Chapter 7

The Billionaire’s Daughter
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Yoohyeon’s POV


I’ve been staring at my phone for more than 30 minutes now. Wondering if I should send a text message or call Jiu. She’s literally been messing up my head recently.







No.. no..!! Oh no..



“Yoohyeon? You called?” Jiu answered. Damn it.. I accidentally called her phone.




“N-neh.. sorry.. I.. I accidentally press the call button..” I apologized.




“… it’s fine” I heard her say.




Since it’s happening.. I might as well, just ask her out. This is the opportunity I’ve been waiting for.




I cleared my throat before saying, “hey uhm.. Jiu-ssi.. c-can I ask you out on a.. date?” I heard her pause for a minute before answering,








“Ah.. just a friendly date.. please?” 



"Just me?" She asked, "If that's fine with you then.. yes" I replied.



“Hm.. ok” She replied which made me jump silently inside my office. I looked around just incase someone saw me.




“Alright. Is it okay if I pick you up after I get out of work?” I may have sounded way excited than I would’ve wanted. She said it was fine before we ended the call.




Assa!! I smiled before putting my phone inside my blazer and started working twice as hard, eager to finish all the paperworks in front of me.



End of Yoohyeon’s POV




Jiu’s POV



“Who was that? Why were you whispering?” Siyeon asked. 




“Yoohyeon..” I replied, she grinned at me before asking, “Did she asked you something?” I nodded, “She did. She asked me out on a date” I heard Siyeon squealed a little louder. 




“OMO!!” I rolled my eyes on her, “It’s a friendly date” She rolled her eyes back at me before saying, “yea, a friendly date” I shook my head before standing up.




“I’m not even sure why I accepted it”




“Maybe your heart wants it to happen” She smirked at me, “Stop with it Siyeon-ah. What I’m saying is.. it has been a while since I went on any date at all..” 




“Are you nervous?” She asked, I nodded my head.




“Well, it’s normal. Everyone gets that, just try to be yourself. If she did something you don’t agree with then voice it out. You don’t have to please her if you don’t want to. Just be you, Minji” She said while smiling at me, I smiled back before nodding.




“Don’t think if it’s a good idea or it’s a bad idea to date because you will never know unless you try. So, just let it go and just go with the flow” I nodded. I felt my phone vibrate. 




I’m on my way! - Kim Yoohyeon



I felt butterflies flying inside me.. am I nervous? Why am I nervous? That’s just.. Yoohyeon.



End of Jiu’s POV




Back to Yoohyeon’s POV



I parked across their apartment before texting Jiu that I’m outside her apartment. I saw her opened the door wearing a nice simple pink blouse with a pencil skirt. I smiled while admiring her with simple clothing.




I got out of the car before opening the passenger’s door for her. She thanked me before getting in. I was going to put the seatbelt on her but she beat me to it.




“How was your day?” I asked while taking glances at her. 




“It was alright.. how was yours?” She asked before looking at me, I avoided her eyes. Not because I don’t wanna see them but because they’re too blinding.. and too lovely. I have become that person huh..




“Hectic but I’m happy now” I smiled, the conversation ended right after that. 




It’s not awkward, it’s just.. too silent that it’s deafening. An idea suddenly pops out of my head.





“Since the movie theater we’re going to is quite far.. do you wanna do an ice breaker game while we’re on our way?” I asked smiling.




“Sure! That sounds like fun” I can hear the excitement in her voice.




“Alright. I’ll ask first, Is Jiu your real name?” She hesitated before saying, “No, it’s actually Minji.. Kim Minji” I nodded.




“Are you a morning person or a night person?” She asked, “I’m a night person, I sleep really late but.. I also wake up early so.. I’m not sure” I heard her laughed softly. It sounds like music to my ears.



"Cats or Dogs?" She looked at me before replying, "I like both but I like dogs more" I nodded. 



"Fair enough" I said.



We kept doing the ice breaker thing until we reached the place. I smiled and tell her to wait before getting out and opening the door for her. She smiled at me. I wish to see that smile everyday.. it’s so therapeutic.




“What would you like to see?” I asked behind her, we’re both looking at the movie posters that are hang

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