Chapter 26

The Billionaire’s Daughter
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Jiu’s POV


I closed the door behind me before going straight to the restroom. I must’ve been sobbing really loud as I heard Siyeon knocking.



“J-just a minute..” I said trying to sound firm. 



“Or I can bust open this door, open this door and let me in, Minji..” I heard her concerned voice. I sobbed before slowly opening the door.



I went outside of the restroom and walked straight to the living area while she follows me.



“I thought you made up?” She asked worriedly.



“We did but turns out she’s still no different from the others” I said while sniffing.



She sighed before hugging me and patting my back. I cried even louder. It must be raining hard outside as I can hear thunderstorms. 



A few minutes later, I stopped crying and is now a little better. She pulled away from me before looking at me.



“I would definitely make you something.. only if I knew how to cook but.. the last time I touch whatever’s in the kitchen I almost burned down the apartment” I laughed softly causing her to smile at me.



“I remember that..” I said before smiling back. 



I decided to cook us ramen but a few minutes after we finished our dinner we heard a knock on the door. Who could this be? It’s still raining hard outside..



“I’ll get it” She said, I nodded before glancing over her shoulders. It was Yoohyeon. I frowned seeing her soaking wet from the rain.



Siyeon looked back at me before facing back Yoohyeon and shoving her away. I flinched from her actions. 



“What the hell do you think you’re doing here? You have no rights anymore!” Is it weird to say that I can see the tears from her eyes even though the rain is pouring hard on her. I sighed.



She saw me standing behind Siyeon. I looked away.



“Unnie please step away, I-I need to talk to her. Please!” She begged while trying to get inside making the rain water drips inside the apartment but my bestfriend keep shoving her away.



“You have to get out or I’ll do something ugly, Yoohyeon” Siyeon warns.



“Please.. Minji! Please let me explain..!” I started crying which made them both stopped.



“You see? Do you see what you’re doing to my bestfriend?? She doesn’t deserve this Yoohyeon-ah” Siyeon said before shoving her even harder this time causing her to almost slip. I held Siyeon’s wrist. Which made her stop. 



“Get lost! Just go home, Yoohyeon” Siyeon said before slamming the door on her. 



I closed my eyes before putting my hands to my face after hearing her begging while knocking on the door.



“What do you want me to do Minji-ah?” Siyeon asked genuinely confused. I sobbed.



“Minji-ah.. I’m really sorry! Please! Open the door.. Just let me explai

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