Chapter 9

The Billionaire’s Daughter
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Jiu’s POV



“How are you, Minji-ah?” He asked.




“I’m fine, what about you?” I gave him a small smile. 




“Good good” he replied before continuing, “Have you thought about it?” I sighed. I know what he means. I sighed.




“I.. don’t know” I replied quietly.




“I’ll wait, Minji-ah” He looked at me before putting his hands on top of mine.




I looked away before pulling my hands away from his. This is what I fear the most.. I don’t really know what to do anymore. Taehyung is as good as Yoohyeon and I’ve known him far the longer than her. While Yoohyeon.. I barely know but I know I’ve been catching feelings for her already.. I sighed again before standing up and going back to the restaurant, I feel him following me behind. 




End of Jiu’s POV




Yoohyeon’s POV



I felt really sad not being able to have lunch with Jiu. I walked inside my Dad’s office and hoped that he’s in a good mood before asking.




“Hey Dad.. is there any chance I could take an early break today? I’ll come back and stay until I finish the papers later” I asked him politely. 




He gave me a look before turning his chair around again, “Go ahead” I almost jumped from his reply, “thanks” I said before leaving his office. 




I smiled while walking towards my car and starting the engine. I’ll just surprise her, I don’t think I’m late yet. The restaurant she works at isn’t that far from our company anyway. 




Five minute later, I’ve arrived. I looked inside just in case she’s eating in the lobby alone but found no one. 




“Hey, excuse me miss.. Is Minji in?” It feels so wrong for me to say her real name but that’s the name she go by here so.. 




“Oh she left a while ago” I nodded before going inside my car. I guess I’m late then.. I’m just gonna text her.




Before I could type my message, I recognize Minji outside with some guy following her. I was about to approach her when I realized that the guy she's with is one of our shareholder’s son who also works in the company.




Are they together? Do they know each other? How? I frowned. I sighed before turning the engine back on and backing up. That’s also probably one of the reasons why she can’t accept my feelings.. 




But who am I to complain, I barely know her. While she probably know that guy longer than me. 




End of Yoohyeon’s POV




Sadness is visible on Yoohyeon’s face. Gahyeon, her assistant noticed her boss’s aura. Yoohyeon is usually very timid and laidback but today she noticed the difference.




“Gahyeon-ah, can you tell Taehyung to meet me at the rooftop later at 7PM please?” Yoohyeon asked slightly annoyed. Gahyeon nodded obediently.




“You seemed annoyed today, unnie?” Gahyeon asked, “is there something wrong?” Yoohyeon stared at Gahyeon emotion

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