Chapter 12

The Billionaire’s Daughter
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Jiu’s POV



I’m currently sitting on the bench outside the hospital patiently waiting for Yoohyeon.



Honestly, what’s taking her so long?? I’m starting to get annoyed. I’ve been waiting for her more than 30 minutes now. I looked at my phone again, wondering if I got any messages from her saying she can't make it.




I felt someone sat next to me. I quickly glanced at the person before glaring back at the person after realizing it’s Yoohyeon. 




“Why did you avoid me for almost a month?” I asked in a not so nice tone. She didn’t say anything, she just kept shut. I narrowed my eyes again.




“Do you know how stupid you made me feel? All those days I kept thinking if I did something wrong that made you stop showing up without saying anything?? Did you know that I've been catching feelings for you?? and it's so hard for me recently. Did I.. Did I do something wrong, Yoohyeon?” I asked desperately for her answer. She faced me before saying,





“N-no. You didn’t, I just.. I feel like it was wrong for me to hang out with you when we both know I have feelings for you.. I didn’t know you already have a boyfriend” She looked away, I narrowed my eyes again feeling confused about what she just said. 




“What boyfriend?” I asked firmly. 




“That time I told you I couldn’t accompany you to lunch, I asked my boss if I could leave early that day so I could hang out with you so.. I went to your work place and didn’t find you there so I waited in my car.. then I saw you came back with a guy.. your boyfriend” I rolled my eyes at the mention of the word “boyfriend”.




“So, you ignored me for a month because you assumed I was in a relationship with that guy??” I asked angrily and slightly annoyed.




“Well, aren’t you?” She snapped back.



“NO!” I

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