Luckiest fans - Seulrene
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[Seulgi text with Irene]

Hello Irene

This is Seulgi, remember me?

How was your day?

Seulgi drinking his coffee after sending text to Irene. He not expect his favorite idol will reply his text immediately because he know how busy her life is. Red Velvet is busy with their variety shows, interview and preparing for their comeback after a year of hiatus. He excited for his favorite group comeback and look forward for more content from them especially his Irene

His phone vibrate on the table and he quickly pick it up. Smile painted on his face when he receive a reply from Irene

Hi Seulgi

Of course I remember you

So far, my day is good but will be tiring later

We have dance practice

Aigooo, don’t tiring yourself

Rest well when you go back to dorm

You look skinny these days

What to do…

I need to diet to have good shape


Do I need to talk to your management?

They are hurting you

You have good shape already

Why still need diet and stuff?

We can’t say no

I’m fine with this

After comeback, everything will back to normal

I will eat a lot J


Don’t get hurt, okay?

Take a break if you tired

Okay Mr. Kang

Thanks for concern

I got to go now

Till next time!


See you soon

Like someone deeply in love, smile never leave his lips when he texting with Irene. She really make his day brighten even just short text. He look forward for many more days ahead with his idol

“Hmm, why would agency being strict to the idols? They are human too. What if they passed out because don’t have energy? Even phone can’t functioning without battery” he mumble before finishing his coffee

He get ready to go out with Soojung. Today both of them will roam around their company to see how his employee working. He already plan everything well including randomly testing their attitude

“Seul, are you sure no one will recognize you?” Soojung asking while they are on the way to the company

“I’m sure because I never appear in front of them. Just play along with me. No one will know us”

“Okay” Soojung focus back to her phone

Finally they arrive at the building. Seulgi park his car at visitor parking lot. Both of them go out and walk leisurely entering the building

“SG Entertainment…this is how it look like” Seulgi smile proudly seeing the building that his dad built with his blood and sweat

“Don’t act like you never come here” Soojung rolled her eyes

Seulgi glare annoyingly at his cousin “You ruin my dramatic comeback”


“Where shall we explore first?” Seulgi tapping his chin “Practice room!”

Soojung following Seulgi to practice room at fifth floor. They ride elevator along with some of the staff that maybe the managers of their artist. Both of them just smile to the staff. None of them suspicious because lot of people come and go to that building. Some of them just visitors of their gallery or come to the cafeteria that also well-known as hotspot in town

They walk at the hallway while look around. Suddenly Soojung spot a group of idol come from opposite direction. She quickly nudging Seulgi and get ready to act

“Hey Seul…artist ahead” she whisper

“Okay, action” Seulgi walk while purposely looking at his phone

As planned, his shoulder bump into one of the boys. He quickly apologize for his mistake

“Sorry, I don’t mean…” before he finish his sentence, he was pushed to the wall by the one that bumped with him. That idol looking at his angrily and choke his neck

“Hey stupid, do you know who you bumped into?!”

“I-I am…”

“Don’t mess with me. I am your senior and you maybe heard that I am next president of this company and a director. I can easily kick you out of this company”

“S-sorry sunbaenim”

He let go of Seulgi neck but still looking at him arrogantly “Since this is your first time, I will let you go but no more chance next time”

“Thank you sunbaenim” Seulgi bow his 90 degrees

“Huh” that guy smirk evilly “Let’s go” he said to s

Seulgi and Soojung watching them until they turn to the corner. After that they burst out laugh and high five

“I don’t know that you’re good at acting”

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