Luckiest fans - Seulrene
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“Unnie, are you sure you want to go out with Suho oppa?” Wendy asked worriedly

Irene face looked blank “Seulgi asked me to accept his invitation”

“Seriously?” Joy puzzled

“Yes, he said just go with him that’s why I’m going now” Irene received a text from Suho saying he’s arrived in front of their gate “Got to go now. That idiot is arrive”

“Take care unnie”

“Okay” she walk lazily to the gate

Suho waiting for her then greet her with sweet smile “Hi Rene”

“Hi” Irene giving short smile then she get inside the car after Suho open the door for her

Suho drive his car leaving the dorm. Both of them not talking especially Irene who don’t have any topic to talk about

“Rene, are you okay?” Suho break the silent

“I’m good. Where are we going to have our dinner?”

“At Panda Café. I hear their foods are delicious and I want to try it together with you”


20 minutes later, they arrived at the café. Both of them wearing mask and cap to avoid someone noticed them. Suho lead Irene to the café. Luckily the café is not crowded and they found empty table at the corner

Waiter come to their table to take their order. After making her order, Irene quickly share her location to Seulgi as he ordered last night. Suho initiating their conversation and Irene doing her best to make herself comfortable


About 5 minutes after Irene and Suho departure, Seulgi and Soojung arrived at Red Velvet dorm. They come with their own car

“Oppa, what are you doing here? Unnie is not around” Yeri said soon as she invite Seulgi and Soojung into their dorm

“Girls, we have special mission tonight. Go dress up with black outfit” Seulgi announce

“What are we going to do?” Wendy curious

“Saving Irene and destroying Suho” said Soojung

“Go change your clothes now. We don’t have time” said Seulgi

“Okay oppa” the girls run to their rooms to change

After few minutes, they come back wearing hoodie and cap “Oppa, we’re ready”

“Alright, Wendy and Joy will ride with Soojung while Yeri will go with me. We will go to the café where both of them have dinner, understand?”

“Yes sir!” they stand straight and give salute

“Good, let’s go”

Right after they leave the dorm, Seulgi received text from Irene. She send him her current location

“Yeri-ah, you are my navigator for tonight. Make sure you tell right way, okay?”

“Okay oppa” Yeri focus on the footage that showing Irene and Suho talking to each other after order their food

“When we arrived at the café later, you enter with Soojung through back door. I will wait at the car to monitor you guys. She will tell you what to do”

“Noted oppa” Yeri smile excitedly “This going to be fun. I feel like I’m shooting a movie now” both of them laughing

Meanwhile at Soojung car, she give briefing to the idols about what are they going to do

“When we arrive, I will go inside with Yeri through back door while both of you go in after 5 minutes using front door. Make sure situation is clear before you walk to Irene table”

“What about Suho oppa?”

“I will put sleeping pill in his drink and that pill will take action in 3 minutes after consumed. Make sure Suho already passed out before you take Irene”

“Okay Ms. Jung”

“Don’t need to call me formally. We’re not at office. Just call Soojung or unnie is enough”


“We arrived. Set your time, okay?” Soojung unbuckle her seatbelt


Soojung get out of her car. She jogged to Seulgi car and knocked the window. Few second later, Yeri get out

“Yeri, you’re ready?”

“Yes!” the maknae said energetically

“Come, let’s go” Soojung hold Yeri hand then they run to back side of the café

They walk inside and meet the café owner who is helping her staff. Since Soojung is familiar with the owner, she not having hard time to deal with her

“Hey Jungie, why don’t tell me that you want to visit us?”

“Namjoo-ah, I need your help. It’s urgent”

“Oh, what is it?”

“I want to catch someone. He bringing my friend out for date. He is dangerous so I want to save my friend from him”

The owner gasped and slightly panic “So, what do you want me to do? Kick him out?”

“No, I have plan already. Do your waiter send his drink already?”

“Which one is him? Show me his table” they walk to the counter to see where Irene and Suho sit

“There” Yeri pointed at the closest table

“Oh, isn’t that Irene?”

“Yes, she is but don’t tell anyone, okay?” Soojung said in low voice

“Sure thing. I will ask my staff” Namjoo asking her waiter and luckily their drink are not send yet “This is their drink”

“Which one is that guy order?” Soojung asking the waiter

“This one, mango juice”

“Okay” Soojung put the powder into the juice and stir it “Do you have spare uniform?”

“Yes, you need it?”

“Yes, for undercover”

“Wait a minute” Namjoo go to the locker at the corner then come back with the uniform


Soojung quickly take off her hoodie and give to Yeri then put on the waiter outfit. She also borrow cap from Namjoo

“Can you recognize me?”

“You’re look like a waitress” said Yeri

“Cool, I will go now”

“Goodluck unnie”

Soojung go to Irene and Suho table with their drink. She greet them politely and put the drink carefully in front of the owner

“Enjoy your drink sir, ma’am”

“Thank you”

Before she leave, her eyes meet Irene’s then she send wink and smirk. Of course Irene flinch but Suho don’t noticed

‘Soojung?’ she asked in her mind

“Rene, you okay? Is your drink not good?” Suho questioned

“Drink is tasty. I like it” Irene take a sip of her bubble tea “Suho, can you please delete that picture?”

Suho scoff “I will delete it if you promise to go out with me whenever I want”

Irene sighs heavily “Please delete it”

“Why? You scare if people know you’re dating with CEO Kang?” sarcastic smile painted on his face

“We’re not dating” the girl retort

“Then why you don’t want to deal with me? You go out with me then I will not expose this picture”

After silent for a minute, Irene nods slowly “Okay”

“Good, your secret is safe” Suho giggle in victory

Suddenly he feel like his head spinning and heavy. He massaging his temple and shut his eyes often

“Suho, are you okay?” Irene worry when she saw Suho suddenly looked sick

“O…kay” Suho passed out after that

“Hey, Suho! Wake up!” Irene panic while tapping Suho cheek

Wendy and Joy come in right after Suho fainted “Unnie!”

Irene looked up and shock seeing her members “What are you doing here?”

“We come to save you” Wendy wink playfully

Yeri and Soojung also jogged towards them “Is this bastard knocked out completely?” Soojung twisting Suho ear until it turn red

The maknae get silly idea and she bite Suho finger “K.O. Teng…teng…teng” she said innocently

“Good” Soojung proceed to search for Suho phone then she found it in his pocket “Here is crucial hint” she cheered “Joy, Wendy, bring Irene to my car”

“Okay commander!” said the duo “Let’s go unnie”

“Yeri, let’s go”

“Unnie wait” Yeri said while busy transferring nugget into fries box

“Yah, what are you doing?”

“Such a waste if we leave it here” the maknae put the meatball into the box that previously nugget box. Her action leave Soojung speechless.

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