Luckiest fans - Seulrene
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“Unnie, you are so pretty” said the bridesmaid soon as Irene come out of changing room wearing her wedding gown

“Yah, this is 100 times you all say that to me since I tried this gown” said Irene after sit on the chair so hairstylist can start doing her hair

“We don’t mind telling you 3000 times because it is the truth” said Yeri while looking at their reflection at the mirror

Irene chuckled “You're all also pretty in your dress. Looked, everyone wearing matching dress today”

“Thanks to aunty Jessi for making this. She is very talented and creative. Eunji keep asking me to send photo but I refuse” Wendy said

“Thankfully aunty has time to adjust my dress. I feel bad for her” Joy pouting

“No worry Sooyoung. Mommy said it is not a problem” Irene said “Are you sure you can join them walking? I don’t want to make you tired”

Joy caressing her belly “I’m fine unnie. I’m pregnant 4 months not 8 months” she cackle “I don’t want to miss this moment. I want to send you off too”

“Make sure you sit immediately after walk me down the aisle”

“Okay Mrs. Kang”

“I can’t believe that you are married before me. I thought I am the first one”

“Plot twist” said Yeri

“We can’t change the fate” Wendy added

Currently, Joy is 4 months pregnant and that is her child with Hayoung. That is the reason she marry Hayoung immediately

[Flashback 3 months ago]

Joy ran to the toilet for the nth time this morning. She suddenly nauseated and it has been happening since yesterday. Luckily she doesn't have a schedule for a few days so she can rest in the dorm. After throwing up a few times, she decided to do a pregnancy test using the kit that she purchased a few days ago. As expected, the result is positive. To confirm it, she decide to go to clinic for check-up


That evening, all members were in the dorm since their schedule ended early. Joy decide to tell them immediately

“I…have something to tell all of you” Joy stated

“Go ahead” said Irene

Joy put the medium size envelope on the table “Here, take a look”

Irene takes the envelope and takes out the content. She gasped as soon as she saw the ultrasound image. Wendy and Yeri quickly join their leader and they show same reaction

“Sooyoung…you’re pregnant?” Irene asking

“Y-yes unnie,” Joy answered quietly. She worry if Irene mad and scold her for not being careful

Wendy and Yeri still can’t believe what they saw but Joy's name is clearly written on the image. Both of them spacing out and taken aback when hear someone sobbing

“Sooyoung, why are you crying?” Irene sound worried

“Is Hayoung oppa not admitting this is his child?” Yeri added

Joy shake her head “He admit it and he will take responsible”

“Then what makes you cry?” Wendy confused

“I’m worry if…you all disappointed”

“Aigoo…we’re not disappointed. You not doing something wrong” said Wendy

“Joohyun unnie, you…not angry?” Joy looking at the leader

Irene smiles warmly, “Of course I’m not angry. I’m happy for you. No reason for me to be upset. Don’t cry, okay? It’s not good for pregnant mom” she said softly and caressing Joy flat tummy

“Thank you, unnie” Joy hugged Irene tightly. Yeri and Wendy also join the group hug

“Do you inform your family already?” Yeri asked

“No, I’m waiting for Hayoung to come back this weekend then we will meet our parents together”

“Okay then”

“Unnie, what about our agency? How should we tell them about Joy?” Wendy asking Irene

Irene silent for a while “I will ask Seulgi. I am also not sure. Sooyoung, you don’t mind if we tell Seulgi now, right?”

“I don’t mind”


That evening, Seulgi came to the Red Velvet dorm. He has no idea why Irene called him to come over. He thought it just for dinner as usual

“Seulgi, I have something to tell you” said Irene when they gather at living room after dinner


Irene looking at her members then they nods their head “Actually Sooyoung…she pregnant”

“What?!” Seulgi jolt on his seat

“Yah, don’t shout” Irene slapped Seulgi's arm. She worry if Joy think Seulgi is angry

Seulgi covered his mouth “I’m sorry. Joy, is it true? How old is your pregnancy?”

Joy nods her head “4 weeks”

“Do you check up at the hospital already?”

“Yes, I check up this morning”

“Good” said Seulgi “Oh Hayoung really…are you two not wearing protection?”

Joy face blushing and Irene pinch Seulgi tummy for being curious “Do you really need to ask that question?”

“I consume birth control pill but maybe it not working that time so the baby happen”

“Did he know already?”

“Yes, I already told him”

“How does he react?”

“He shock deadly and think that I prank him but he accept it happily”

“Glad to hear that. If he denies it I will cut his little brother” Seulgi said innocently “What about your family?”

