Chapter 17

The Billionaire’s Daughter
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Jiu’s POV



I looked around her condo and can’t help but to think that it’s too big. There’s no way she’s not from a well-off family.. I frowned thinking why she would lie to me and not tell me.





But I guess, she must have a reason not to.. 




“This place is too big Yooh” I said, she looked at me before saying,




“It’s because I don’t have much things..” while scratching her nape. True, she does have the most basic things only. A sofa, dining area with two chairs, a coffee table and a TV. Honestly, the place looks a bit depressing for someone like me who comes from a place with a lot of sentimental things.. 





“Hm.. I guess” I agreed. 





“Babe, I’ll have to catch a meeting in an hour. I’ll have to go.. I’ll make it up to you later” She looked at me apologetically before approaching me and kissing my cheeks.




“It’s fine, I’ll have to familiarize myself around here anyways. I’ll take a walk around” I smiled she nodded before grabbing her bag and leaving.




I sighed before looking around and looking out these huge windows over looking the city view. Who are you exactly, Kim Yoohyeon..





My phone rings interrupting me and my thoughts. It’s Mom.




“Neh..” I answered.




“Minji-ah, when are you able to visit us? It’ll be your Dad’s last week at the hospital” I smiled hearing that. 




“Hm.. I can actually visit right now, Eomma. I’ll hang up now. I’ll be there in a few” I heard her happy reaction to it before ending the call. 




I’ll visit my parents at the hospital, yooh. - M




Alright, baby. I’ll pick you up from there then. Take care! - Yooh :)



I put my phone in my purse before going outside to call for a cab. A few minutes later, I've arrived at the hospital.



I saw Dr. Lee talking to one of the nurse. She saw me before smiling and waving at me. I waved back.



"Last visit before your Dad's discharge?" I nodded before smiling.



"Alright, I'll be out of your way then Minji" She said. I smiled before nodding and walking towards my Dad's room. 


I went inside the room and saw my parents talking to each other while watching the TV. I smiled as soon as my Mom noticed my presence. 




“Oh, Minji-ah.. you’re here?” Mom approached me before hugging me. 




“Neh.. I have this for

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