Luckiest fans - Seulrene
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“Unnie, may we know who is our guest?” Yeri asked curiously. Irene asking them to gather at living room waiting for their guest arrival

“It is not surprise if I tell you all now. Our guest is on the way. Calm down for a bit, okay?” smile never leave Irene face since she wake up this morning. At the same time, she is nervous. It feel like she will introduce Seulgi to her parents

“Is your guest boy or girl?” Joy asking

“Surprise” Irene wink

“Don’t tell me that your guest is Suho oppa” Wendy squint her eyes

“Why would I bring that here?”

Before Wendy give respond, Irene receive text from Seulgi telling that he is in front of their gate. She press the button to open the gate for Seulgi. Everyone look out of the window to see that person but to their disappointment they only saw Black Maserati drive in to the garage and the window tinted.

“Stay here and behave. I will go out and meet our guest” Irene chirped. She run to the door then go out and close it again

“Whoever that person is, he or she must be rich” Joy commented

At the garage, Seulgi stretching his body after hop out of his car. Irene run towards him with frowning face

“What? Never see someone handsome?” Seulgi asked innocently while fixing his hair

“Is this your car?” Irene ignoring Seulgi nonsense question

“Yes, one of my cars. Don’t worry, I not steal it from somewhere” Seulgi cackle “Do you like it? You can have it if you want”

“Nonsense, I just curious because I never see you with this car”

“My cars have their own function. There are more at home. I use different car so no will know my existence at certain place. I’m genius, right?” Seulgi said proudly

“Done praising yourself. Let go inside”

“I will get the foods first” Seulgi get the foods that he bought

Irene shock seeing Seulgi buy a lot “You buy all of this?”

“Of course, I’m not that expert in cooking these kind of foods” Seulgi snort “What if they don’t like it?”

“They will eat anything except contaminate food. We used to eat expired ice cream and it not a big deal” Irene shrugs

“Oh, I remember. I watch that video” Seulgi chuckle

“Go in now before they lost patient and come out to see you” Irene pushing Seulgi to walk inside

“Yah, why you not walk at the front?”

“I’m scare. You go first” Irene hand still on Seulgi back pushing him

“We’re not going to meet scary mother-in-law, don’t us?”

“We’re not but scary sister-in-law”

Seulgi push the door with his leg because both of his hands carrying plastic bag. Irene is busy hiding behind him, scare of her member reaction when they see Seulgi

When they hear door open, everyone quickly look up. They freeze when their boss show up at the door while holding plastic bags. Now he not wearing formal attire. He just wear casual outfit for the first time since they saw him. Meanwhile, Irene just peek from Seulgi shoulder

“Are you all okay?” Seulgi snapped his fingers in front of the girls after put the plastic bag on the table

Everyone back to their sense “Mr. Kang? What are you doing here?” Wendy asking after recover from zoning out

“Visiting you guys”

“So…you’re the guest that we waiting for?” asked Joy

“Yup, it’s me”

“Wow, this is first time we saw you without suit” Yeri giggle while looking at Seulgi from head to toe

Seulgi laugh lightly “I just wear suit to office or event”

“By the way, you look very handsome in your suit” Wendy said shamelessly

Since he like it when someone praising him, Seulgi laughing while covering his mouth then suddenly hit Irene shoulder

“Do you really need to hit me?” Irene rubbing her poor shoulder

“It is my reflex”

“Ayyy, sit down. Why would we stand like this?” Irene said. Everyone forget to sit because shock seeing their boss

“Aigooo, we really forget that we’re still standing now” said Yeri

After everyone settle on the couch, Wendy start their conversation “So, can you two tell us anything that we should know?”

Irene nudging Seulgi signaling him to talk “Yeah, that’s why this meeting happen. We do have something to say. We’re seeing each other these days” he stated

As expected, the members freak out but not making fuss because still respect their boss “Are you two dating?” asked Joy

“Not yet, we just close friend. If you see your unnie go out that’s mean she is with me. She is safe and sound”

“At least we know that unnie not go out with wrong person” Wendy said

“You all not mad, right?”

“No, why would we mad. We are happy for both of you, sir”

“You’re scare for nothing” Seulgi whisper to Irene “Don’t call me sir. Just call oppa. We are not working now”

“Since you and unnie are friend, can I call you my crush, oppa~?” Joy blinking her eyes

Seeing Irene eyes turn wide, Yeri and Wendy decide to play along. The maknae smirk evilly “Can I call you mine?”

