Luckiest fans - Seulrene
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Red Velvet members and their managers stop at convenient store to buy snack when they are on their way back from shooting variety show. Bodyguards waiting outside of the store while all of them enter

While they busy picking their foods, Irene received phone call from unknown number. She not answering it because she thought it is from sasaeng. However, the caller not giving in

Wendy noticed that Irene staring at her phone with frowning face “Unnie, what’s up?”

“Unknown number keep calling me”

“Just reject the call”

“I did but it non-stop”

“Just turn off your phone”

“Shall I try answering it?”

Wendy purse her lips then shrugs “I don’t know”

“I will take this call. You continue shopping”

“Okay but don’t go alone”

“I will go with oppa” said Irene then she go to one of their managers and they leave the shop

Manager Park stand a bit far from Irene to give her privacy to answer the call. He keep his eyes on Irene and don’t realize someone come from behind then hit his head make him passed out

Irene still on her phone feel someone approaching her from behind. She turn around and shock seeing black silhouette come towards her in scary way. She waste no time scream her heart out. That figure circled his arm on her neck from behind. Irene try to release herself but that man is too strong. She shout again to call her bodyguards but her nose was covered by handkerchief make her hard to breathe

Hearing screaming voice, the bodyguards run towards the sound direction. When they getting near, they saw someone struggling to suffocate Irene while her manager passed out. They quickly run to their location


Seeing the bodyguards coming, that person letting Irene go. She is half-conscious and fall down to the ground. The guards chasing the culprit while some of them stay to attend Irene and Mr. Park

“Sir, what should we do with Mr. Park? Shall we bring him to clinic?”

Leader Song looking at his subordinate who attending the manager “Is his condition bad?”

“He just get hit on his head. Not bleeding and all”

“Bring him to infirmary at HQ. Make sure Dr. Lee perform detail scan on his head”

“Yes sir” 3 agents carrying Mr. Park to their car

“Irene-ssi, sit and relax. Take deep breathe” Irene following the instruction then the agent perform initial treatment to get rid of the chemical on her face

“Unnie!” the girls run towards her with panic face follow by their managers

“Uncle, what happen to Irene unnie? Is she okay?” Wendy questioning quickly

“She is okay. Just still trauma. Don’t panic okay?”

The group that chasing the kidnapper come back to their place

“Do you catch him?”

“We lost him sir” all of them bow their head

“It’s okay. Go search if he leaving evidence around this area” Leader Song turn to his man who treating Irene “Eunwoo, are you done?”

“Yes sir, I’m done”

Leader Song make phone call to someone “Captain Ji, this is Leader Song. We’re in red code now”

Changwook voice rang through the speaker “What’s wrong Leader Song?”

“Irene almost got kidnap and Mr. Park hit on his head. Someone attacking them when we stop at convenient store”

“Do you catch him?”

“No sir, we lost him. Now our men are finding evidence around this area”

“Is that place have CCTV?”

“Yes sir”

“Check the footage quickly”

“Alright sir”

“Where is Irene and Mr. Park now?”

“Mr. Park was brought to our HQ for treatment. Irene is still here”

“Is she okay?”

“She almost passed out but Eunwoo treated her. She is in traumatic state now”

“Alright, bring them to our boss house now include her members. Make sure you all found CCTV footage and if possible evidence too”

“Okay boss”

The team leader looking at his team and the girls after the phone call “Everyone, we will go to Mr. Kang house including members of Red Velvet and managers. Henry and Junho, you two check CCTV footage at this place and go back along with the others later”

“Okay sir”

“Eunwoo and me will ride with Red Velvet while Seunggi, Joohyuk and Joongi following us behind”

“Okay sir”

“Now let’s go”

Eunwoo crouch beside Irene “Can you walk?”

