Chapter 22

The Billionaire’s Daughter
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Yoohyeon’s POV



Everyday, I kept messaging her even though I knew that my number has been blocked. I don’t really have the time to come and see her because I’ve been working nonstop too. 




I tried contacting Siyeon too but she said it’s best if I contact Minji myself. My sister updates me too whenever she’s at the apartment about Minji’s whereabouts. 




I also wait outside her workplace but get disappointed because she’d either leave early or come home late before I could even see her. It's so obvious that she's avoiding me but I guess.. I guess, I deserved it.




My Dad kept complaining that I’ve been neglecting my work. I admit, I’m so distracted that I haven’t been paying attention at work. My Dad cuts my allowance too, but I don’t really care. I barely have time to spend money anyways.




I also found out just now that it was Taehyung who told Minji. Siyeon texted me. I clenched my fists before telling Gahyeon to tell Taehyung to meet me at the rooftop.




Gahyeon looked at me worriedly before nodding. After work, I walked straight to the rooftop and saw Taehyung smoking.




“What do you want?? Why did you do that?” I asked while gritting my teeth and grabbing his collar. He scoffed before slapping my hands away.




“Why I told Minji that you were cheating behind her back?? Tell me, why wouldn’t I?” He scoffed before throwing his cigarette away.




I ran up to him before punching him hard on his face. He got up after losing his balance, He looked at me angrily his blood started coming out of his nose. 




“What the ?! You and I both know I did the right thing. Just cause you’re a girl you think I can’t punch you back??” He yelled before shoving me and punching me straight to my face. I winced at the pressure. I felt a sting on my lips right away.




He was about to pin me to the wall but Gahyeon walked in on us. Stopping us by going in between us.




“You have no right to act this way, Miss Kim. You ed up, own it” He scoffed before wiping his bleeding nose. I narrowed my eyes before punching him again but Gahyeon stopped my hand.




“Unnie..” I glared at her before wiping my lips and punching the wall instead.  that hurts..




“Yea, I ed up but you didn’t have to do that” I said quietly before walking out leaving both of

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