Luckiest fans - Seulrene
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Since he is bored at home, Seulgi decides to go to the office. He is supposed to leave on Wednesday and Thursday because he is going to Daegu with Irene. Since the plan ruined, he used that chance to settle his work. It can help him to get rid of his stress

His mind is full of his future with Irene. He doesn't want to separate or break up with her. Now they are facing the biggest wall that is Irene's mother. He does not expect Mrs. Bae will explode and he is also wondering what made Mrs. Bae looks like hating his mom. If he recalls back, his mom doesn't have any enemies. Yesterday he tried his best to not show his emotion for sake of respect. He was really pissed off. If she is not Irene’s mother, she will face big regret for shouting at him. He can’t accept himself treated that way. Now he worries if Mrs. Bae doesn't want Irene to meet him anymore. According to Irene, her mother is unpredictable, that makes him think about a lot of possibilities that might happen to their relationship. He doesn't want to lose the love of his life.

Today he only wore a simple suit because Soojung did not prepare for him. He not telling his PA about his arrival

“Isn’t that Seulgi oppa?” Joy pointed at a familiar man who had just arrived at the parking lot. Currently they are inside the car waiting for their manager to come from the building then drive them to their shooting location. 3 of them have different schedule today

Wendy and Yeri both are looking at pointed directions “Aren’t he going to Daegu with unnie?” Yeri questioning

“If he ate Daegu then who is it just now?”

“We’re not seeing things, don’t us?” Wendy tapping her chin

“You’re right. We saw him come to our dorm to fetch unnie but today we see him here. Unnie also silent in group chat since yesterday” Joy reasoning

“Shall we ask her? Maybe something wrong happen”

“I agree. Let text her later after we done with our schedule” said Wendy

“Okay” the maknae answer together


Soojung and Victoria arrived at SG building after meeting with their client. They saw a familiar Audi R8 V10 parked properly in the parking lot. Both of them looking at each other

“This is our boss car, right?” Victoria asking for confirmation from Soojung after they get out of her car

The PA checks the car plate number “Yes, this is a Seulgi car but who brought it here?”

“Let ask front desk” they walk inside the building and approaching the receptionist

“Good morning Ms. Jung and Ms. Song”

“Good morning Ms. Choi. I saw our CEO car parked outside. Who drove it here earlier?” Soojung asked straight to the point

“Our boss drive it here”

Both girls looked at each other “When did he arrive?” Victoria ask

“Around 9:20 AM”

“Okay, thanks Ms. Choi”

Soojung and the secretary walk to the elevator “What is he doing here? He supposed to go to Daegu yesterday and come back tomorrow morning”

“He not telling you maybe he cancel his leave”

“No, I haven't heard anything from him since yesterday. Hmm, suspicious” Soojung whisper

After leaving her stuff in her office, Soojung rushed to the CEO office. She entered quickly after getting permission. In the office, Seulgi busy with files on his table

“Seulgi” Soojung sit on the chair across to her cousin

“Yes?” the CEO put his pen on the table and focus on Soojung

“What are you doing here today? Aren’t you supposed to stay at Daegu until tomorrow?”

“I arrived yesterday”


“Long story” Seulgi sighs softly

“Long story short…” Soojung asking for further explanation

Seulgi rubbed his face “Long story short, Mrs. Bae kick me out of their house” he stated

“WHAT?” Soojung yell

“Don’t shout please. Don’t increase my stress level” Seulgi glare annoyingly at Soojung

“Okay sorry but why did she kick you out? Are you doing stupid thing to Irene unnie?”

“No such things” Seulgi rolled his eyes


Seulgi cleared his throat “At first things were going well when we arrived. Mr. Bae is very friendly and treats me nicely until I leave their house. Mrs. Bae is cold but she still looked calm. She also joined our conversation. However, things turn upside down after she hears mommy name. She shouted at me and kicked me out of their house. You know what…she know mommy’s Korean name”

“Really? She knows Jung Sooyeon?”

“Yes, mommy never reveals her Korean name to the public except to us, her family members but Mrs. Bae surprisingly knows about it. I’m getting confused. How did she know mommy is Jung Sooyeon?”

