Chapter 24

The Billionaire’s Daughter
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Jiu’s POV



I received a text from Yoohyeon earlier, asking me how I am but I forgot to reply. I checked my phone to see if she texted me again. 




She sent me a meme. I smiled. It was one of our many inside jokes. I appreciate that she’s trying to talk to me again even though I’m still quite hurt and mostly ignoring her messages she still messages me just like from the first time we exchanged our numbers.




Yooh :) calling.. 




I sighed before picking up.




“Minji..? Sorry, I saw you seened my message..” She answered. I hummed.



“Can we meet? Can we talk?” She asked over the phone. 



“I.. I really miss you.. I want to see you so bad, please Minji..” I heard her sobbing over the phone. I frowned. You probably have no idea how much it hurts me to hear you cry like this..




“Are you crying? Stop crying..” I tried hiding the panic in my voice but failed after hearing her crying got uncontrollable. 




“Fine. I’ll come over, Yooh. Stop crying, will you?” I heard her crying stopped but she’s still sniffing. 




“I’ll come over.. wait for me” I said before ending the call. I really can’t ignore you longer, you have no idea of the power you had over me.. it’s so strong, you fool.. 




I arrived at the condo, I swiped in the keycard she gave me when she asked me to moved in with her. I saw her sitting on the couch fast asleep while still in her uniforms. 




Her laptop is on the coffee table infront her. I glanced at her while she’s sleeping soundly. I noticed her wrinkled uniform. I sighed.




She never snore this loud.. she’s probably not getting enough sleep again. I looked at her sadly before going to the kitchen. As I know that if I even slightly touch her she will wake up. She sleeps soundly but she sleep lightly that a slight noise or movement can wake her up immediately.




I noticed the almost empty bottle of whiskey on the counter, the shelves are empty too. I sighed. This.. this is the side of her I don’t particularly like. 




Heol.. There’s literally only one instant soup left here.. I sighed before boiling water and grabbing the instant noddle soup. I put away the bottle of whiskey before making the table for her. 




I went back to where she is and looked at the laptop. What even is that on the screen.. looks like stats to me. I closed it carefully before putting it aside.




I nudged her carefully trying to wake her up.




“M-minji..?” As soon as she opened her eyes she hugged me tightly. I felt my shirt getting wet. I frowned. 




“Stop crying please.. I made you a soup” She pulled away before wiping her tears. Her knuckles.. I frowned before grabbing her hand carefully I saw her flinched.



“Where did you get this?” I asked. She looked away before saying it was nothing.




“Go over there and eat the soup I made” I told her before going inside the restroom to look for the first aid kit. 




I went to the dining area and saw her eating with her left hand. I sat across her before carefully grabbing her busted knuckles and carefully putting medicine on it. 




“Minji.. I’m sorry..” She apologized again. I sighed, still not looking at her.




“I don’t want to hear it tonight, Yoohyeon-ah” I dismissed.




It was a few minutes of silence and only her slurping sounds are audible. I finished tending on her knuckles. I sighed before looking at her, I caught her looking at me longingly. Seriously, stop that..




“I have to go” She grabbed my hand with her left hand while looking at me sadly.




“Please stay the night.. I-I’ll sleep on the couch.. it’s late” She said.




“I can’t, Si

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