Chapter 25

The Billionaire’s Daughter
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Yoohyeon’s POV



Dami went over for a drink. She said it’s okay for me to drink but insisted I should drink with her. I sighed while playing with my glass of whiskey. 




“I don’t know how long she’ll keep her distance from me Dami-yah. It’s killing me inside..” I said truthfully before downing the whiskey.




“Give her some more time, be patien—“ I cut her off.




“Three weeks. It’s been three weeks. I can’t wait any longer. Damn it! I wanna hug her so bad. I miss her so damn much! I want to do bad things Dami-yah.. Things I might regret just to be with her” I said while slamming my hands on the marbled countertop.




“No, you’re not going to do anything stupid. You will patiently wait for her. You’re the one who ed up so you don’t get to say a word, Yoohyeon-ah” She looked at me annoyed. I sighed.




I can feel the alcohol kicking in. I looked at Dami.




“Did I hear a knock or I’m just hallucinating?” Dami nodded.




“There was a knock” She replied. I nodded before swaying my way to the door. 




I slowly opened the door and saw Minji in tears. I narrowed my eyes before opening the door wider. I don’t care if Dami is there.




“M-Minji?” I called but she kept crying. I frowned.




“A-Are you crying?? Why are you crying..” I wiped the tears on her cheeks. 




“Please stop crying. I’m sorry. I’m sorry for doing this to you” I frowned before hugging her tightly. I felt her shook her head. I pulled away before looking her straight in the eye.




“I.. I found out about it.. the k-keychain.. I..” I nodded before smiling at her sadly.




“I-I’m sorry.. Yooh..” She said while sobbing. 




I put my hands on her shoulders before leaning in but before I could do that, I passed out.




End of Yoohyeon’s POV



Minji’s POV



I squealed after seeing her passed out in front of me. I quickly grabbed her so she wouldn’t fall to the ground. I heard some movement in the kitchen area and saw Dami. She nodded at me before helping me with Yoohyeon.




We laid her down on the couch. She gave me an apologetic smile.




“I-I didn’t know you were here..” She nodded before pointing at the almost empty whiskey bottle on the bar countertops. I sighed.




“We’ve been drinking.. she’s highly intoxicated. Don’t worry she’s fine she just have a very low alcohol tolerance” I nodded before glancing at Yoohyeon who’s fast asleep. 




“Want to grab a few shots with me?” She asked while pointing at the remaining whiskey. I nodded before walking to the mini bar with her.




“I heard about what happened.. I’m sorry you had to go through that, I hope you can forgive her soon..” I sighed before downing the shot she poured for me.




“Actually.. I think I’m ready to forgive her. I was just making her realize the consequences of what she’s done” I said while pouring her a shot. She looked at me before nodding.




“She’s still Yoohyeon. She hasn’t changed much but.. I can tell that she’s much happier now” I looked at her confused.




“How so?” I asked.




“I’m guessing she’s still as secretive as she can be huh but hey, she’s only trying to protect you” I narrowed my eyes at her.




“You see.. when she heard about her Mom passing, she drove herself after drinking a few shots and got into an acc

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