Chapter 16

The Billionaire’s Daughter
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Jiu’s POV



“Did you guys have fun last night?” Siyeon asked. I smiled at her.



“Yea, we’ve made it official too..” She gasped before smiling widely at me. 



“I’m happy for you Minji-ah, she seems like a nice person. You matched well” I nodded.




“Also.. she asked me to moved in with her” I saw her shocked expression, I nodded awkwardly.




“Did you accept it yet?” She asked, I heard the slight sadness from her voice, I shook my head.




“No.. I said I’ll think about it. But honestly, I’m not sure.. I think it’s too sudden?” I said.




“Accept it” I looked at her confused.




“Why?” I asked.




“Why not? Don’t you want to get to know her?” 




“I do.. but I still think it’s too sudden..” She looked at me before smiling. 



“I say.. just try it. Don’t you think it’s better to know what she’s like before actually giving it your all and investing in that relationship than finding out later on that she’s not all that?” I looked at her before nodding. She does have a point.




“What about you? Who’s going to be your roommate? Are you kicking me out??” She looked at me in disbelief before laughing out loud.




“Well.. remember when Yoohyeon asked if I’m currently seeing someone? Well.. That person asked me to moved in with her, I didn’t say anything yet because I didn’t wanna leave you here alone” She looked straight to my eyes while saying that. I smiled.





“I appreciate you thinking about me BUT when will I meet this person then?? Why’d you hide her from me??” I playfully glared at her.





“This person is very secretive about her background and at first, I had some trust issues you know.. then she told me about her situation and I kind of understand it now. So.. I’ll introduce you guys when she’s ready” She gave me an apologetic smile. I nodded.





“You.. you’re not dating a mafia aren’t you??” She burst out laughing.




“What? No, Minji-ah. Hahahah” I slapped her shoulders playfully.





“Alright, I have to go take care of some things at the shop, tell Yoohyeon about the good news ok?” I nodded before smiling at her.



I looked around the pantry to check what food I should cook but my phone suddenly rang. It’s a text from Yoohyeon.




I miss you - Yooh :)  I smiled before replying.





Miss you too. Are you still at work? - M





Yea.. can I sleep over at your place? - Yooh :)




What time do you get out? I think that’s fine.. - M




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