Chapter 4

The Billionaire’s Daughter
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Yoohyeon’s POV

I'm so embarrassed by what I did last night, I should have just let Sunmi call a cab for me.. I put my hand in my jean pockets searching for my car keys. I looked around for my car and found it parked nearby Jazz Bar.



I looked around the area before hopping in my car and driving home. I received a call from my Dad earlier.. I wonder what’s the deal this time.



After a few minutes of driving, I’ve arrived back home. The guards opened the gates for me so my car could enter the driveway. I got out of my car and gave the keys to one of our drivers. 



Our housekeeper, Mrs. Jang approached me before warning me, “You’re Dad is furious, so watch your attitude around him, ok?” I smiled at the old lady before nodding, she’s my only friend here in this mansion.



I walked inside the mansion, I saw Dad sitting on one of bar stools, He glanced at me before saying, “What you did was so unprofessional and It was so embarrassing!” I lowered my head while listening to him.



“Doing that in front of our shareholders was so wrong! We could lose those important people, Yoohyeon-ah.  Do you realized what you’ve caused?? I NEVER want to experience something like that again” He snapped before standing up and leaving. I bowed before apologizing and walking towards my room.



I lay on my bed for a few minutes, closing my eyes after exhaling loudly before standing up again and going to the bathroom to take a cold shower.



After taking a shower, I went downstairs. I spotted Mrs. Jang outside the kitchen area, I nodded before walking pass her, “Yoohyeonie, here take this” she smiled before handing me a riceball. I smiled before taking it and thanking her.



I went outside and asked for my car keys from one of our personal drivers, as soon as I got the keys, I drove myself to the company.



My experience inside the company is pretty much the same for everyday. Sometimes I’m lucky, Dad’s in the mood. Most of the times, we clashed with each other. 



After a long day at work, I received at call from my sister, Sua.



“Hey, what’s up? Everything good?” 



“Yea, you heard from Mrs. Jang?” I asked.



“Yea.. you didn’t come home last night. Where’d you go?” She asked concerned.



“Oh. I went to Jazz Bar, grabbed a few shots and next thing I know I followed this beautiful lady towards her apartment and passing out there and embarrassing myself” I facepalmed myself, I heard my sister gasped.



“Did you get her name at least?” I heard her chuckled over the line. 



“Yea.. I did..” She laughed before saying she has to end the call. 


"oh but Yoohyeon-ah.. don't drink too much..

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