Chapter 15

The Billionaire’s Daughter
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2 weeks later..


Yoohyeon’s POV



“Can I ask you on a formal date tonight” I asked over the phone. She hums.




“All of a sudden? Well.. I think that’s fine” She said.




“Oh sorry, are you busy with school? We can re-schedule, it’s fine” 




“No, it’s okay yooh. We’ll have that date” she immediately replied, I smiled.




“Alright, I’ll pick you up in a few. I miss you” I said softly. She hums.




“We’ll see each other tonight” She said trying to reassured me, I smiled before saying I needed to end the call. 



End of Yoohyeon’s POV




Jiu’s POV



I looked around smiling from the pretty set up in front of me, she had this table set up by the bay with pretty lights around it. I looked back at her. She raised her eyebrows at me.




“You did this?” She chuckled.




“For the most part, my sister helped” She smiled, she has a sister? I wonder if that sister looks exactly like her and is also as tall as her. 




She pulled the chair for me before making a beeline across facing me. 




There are foods prepared on the table, I smiled looking at it. She motioned me to start eating, I nodded. For a few minutes, we didn’t do anything but to eat in silence, just enjoying each other’s company.




This.. this is what I wanted. Falling in love like this.. eating while sharing comfortable silence with each other without the needs to think of anything. I looked at her, admiring her.. she’s charming.. she has her own way of exuding this.. this sensitive aura that makes me want to stick with her and plan big things with her and sometimes wants me to protect her..




It’s weird but also not, I only feel this way when I’m with her. I’ve been on dates back in my early college days but since it’s my first time dating a girl, It’s also the first time I felt like this.




Just like how it is when I’m with Siyeon, I feel secure when I’m with Yoohyeon. She takes good care of me that it’s embarrassing because I’m a few years older than her and I should be the one leading her. 




But she makes me so damn vulnerable and sensitive when I’m with her.. I smiled at her sweet gesture of filling my glass with water.




“What are you thinking, Minji-ah” She looked at me concerned while putting her hand on top of mine. I smiled before telling her the truth, “you” I saw her blushed for the first time. 




“Why did you take me out on a formal date, Yooh?” I asked curiously. 




She grabbed my hands before looking at me with her glistening eyes.




“I’ve been thinking a lot lately about us and how I really reaaally want to able to say you’re mine, I was thinking.. I.. Will you be my girlfriend, Minji?” She said with sincerity.

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