Chapter 13

The Billionaire’s Daughter
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Jiu’s POV


I looked at Yoohyeon while she’s eating the teokbokki we ordered at the hospital’s cafeteria. She’s been coming to the hospital whenever I’m on duty to take care of my Dad. Checking up on me and my Dad which actually melts my heart. 




I told her she didn’t need to do this. She said she’s still sorry for ignoring me and basically ghosting me. I already said it was fine and that we should forget about it but she still insisted. 




She said it’s actually a win-win situation since she gets to talk to her bestfriend, whenever she’s on break as well as spend time with me. I forgot to ask who the bestfriend she was talking about.




“Aren’t you going to eat?” She stopped eating. I shook my head, “Just continue eating” I said.




I wonder what she’s like.. what her favorite food is. What her morning routine is, what she does on her free time, if she ever have some.. I smiled at her eating so happily with literally just teokbokki and I bet it’s the frozen kind too since it’s from the hospital’s cafeteria.



“Minji..” I immediately focused my attention on her, D-did she just call me by my real name??




“Jiu.. sorry, but I was wondering if.. I could date you properly now..” She looked away while drinking from her water bottle. 



“Hm..” She looked at me with hopeful eyes, I.. guess it won’t hurt to try..?



I nodded, her smile got wider as soon as I nodded. She was about to hug me but Dr. Lee approached us.




“What do you want?” Yoohyeon asked grumpily. 




“Woah.. Hi to you too Yoohyeon-ssi” Dr. Lee said with hurtful expression, Do they know each other? 




“you just interrupted something Dami-yah” Yoohyeon sulked, Dr. Lee looked at me curiously. I smiled.




Dr. Lee grinned at Yoohyeon, “tell me later” Yoohyeon rolled her eyes. She shook her head before grabbing my hand and intertwining it with hers. Dr. Lee gasped, I blushed.




“Oh, Jiu this is my bestfriend, Dami. Dami this is Jiu, and we’re dating” Yoohyeon said confidently. Ah.. so that’s the bestfriend she was talking about..




“O-ookayyy, nice to meet you Jiu-ssi. Anyways, I’m here to tell Ms. Kim right here some confidential information about her Dad, so if you’ll excused us” Dami grinned while Yoohyeon pouted before letting go of my hand. 




I smiled at Yoohyeon before following Dami behind. 




“So, uhm.. Ms. Kim, we are planning on proceeding with the surgery tomorrow” I nodded at her.




“What are the chances my Dad will survive the surgery? How long will the healing process take?” I asked concerned.




“Oh no, don’t worry. Your Dad will make it 100%. We have the most talented surgeons in this Hospital. Now, the healing process depends on how successful the surgery went” I nodded once again. She smiled again.




“Alrighty then, let’s go back to the grumpy puppy before she explodes, again, it was nice meeting you Jiu” She smiled at me after leading me to where Yoohyeon is. 




“She’s all yours” Dami winked at Yoohyeon before disappearing into the crowd. 




“Was it a good news?” Yoohyeon ask

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