Chapter 14

The Billionaire’s Daughter
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Yoohyeon’s POV


“Yah.. how are you? How’s the company?” My sister asked whilst sipping her bourbon. 



“I’ve been fine lately.. company though..” I tilted my head after saying the last part. She gave me a look.




“You’re not drinking?” I shook my head. 




“I have something to tell you” I looked at her nervously. 



“What is it?” I asked.



“I remember it now. The red haired girl you were with at my restaurant last time.. That was Siyeon right?” I opened my eyes wide before nodding. 




“I.. I hooked up with her once..”



I’m shocked.. South Korea really is such a small country.. 



“Does she know about us?? Does she know I’m your sister??” 



“No, I don’t think so. I’m not even sure if she remembers me..” She said while downing her bourbon. 




“Why? Are you dating her friend now??” She gave me a look. I nodded. I saw her shocked expression. 




“Congrats. But.. why won’t you tell her? About our background?” She narrowed her eyes at me. 




“I don’t want her to treat me differently like the rest” I shrugged, “She won’t though, I'm pretty sure she's already suspicious yooh” I gave her a look.




“It's just.. from my past experiences.." I sighed, “You.. Do you not trust her?? Of course if she likes you she’ll accept you regardless, don’t be stupid and tell her when it’s too late Yooh” 



“I’m scared.. I’ve kept it long enough..” I sighed once again, she put her hand on my shoulder, “then find the right timing to tell her, but don’t take too long, hm?!” I nodded. 




I felt my phone vibrated, I checked who messaged me and it was Gahyeon..




Unnie.. can we talk please? - Gahyeonie



I sighed before ignoring the text.



“Unnie.. Honestly.. I’m scared” I saw her shocked expression again, “Is something bothering you?” She asked concerned, I nodded.




“I know in my heart that I already fell for her. God.. I’m so in love.. when she smiles, everything just stops. I feel like I could get lost in her eyes just.. everything about her is perfect” She looked at me, “So? What’s the problem?” 




“She’s too perfect that.. she sometimes makes me insecure.. and everytime I want to tell her who I am and what I am.. I just can’t. I’m afraid of losing her. I don’t want to lose her” I sighed.




“She seems like a sweet person, to be able to make you like this..” She teased, “unnie!! I’m serious here..” I pouted.



“Did you make it official yet?” I shook my head, “she’s the traditional type and I respect it, so I’m trying to win her by going through the traditional way” I said proudly, she chuckled.




“Woah.. you’ve grown” She faked cried. 




Unnie.. please let’s talk. - Gahyeonie




I sighed even louder.




“Yah.. I need to go, you have somewhere else to go to right?” I nodded before standing up and following her to the door.




“Yah Kim Yoohyeon.. remember what I said, oh?” I nodded before hugging her.




“Actually, let’s go to the parking lot together, I have to leave soon anyways” we both nodded.




She got in her car and slowly drove away. I sighed before cheking my phone. 3 missed calls from Gahyeonie. 




Mian. I can’t, Gahyeon-ah. - Y



I sighed once again before turning off my phone and driving to Minji's work place. On my way inside the restaurant I bumped into Taehyung. What the hell is he doing here??!



“Oh! I’m sorry! Sorr— Ms. Kim?” I shushed him immediately befo

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