Chapter 3

The Billionaire’s Daughter
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Yoohyeon’s POV


The discomfort around my neck woke me up from my sleep. W-where am I..? This place doesn’t look like home to me.. I looked around to check my surroundings, doesn't look too bad..  



D-did I get kidnapped?? I turned around quickly before scanning the place incase I did get kidnapped, looking for an easy exit. I winced painfully feeling my neck’s soreness from sleeping on that tiny couch. 



Just.. what the hell did I do last night and ended up in this tiny house.. It doesn’t look like a serial killer’s place to me so.. I guess I’m safe. 



I turned around as soon as I heard one of the room’s door opened, a girl, slightly red haired widens her wolf-ish eyes looking at me before screaming and running towards the kitchen and grabbing a pan. W-what is she d-doing??



I gulped nervously before asking, “W-who are y-you??” She scoffed before holding the pan tightly and holding it towards me. I-Is she going to kill me with it?? I held out my hands up signaling her to stop.



“Ok. You need to keep that a-away.. I don’t.. I don’t remem— Did you kidnapped me??” I heard the girl scoffed again before replying, “Who do you think you are??! You’re in OUR apartment!” while holding the pan even tighter.



I’m very confused right now.. I don’t remember what I did last night and how I even ended up here.. I held my hand even higher letting her know that I’m not a threat. Please.. someone needs to save me.. 



End of Yoohyeon’s POV




Jiu’s POV


The loud noises outside the living room woke me up from my peaceful sleep, it’s only 6 in the morning for Christ's sake!! I got up before stretching and checking myself in the mirror.



Siyeon in the morning is not usually loud.. I wonder who she’s arguing— OH!! The girl from last night! I hurriedly opened the door to my roo

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