Soojung listened attentively, “Weird. I think she has a reason why she is kicking you out. I mean no way you will piss off at someone who you meet for the first time, right? Not to mention shouting at your guest”

Seulgi spinning his pen on the table “If she is not Irene mother…you continue it yourself” he said

Soojung quickly hit Seulgi hand with pen “Don’t try to do stupid things. Control your emotion. Even though she treated you badly, she is still Irene's unnie mother. If not because of her, you will not meet with Bae Irene. You should be thankful to her even if she treated you badly. Unnie will not happy if you hurting her mother”

“I know that’s why I try to calm as much as I can. I try to think positive and will try to find way out of this problem”

“That’s good then. Don’t make decision when you’re not in right mind”


“Hey, why don’t you ask your mother about Mrs. Bae? Maybe she know something, I mean maybe they used to meet when they are young”

Seulgi rubbing his chin “I will ask her tomorrow after dinner. I told her that I will sleep at their place this weekend. If I tell her today, mommy will not sit calmly knowing she tend to be short temper”

“Okay, I hope it will not have a negative effect on your relationship with Irene unnie. If it does, then fight for it. You know you need to go through a lot to get her so you must defend it with everything you have. I know unnie also doesn't want to lose you. Do your best for your woman”

“Thank you for your advice. I don’t know what will happen if I don’t have you” Seulgi said sincerely

“That was why both of us have strong relationships with each other. We rely on each other so much. We’re just like a twin sibling. If you hurt, I can feel it too. I will do my best to be available for you whenever you need me. I know there is something that you are unable to share with your girlfriend or your parents and the last person that you will call is me. Even after you have girlfriend, you still need me”

“Maybe we’re siblings in previous life or twin that’s why we have a strong bond. I also will always be there for you. If someday your boyfriend or husband hurting you, I will hurt them for you”

“Yah, you want me to become a widow at a young age?” Soojung glare at Seulgi

Seulgi cackles, “I will give him a lesson for making you cry. I do not deny that sometimes you feel like home to me. Before Irene comes, you’re the only one who understands me the most. Even if you often complain, I know you do everything sincerely. I’m thankful that I have you and Irene after mommy. All of you are the best women that I have in my life”

“Cheesy” Soojung throw tissue crumple to Seulgi

“Hey, let's hang out tonight. It has been a while since we go out together”

“Well, you totally forget me since you date with unnie”

Seulgi grin innocently “I don’t mean to abandon you. Tonight I will treat you at your favorite café then we go shopping and play game at arcade”

“You will pay for my stuff, right?”


“Okay, pick me up at home on 7” Soojung said excitedly

“Noted sister” Seulgi salute playfully

“Let’s have lunch together with Vic unnie. I promised to eat with her earlier since you’re not around”

“Sure thing” Seulgi tidy up the files on his table “Let’s go” they go out from his office since it is lunch time already

He often has lunch together with Soojung and his secretary so it is not awkward for them. He treats his secretary like a good friend and they are comfortable with each other. Victoria also used to invite them to eat at her husband's restaurant. Her husband opened a Thai cuisine restaurant in Seoul and the duo love the food so much. They enjoy their meal like a kid who got their favorite fried chicken. For other people, this is embarrassing scene but Victoria enjoy seeing them eating well


At Red Velvet dorm

Joy lazily plops herself on the couch followed by an annoying groan. Yeri lie comfortably on the couch and rest her head on Wendy laps while the main vocalist caressing her hair softly

“What with that face?” Wendy noticed Joy face frowning

“Oh Hayoung really annoying!”

“Why?” both girls asking together

“He play soccer again and abandon me” Joy whine

“Pfftt” Wendy and Yeri hold their laughs

“Aigoo, it's good that he has a healthy hobby. At least you know where he goes” Wendy patted Joy head

“But he will forget my existence when he starts with his soccer. He only come to me when he tired or injured then whining here and there” Joy crossed her arms over her chest

“Bear with it. Eunji also gym freak and will take few hours for workouts”

“You don’t feel abandoned, unnie?” ask Yeri

“Honestly I do feel it when he workouts at night. After I told him that I’m bored waiting for him to finish exercise, he adjusted his workout time to 4 in the morning. He only sends text when he goes out then will finish when I wake up. He only workouts at night when I have a schedule. That’s why he often buys breakfast for us. He wake up early in the morning”

“Eunji oppa still better than Hayoung who is really dense and stupid. He not even alert when I upset” Joy frustrated

Yeri and Wendy cackle “He is the same as Eric oppa” say Yeri “Eric oppa can crack a joke when I am upset. He wouldn’t know until I not reply his text”

“Men always like that. Eunji oppa sometimes being dense” said Wendy “You have not been on your phone since yesterday, are you two fighting?” she looking at Yeri

“No,” Yeri sits up and fixes her hair “He goes back to his hometown to attend his brother's wedding. Will come back this Sunday so we have not been texting for a few days. He is busy”

“Is that why you bring his car here?” Joy ask

“Yep, he want me to pick him up at airport”

“Hey, let’s video call with unnie. She said she is free tonight” said Wendy

“Let’s go!”

Wendy make video call to Irene and after few beep, their leader answering

Irene: Hi kids!

W/Y/J: Hi unnie!

Irene: How was your schedule today? Do you all eat well?

Wendy: Our schedule is done early and we have fun even at different locations

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