Chapter 8

The Billionaire’s Daughter
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Yoohyeon’s POV


I decided to get my own place because I really don’t want to go home everyday with my Dad being there as well. I can’t stand him. 



Luckily, he doesn’t really care about things like these. As long as I’m doing what he wants me to do, I can get everything else I asked for. 


Bora-unnie calling…



“You called?” I answered.



“Hey, Did I have the right condo? Can you check you messages?? I’m at the parking lot!” I’m confused..



“W-what? Yea, it looks right. What are you doing here unnie?” I checked the location she sent me.



“Okay room number?” 



“1797, wait you’re really here??” as soon as I said that I heard a doorbell. Well.. I guess she is here. 



I opened the door and saw my sister, Bora struggling while carrying something. I looked at it before grabbing it and helping her with it.



“Mwoya.. what’s this?” I asked, she sat down on the couch before saying, “PS5, you’re welcome” My mood suddenly went up from hearing what she said. I cheered happily before putting it on the coffee table.



“Psh. Dork. Anyways, how are you? You like your own place?” I nodded before smiling at her.



“I’m doing better than expected, Dad’s been lenient lately..” I replied, she nodded.



“You got a girlfriend?” I choked from my own spit before answering, “No, but there is someone that I like” I smiled sadly.



“Is it one of the girls you took at my restaurant?” She grinned.


"Unnie! When you say it like that.. it sounds like I take so many girls at your restar–" she rolled her eyes at me, "you know what I mean Yooh" I playfully shook my head. 


“Red haired or black haired?” She asked curiously, I laughed.



“Waeyo?” I teased.



“Just answer me jerk” I laughed again before answering, “It’s th

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