Luckiest fans - Seulrene
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Seulgi come out of bathroom and saw Irene still sit on the bed. Usually she already go out to make breakfast

“Baby, you still here?”

“Yes, I’m waiting for you”

“Really?” Seulgi lips tugged upwards

“Yes, I want to prepare you to work, can I?”

“Of course you can” Seulgi bent down and kiss Irene nosetip

He put on his boxer and sleeveless inner shirt before both of them go to his closet. He open the door using thumbprint

“Honey, the unlock code is 1002” he stated

“I have permission to enter now?” Irene asked jokingly

“Yes, you have authority to enter every rooms in this house. One day I will give you tour around this house so you know the function of each rooms”

“Okay boss” Irene giggle “Hey, Soojung give me briefing about preparing your gear”

Seulgi smile excitedly “Wow, you are prepare to take over the role now?”

“I’m still learning so I can do my best for you”

“I know you will be the best” said Seulgi while put on his clothes

When Seulgi done putting on his clothes, Irene proceed to help him with necktie. Since Soojung tied it last night, she only make sure Seulgi wear it neatly. Then she get his vest from hanger and help him to wear it follow by his blazer. She feel like she is preparing her husband to work and she really enjoy it

“Thank you for doing this for me” Seulgi stare at Irene lovingly

“My pleasure” Irene cupped Seulgi cheeks and squish it “You looked handsome today”

“Well, credited to you” Seulgi grin

“Let me take your picture then set it as my wallpaper” Irene drag Seulgi back to bedroom

“Ayy, I become a model early in the morning”

“Yah, stand up properly”

“Okay ma’am”

“Alright, beautiful” Irene looking at the picture that she took

“Now let’s take picture together” Seulgi grab Irene phone. He stretch out his arm holding the phone while other arm holding Irene since that small girl hugging him. Both of them smile to the camera and Seulgi capture it “Perfect”

“Are busy today?” Irene circle her arms around Seulgi waist while look up to see him

“Nope, why?”

“Can you come home for lunch?”

“You will cook for me?”

“Emm” Irene nods eagerly

“Okay, I will check my schedule then I will tell you later, alright?” Seulgi Irene hair gently


“Why are you so clingy today?” Seulgi noticed something weird in Irene since earlier

“Because I won’t see you whole day” Irene puffed her cheeks

“You don’t have schedule today?”

“Yes, I and Wendy stay at home. Only Joy and Yeri will go out”

“I will text you whole day so you will not boring”

“You don’t have to if you’re busy”

Seulgi caressed Irene cheek “Nothing is more important than you”

“Okay, suit yourself” Irene resting her head on Seulgi chest

“Yah, you make me don’t want to leave. Shall I just take leave today?” he chuckle seeing Irene so clingy

Irene hit Seulgi chest “No way will I let you escape working”

Suddenly Seulgi carrying Irene like a koala and put her down on the bed. He capture her lips and kiss her passionately. Their makeout lasted for few minutes until Seulgi pull back to catch breathe. Irene on the bed breathing heavily while Seulgi fixing his suit

“We better stop now before we locked in here entire day” he stated with smirk

Irene tie her hair to bun after get up from the bed. She check herself on the mirror just in case Seulgi accidentally leaving marks

“Let’s go downstairs’



“Seulgi, are you sure that you gave me off day today?” Soojung questioning

“Yes Soojungie, I give you rest today. Just stay at home with the girls and have fun”

“I feel weird but never mind” Soojung shrugs then drink her coffee

“Jungie, book a bouquet of white rose at ROSEANNE FLORIST. Tell them I will pick it up later” Seulgi command


“Then call Victoria and tell her to cancel my entire schedule today”

Irene looking at Seulgi weirdly. Why would he cancel his schedule? Is it because of her? Her thoughts distracted by Soojung question

“Yah, why do you so weird today? You suddenly give me day off, buying flower and cancel schedule. If your schedule cancel, what are you doing at office or are you planning something for Irene unnie?”

Irene choke her drink because of Soojung random question. Seulgi quickly rubbing her back while Yeri give her tissue. Her face turn red

“Yah, don’t ask that stupid question” Seulgi protest “I have something to do today and will not go to office”

“Okay then” Soojung, Wendy, Joy and Yeri laughing happily

“Don’t bully your unnie at home. Take care of her” Seulgi said casually making the older girl blushing furiously

“Okay boss!” the girls salute while Irene hitting Seulgi arm

Changwook come to dining hall to call Seulgi “Morning boss, your ride is ready”

“Alright, let’s go hyung” Seulgi chirped “Girls got to go now. See you all later” the girls waving their hands at Seulgi

“See, he really up to something. It’s rare that Changwook oppa will drive him. Usually he prefer to drive himself” Soojung rubbing her chin

“Where do you think him possibly going?” asked Irene

“I don’t know unnie. He is unpredictable”


“Soojung-ssi, there is someone at the front want to see you” said the bodyguard


“Car dealer”

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