi?” Someone called me from behind, I turned around and saw Siyeon. I bowed before greeting her. Dami gave us a look.



“Oh! This is my bestfriend, Dami. Dami, this is Siyeon. Uh.. Jiu’s bestfriend” I introduced them, they both greeted each other warmly.




“If you don’t mind me asking.. what were you doing here, Siyeon-ssi?” I asked trying not to avoid her gaze.




“Please, just call me Siyeon I’m just visiting Minji’s Dad” Siyeon replied, I nodded quite surprised. I wonder what happened to her Dad..





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