“Yes, I can” Irene answer weakly. She stand up with help from Eunwoo and Manager Choi then they go to their transport


Seulgi walk back and forth in front of his house waiting for Red Velvet arrival. He almost passed out when Changwook informed him that Irene almost got kidnapped earlier. Sound of car distracting him. Soojung arrived and run to Seulgi. He called his PA after he received the news from his bodyguard. He really need her support right now

“Seulgi…is everything okay?” Soojung asked worriedly

“I don’t know yet. They are on their way here” Seulgi answered faintly

“Boss, there they are” Taecyeon said when the familiar vehicle enter the gate

Seulgi nervously waiting for Irene to come out. He can’t wait to see her to make sure she is fine. Eunwoo come out from driver side then open the back door. Wendy is the first one to come out follow by their manager then Irene. Soon as their eyes meet, Irene can’t hold her tears anymore and she run to Seulgi. He hugging her tightly not minding few pairs of eyes watching them with sympathy and warm smile

“Are you okay? That jerk not hurting you?” Seulgi asking worriedly

“I’m fine. I just…scare” Irene sobbing softly

“You’re safe now. Don’t cry, okay?” he rubbing her back “Let’s go inside”


“Girls, let’s go inside and managers too. Leader Seo and Captain Ji also come in. I want report”

“Okay sir”

Seulgi hold Irene on her waist as they walk to living room. He sit the fragile girl on the couch and make sure she is comfortable

“Have a sit everyone”

All of them sit on the couch. Soojung come from kitchen with few cans of drinks. She invite them to drink to sooth their anxiousness

“Leader Song, please tell me what happen”

The team leader bow his head then explain the incident earlier. He is really scare right now because his team fail to catch the kidnapper. Everyone know how scary is their boss so making mistake is last thing they want to do

“Sir, I’m sorry because my team lost his track. They run after him but seem like he memorize the alleyway route and successfully escape”

“It’s okay Leader Song. Most important now is everyone is safe. Do you receive any news from HQ about Mr. Park?”

“No further information yet sir. Minhyuk said doctor still scanning his head”

“Okay, inform Captain Ji if you receive any news about him. If he suffer inner injury make sure bring him to hospital immediately”

“Okay sir”

“You can go now” Leader Song bow his head then leave the living room

“Mr. Choi and Mr. Yang” Seulgi stare at the managers

“Yes sir”

“Either of you stay overnight or go back? If you go back, I will ask the bodyguards to drive you back”

The managers looking at each other then Manager Choi speak “We will go home sir”

“Okay” Seulgi nods his head “Changwook hyung, ask our men to drive them to their house”


“Who have schedule tomorrow?”

Yeri raised up her hand “I’m shooting for Yerihan Bang tomorrow on 10 AM”

“Okay, your manager will pick you up here tomorrow” Seulgi stated. Yeri and the managers nods their head “Make sure no one know about this incident. Act like nothing happen to all of you. Don’t look suspicious especially in our building, understand?”

“Yes sir”

“Good, managers you two can go home now. Captain Ji will prepare your ride”

“Thank you sir. Goodnight”


They silent for a while watching managers leaving with Changwook. The girls looked tired. It obviously shown on their face

“Girls, Soojung will walk you to your room. If you need anything, just tell her”

“Okay oppa”

“Are you all eating already?” Soojung asking

“Yes, we have our meal before leaving the set”

“Not hungry again?”


“Don’t shy to tell me if you want to eat something or you can cook for yourself. Everything are in the house”

“Make yourself at home” Seulgi added

“If none of you are hungry, let us go to your room so you can rest. Today is a bit tough for everyone”

“Unnie, we want to get our belongings from the car. We need spare clothes” said Joy

“Okay, let’s go”

“Seungwan, get my bags too” said Irene

“Alright unnie” Wendy playfully salute then she follow Soojung and the maknae

Seulgi turn to Irene and caressing her face. He planted soft kiss on her forehead

“Where do you sleep tonight?”

“With you” Irene said cutely

“The girls…are they okay if they know we sleep together?”

“Don’t worry about them. They are all grown up” Seulgi confuse face make Irene chuckle “They know already. I told them that we sleep in same room”

Seulgi slightly shock “How they react?”

“Very excited and curious”

“Do you tell them that we are…?”

“Of course not”

Soojung come back with the girls then they go upstairs. They are amazed seeing the house design and non-stop compliment

“Girls, you all will get one room each”

“Daebak, this house is so big that we get single room” Wendy said in awe

“This house have 6 bedrooms including master bedroom attach with bathroom and closet. Feel free to rest peacefully and enjoy alone time”

“Irene unnie is so lucky” the girls mumbling

Soojung stop in front of one of the bedrooms “Who gonna sleep here?”

“Is the room have same size and design?” Yeri asked curiously

“Same size but slightly different design”

“Let look at other room first then we choose”

“Look like competition will begin” Joy said

“We are not family. This is competition” Wendy joking around. Soojung crack up seeing their antic

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