Chapter 18

The Billionaire’s Daughter
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Jiu’s POV



I searched for Yoohyeon with my other hand, I accidentally hit her shoulders. I smiled immediately knowing she’s still beside me. 




“Hmm” she mumbled.




“You’re off?” I asked, she rarely gets a day off and honestly it’s making me sad. When I’m off she’s not home until it’s really late at night. 




All I do is watch TV while waiting for her to get home. She grabbed my hand before kissing it. I smiled before turning around to face her.




“Yes, I called in. How was your sleep, love?” She asked with her eyes still close. I feel bad for her because she rarely gets to sleep in like this. 




“Great, I love waking up with you” I replied, she opened her eyes before looking at me. She smiled before leaning in and capturing my lips. 




I reciprocated the kiss then it turned into a hot and passionate kiss and realized that I’m already on top of her. She bit my lower lip before inserting her tongue inside my mouth. I quietly moaned from her bold actions.



I felt her hands slowly making their way inside my shirt. I mumbled under the kiss, she unclasped my bra before fully grabbing my s. I moaned a little louder once she started massaging them all while kissing me deeply and passionately. 



She started kissing my neck around my weakness area. I felt her on my sensitive spot, I gasped.




“Sorry..” she apologized, I said it was fine. 




Our make out session lasted a couple of more minutes until I decided to break it because I know sooner or later it’ll turn into something more and It’s too early in the morning. She pouted. I glared at her playfully.




“You left a mark” I whined while looking at myself in the mirror that I have on my bedside table. She smiled before touching it.




“It’s fine! So, people will know their place and not bother you" She smirked at me, I scoffed before playfully rolling my eyes. I felt her hands still under my shirt playfully making circles around my tummy. I smiled.




“I checked your pantry and fridge, there’s nothing. Do you even eat??” She gave me an apologetic smile.




“Wanna go grocery shopping then, love?” I can’t help but to smile whenever she calls me that. I nodded before grabbing her hand that is under my shirt.




“Okay, let’s get ready then” She nodded before dragging me to the bathroom. I stopped her, “what do you think you’re doing??” She grinned.




“Let’s shower together!! Pleaseee?” She gave me her puppy eyes before hugging my waist from behind as soon as I was about to exit the bathroom.




“No, yooh. Shower first” I demanded. She pouted before pulling away from me, she was about to close the bathroom door but I stopped her.




“Ok, fine. Just.. taking a shower. That’s all, is that a deal?” She gave me a thumbs up before hugging me and kissing me repeatedly all over my cheeks and to my neck.




“Yeesssh! That’s a deal my wife” I frozed at the nickname before looking at her.



“what? You areee. Come on, let’s go showerr!” She cheered before carrying me bridal style and putting me inside the tub. I glared at her, she chuckled before taking off my clothes and hers leaving both of us in our underwears. 



It was supposed to be just us taking a shower together but things got heated and well.. we did it. 



End of Jiu’s POV




Yoohyeon’s POV



I rested my chin on her shoulders while pushing the cart. Yes, she’s inside pushing it while I’m behind her so we’re basically backhugging. I sniffed her signature flowery scent. 




“Are we grocery shopping or what?” She whined, I chuckled.




“Sorry, apparently I get distracted easily too” I laughed. She playfully pinched the back of my hand that’s holding the cart handle then resting her hands on top of mine.




“What kind of foods do you like?” She asked again before stopping by the spices aisle.




“Hmm? I’ll eat anything that’s made by you. I’m not picky.. just no carrots please” She faced me before raising her eyebrows. I pecked her lips.




“Ok then that includes carrots” She teased before pushing the cart forward after grabbing a few spices. 




“Not fair, not fair..” I mumbled before resting my chin again on her shoulder while helping her push the cart.




She stopped walking making me stop as well.




“Tae..” She said, I frowned before looking forward and seeing Taehyung infront o

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