“I have not informed them yet. Hayoung said we will meet them this weekend and inform our family together”


“We are actually wondering how to announce it to the public. You know each month’s her belly will get obvious and we can't hide it. Shall we say it directly that she is pregnant or just say that she takes a hiatus?” Wendy looking at Seulgi

The CEO rubbed his chin while thinking for a few minutes “I think it would be better if you were honest. If we say you take hiatus, there will be a lot of assumptions from the people and baseless rumors will come out. I don’t want it to happen. Do you want to release a statement personally or through our agency? If you release personally, we will give support statement after that but if you want us to do it on your behalf, it also okay”

“I will announce it personally but wait until I tell my family. Next week I will inform you again”

“Okay then we will follow suit. I will ask the SNS safety team to filter the comments on your Instagram to make sure no bad comments are thrown to you. If someone DM or message you saying bad things, quickly inform us. Don’t read something that makes you stress. I don’t want something bad to happen to you and your future baby. If possible, take a break from social media until the news is forgotten” Seulgi said kindly. Irene adores her future husband. She can’t help but proud of him

“Okay oppa. Thank you for concern” Joy said tearfully

“My pleasure, I hope both family sides will accept this news happily”

“I hope so” said Joy

“Do you have any offers for drama or OST or other jobs for now?”

“Photoshoot for magazine next month issue and that’s all for now”

“Alright, after that don’t take another job. Clear your schedule and focus on your health, understand?”

“Yes oppa”

Seulgi sighs softly “Tomorrow I will go to Shine Foundation and will ask them to provide a milk and healthy diet schedule for you. The staff will send it here and will provide it monthly. Hospital bill also under Shine since you are registered as Shine member”

“Oppa, you don’t have to” Joy suddenly feel awkward

“He will not take no as an answer so just accept it. Besides, you will still receive some stuff from Shine because I will request for you too. You don’t need to worry about the diet menu because they will send it every 3 days. Milk for pregnant moms will be delivered monthly. Yoga and pilates classes are also available. I will bring you to meet the trainer and get consultant from her”

“Thank you unnie”

Wendy pats Joy shoulder softly “This is your first baby so please do the best in your diet and take care of your health. You may not be used to it but try your best. We are always here to assist you. We also don’t know about pregnancy and stuff but we will learn so we can attend you while you’re still with us” Joy reply with warm hug

“You can’t eat unhealthy foods anymore unnie” said Yeri

“Yeah, I’m prepare myself to consume more healthy foods from now on” Joy pouting

“I will eat your portion” the maknae joking around making everyone cackle

“Give me some too” Seulgi teasing Yeri

“Oppa~” the youngest whine

One week later, Joy announced that she will get married to her boyfriend. She released a statement through her Instagram. SG Entertainment confirmed the news a few hours later. As Seulgi promised, he gave orders to the safety team to monitor Joy Instagram to catch the people who were giving malicious comments, bullying and saying hurtful words to her. Joy and Hayoung hold their wedding after a month of the announcement. Hayoung doesn't want to delay it since Joy belly will be getting obvious. He also doesn't want to make her tired. Their wedding is simple and only attended by families, SG artists, staff and some of their friends. Kang's family and Red Velvet members' families also come to their wedding. They do not invite the media to the event. The wedding fully sponsor by SG Entertainment

[Flashback end]


Seulgi sits at the table writing something on the paper. His best men are also in the same room. They lounge at the couch talking about random topics

“Seul, you have looked busy since then. What are you doing?” Moonbyul questioning

“Writing wedding letter” Seulgi still not take his eyes off the letter

“Aigoo, our most romantic man in town”

After finishing writing, Seulgi put the letter inside the pink envelope and sealed it. He smile contently while staring at the envelope

“Hyung, are you nervous?” Hayoung asking after Seulgi join them on the couch

“Of course I’m nervous. It feel like the first time I introduced at SG successor”

“I also nervous before hyung, aigoo”

“Don’t worry, we will cheer you up” Eunji pats Seulgi shoulder

“Thank hyung”

Eric asked “Seul, when will you go on your honeymoon?”

“Next weekend”

“I thought you two will leave tomorrow”

“What to do…I have an important event with a business partner from Madrid then an appointment with a client from Japan so we can’t go sooner. Joohyun also still busy with preparation of new TIFFANY branch at Daegu”

“It’s okay, you will still enjoy your honeymoon. I heard from Yeri that you and noona will awa

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