Chapter 6

The Billionaire’s Daughter
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Jiu’s POV


Another day, another semester passed. Next semester will be my last before I graduate and get my degree. It's summer break which means, I have enough time to save up for my next semester fees. 



Siyeon and I are currently sitting on our couch while watching some movies she picked on Netflix. 



“You know.. that Yoohyeon girl kept looking at you when we had that lunch date, I think she likes you” Siyeon said, I looked at her confused.



“Don’t be ridiculous, Siyeon-ah” I dismissed it as fast as she said it. She shrugged, “I’m just saying.. she seems like a nice person though, you’d look great together” I glanced at her before saying, “I’m not into girls.. you know that” 



I saw her smirked at me before saying, “Then, accept Taehyung’s date” I rolled my eyes before getting defensive, “I have priorities. I can’t fall in love and study at the same time. I need to meet my goals then love will follow”



Siyeon scoffed, “So? They can focus on you while you focus on your goals, or at least keep your options available..” I looked at her before saying, “All I know is, I can’t. I don’t want to, not right now” Siyeon laughed softly before shrugging. We both continued watching, ending the pointless conversation about love.



It’s true.. jumping into a relationship while I’m not ready will only make things even harder for me.. I sighed.


I need to fix myself first. Build myself first, then.. I'll get to afford falling in love. At least that's how I go by.. 


End of Jiu’s POV




Yoohyeon’s POV


It’s been about a few days since I last seen Jiu and her friend Siyeon. For a lot of reasons, I can’t stop thinking about Jiu. I think I might have been catching feelings for her already. 



I grabbed my phone before dialing my bestfriend, Dami.



“Hey” She answered, I answered back.



“Hey are you free right now?” I asked.



“I’m never free, I’m on call this whole month but I can spare a few hours

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