Then Wendy join the evil maknae “I see my future in your eyes~” she sing seductively

At first, Seulgi a bit shock but after receive eye signal from Joy, he know they are just playing around “Best women win” he said. Few moments later, he receive pinch on his waist from Irene

“Unnie, do you mind if oppa be our crush?” Yeri teasing their leader


“We want to go out with oppa too” Joy added


“Oppa, call me anytime if you want to go out for date with me” Wendy ignoring Irene icy glare. They truly having fun teasing her, not thinking about the consequence

“Tease me again, you all will regret it” Irene threatening her members

“Unnie is jealous” the trio snort

“Ready to cook breakfast for yourself for a month, Joy? Yerimie, don’t want to drink milk before sleep anymore? Seungwan…want to do laundry for a month?” Irene smirk

“Unnie~” the flirty girls suddenly whining like a puppy “We’re just kidding”

Now Irene turn having fun teasing them “I don’t hear you”

“Unnie, you’re so mean to us. What if we die in hunger?” Joy showing puppy eyes

“You won’t die because of that”

“Unnie don’t love me anymore” Yeri pouting

“I never say that” Irene said innocently

“Unnie, I not used doing laundry every day”

Seulgi feel sorry seeing the girls “Yah, don’t be so hard on them. They are just kidding” Yeri, Joy and Wendy nods their head while pout their lips

“I know”

“But what with the threat earlier?”

“Because they are teasing me, I know it. I see their eyes signal and you too!” Irene glare at Seulgi

The CEO scratching his head and giggle “Calm down, ma’am. Calm down” he grab the magazine from the table and fanning Irene with it hoping to cool her down

“Unnie, the threat earlier is not true, right?” Joy asking

“Yes but if you flirt with Seulgi again, it will come true”

“Yay!” they become energetic again “Finally we can live with ease”

“You’re quite scary” Seulgi whisper

“Don’t try me”

Seulgi hold his laugh “I will try avoiding scary Irene” he wiggle his brows “Girls, I bought foods for us. Shall we eat now?”

“What do you buy, oppa?”

“Pizza, fried chicken and cheesy rice cake”

“Omo, our favorites. Thank you oppa!”

“You’re welcome”

“Luckily you bring foods because our fridge is out of stock” said Wendy

“Not shopping grocery yet?”

“Nope, we’re busy this week so don’t have time”

“Aigoooo” Seulgi taking out his phone and texting someone “Girls, before we eat, can you write your grocery list first?”


“Just write it. You will know later” the girls do what Seulgi told them

“Here” Irene give grocery list to Seulgi


Few minutes later, someone ringing the bell “Who is that?” Yeri look towards the door

“Anyone go open it”

Wendy walk to the door then she come back follow by 3 men in suit. They are muscular and handsome. Joy and Yeri almost drooling seeing handsome men in front of them


“Hey, finally you all arrive” Seulgi speak happily “Girls, introduce they are my bodyguards Ji Changwook, Jackson and Mark”

“Hello” the girls exchange greeting with the bodyguards

“Hyung, I call 3 of you to come here because I need help”

“What is it?”

“Shopping grocery for the girls” Seulgi grinning while handing the paper to Ji Changwook

The bodyguards looking at Seulgi with shock expression “Seriously Seulgi? We’re doing this?”

“Yaa, aren’t you all used to do it for me”

“We know your necessities but girls…”

“They wrote it already. Just refer to the list”

“Aigooo” they looking at shopping list

“Emm, cash?” Jackson hold out his hand

“Oh” Seulgi give money to Jackson “If this money not enough, use yours first then claim later”

“Okay boss” Jackson shoving the money into his pocket

“Boss, can we have barbecue party tonight?” Mark asking

“Any special occasion?”

“Today is Changsub hyung birthday so we want to arrange small party for him if you don’t mind” three of them grinning widely

“Sure but make sure clean the site and kitchen after eating and no alcohol”

“Thank you, boss”

“You can go now”

They proceed to eat after the bodyguards out for grocery shopping. Seulgi fond with the members in no time and now awkwardness between them. Irene is happy seeing Seulgi have good relationship with the girls. He treat him like his own sister

“Are they really close to you?” Irene refer to the bodyguards

“Yes, 3 of them are my right-hand men. They are the closest to me. There are 15 of them in total. 10 guarding my house while 5 escorting me. Changwook hyung is their captain. He is my personal bodyguard. All of them are from elite team”

“What about bodyguards at our house?”

“They are from same group but different level. Don’t worry, they are trained well”

“You’re so kind to them” Wendy compliment

“I treat them like my friends. We’re comfortable around each other”

“Are they shopping groceries for you?”

“Sometimes when Soojung is busy. These 3 will do it. We will go together to supermarket. No one know that they are my bodyguards because we dressed casually”

“It’s rare that guy shopping grocery” Yeri cackle

Seulgi agree with the maknae “At first it feel weird but Soojung train us well so we used to it now. We can’t say no when Soojung said we will have training to be a good husband. She is so s

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