Chapter 2

The Billionaire’s Daughter
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Yoohyeon’s POV


“After that one, do this pile” Dad demanded handing me a stack of unfinished papers from the shareholders that are inside the room, I stared at it.



“Those are outside my department. I can’t do those” I complained, Dad gave me a look.



“Figure them out” He scoffed.



“I told you I wasn’t trained in that department” I said annoyed. 



“What’s with the attitude?? Don’t embarrassed me in front of these people” my Dad said angrily after apologizing to the shareholders inside the room with us.



“Why? are you afraid they’ll find out that I never signed up for this? and that you LITERALLY groomed me and forced me to be here?” I snapped gaining a bunch of gasps from everyone in the room. Dad stood up and pointed at me.



“Come with me outside” I complied and went outside the room.



As soon as we got out he slapped me hard on my face. I winced at the pain. That’s definitely gonna leave a bruise. I glared at my Dad.



“How dare you insult me over there? Have you got no respect? Where are your manners??” He shouted in my face.



“That’s right! I have no respect for people like you. You never once consider my feelings,” I shook my head and scoffed, “you treat me like I’m one of your robots, you only care about yourself. I hate you. Manners? I forget them when I'm with you!” I snapped pointing at him before walking away.



I got in my car and drove to the nearest bar, Jazz Bar. I went in, it looks like it’s a slow day. I sat on one of the bar stools.



“Hard day?” Sunmi asked, giving me my regular whiskey. I nodded. Sunmi is the owner of this bar and also the bartender every weekends. I'm a regular customer hence she knows me and my signature drink. I smiled at her.



“Ooh.. are you okay?” She pointed at my lips, I it. Must be bleeding since I taste blood. She handed me a wet towel.



“Thanks” I said.



“Family? Love? Or Work?” She asked glancing at me.



“I prefer not to say it” I raised the glass before downing the remaining whiskey, I asked for another shot. I can feel the alcohol fastly kicking in. She gave me another shot, I smiled.



“If you say so, I’m not giving you more after that Yoohyeon-ah” I narrowed my eyebrows and whined, “I can buy a whole bottle in the liquor store you know~” I slurred my words.



“Yeaa.. I doubt, that’s it for you. Give me your keys” She demanded, I looked at her confused but gave her my keys anyway.



“I’ll call a cab for you when you’re done” I scoffed before finishing the last shot of whiskey.



I stood up but my legs feel wobbly, Sunmi held my arms supporting me, “I’m fine.. can you give me a glass of water?” She nodded before leading me to the nearest couch, she grabbed a glass of water before handing it to me.



I know it sounds weird but after I drink a glass of water, I feel a little sober. I told Sunmi, I’m fine and that I can call a cab on my own. She hesitated before giving me back my keys.



I bid her goodbye before walking out of the bar. I waited outside for the cab I called, when an angel suddenly passes me. I froze for a second, my eyes kept following her even though I can literally just see her back view.. it felt like a slow motion. Woah.. what's this feeling? I felt my heart beating fast.



I don't know why but my feet won't stop from following this lady who just passed me. I k

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