Main Ship Character Introduction

The Billionaire’s Daughter
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Yoohyeon’s POV


I looked at the stack of paper works I needed to sign on top of my desk. I sighed disappointingly. People might envy me for being rich or at least well-off but honestly if I was reborn today I wouldn’t choose this life. It’s so tiring and draining and lonely.



I didn’t ask to be the next in line to take over our family business. I only wanted to live a simple life, not even close to something like the one I have now.. 



I didn’t even go to college like everyone else, I was always homeschooled. I was groomed into perfection to do well in order to be worthy in the eyes of my Father. 



I always hear that I’m so self-centered, selfish and stern. Quite too serious for everyone’s cup of tea. And honestly, I’ve become like this because I’m so burned out. I only show my real self to the people I'm close to. Which are not a lot. It doesn't help that I always have a hard time making friends.



And since I didn’t go to a regular school, I didn’t have many friends. Not like I needed a lot anyways, but I heard it’s actually way cooler if you have more friends. Even those friends who are just there temporarily. They still add up to someone else’s happiness. And I wish I had that.



I only have Yubin and my sister, Sua. We barely even meet because apparently we’re too busy hustling for the things that won’t even matter when we’re all old and gray and weak. 



The people around me advised me to play around, to meet someone but It’s hard for me to open up to someone. I don'

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