Luckiest fans - Seulrene
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Mr. Kang found himself in front of Bae residence right now. He has a meeting at Daegu today and it ends earlier than scheduled so he decided to visit Bae family before going back to Seoul. Since their last meeting, he already plans to come again to clean the mess between his wife and Mrs. Bae. He knows his wife will not take any action knowing how tough she is. There are a lot of things that he wants to say to Mrs. Bae and it is literally her son's will. Whatever acceptance from Mrs. Bae, he will still let her know what she is supposed to know.

“Hey Taeyeon-ssi” Mr. Bae welcome Mr. Kang with big smile


“Come in” Mr. Bae walk the guest to living room “Have a sit”

“Thank you. Where is Irene and Tiffany?”

“They are in the kitchen. We just finish our lunch”

Right after Mr. Bae talks, Irene and her mother show up. They shock seeing Mr. Kang presence

“Hi dad” Irene take a sit on the chair while Mrs. Bae beside her husband

“Hi Rene”

“What are you doing here dad?”

“I have meeting at Daegu earlier that’s why I’m here”

Irene nods her head slowly. Mr. Bae is in his suit so he really comes for work. “Are you coming alone?”

“I come with my PA and bodyguard”

“Okay. Do you have lunch already?”

“Yes, I eat lunch with my staff before come here” said Mr. Kang then he continue “I come here to talk with you, Tiff”

“Oh…okay, what do you want to talk about?” Mrs. Bae asked nervously

“First of all, I want to apologize for Jessica's retaliation last weekend. I’m sorry for not stopping her. She will not stop until she satisfy”

“Don’t be sorry Tae. I deserve worse than that. She has the right to scold me. She is not doing something wrong”

Mr. Kang sighs relieved “Alright then I want to talk regarding Minyoung” every eye is focused on him waiting for him to continue “As we know, Minyoung built a business that focuses on fashion design and his brand name is TIFFANY. Now his business is manage by his wife, Lee Sunmi”

Mrs. Bae shocked “Minyoung has a wife?”

“Yes, he has a wife. Her name is Lee Sunmi. She is managing director of TIFFANY. Since Minyoung started his business, she is the one handling it. However, Minyoung wished you to be involved in his business. Minyoung is the main shareholder of his business. Since he passed away, his share was divided to his wife and half of it will be yours. It also will make you the biggest shareholder of TIFFANY”

Bae family jaw dropping because of Mr. Kang statement “W-why me? Why not give it all to Sunmi? She is the one who build it with him and she have more rights than me”

“That is what it should be but Minyoung wants it like this. He already put your name to inherit half of his wealth which is Sunmi get 60% while you get 40%. He also named you as the next largest shareholder. We don’t know about this. It has been agreed by both of them since before. Sunmi is ready to pass it to you whenever we find you. I talked to her yesterday and she will still give it to you as her husband wished”

“Tae, it is too much for me. I shouldn’t get lot of shares” Mrs. Bae feel uncomfortable

Mr. Kang smiles shortly “We can’t do anything Tiff. It is decided by your son and his decision is final”

“Okay” Mrs. Bae said quietly

“Tiff, you can think carefully before making a decision. This is his will and he built it for you. He wants to make your dream come true. You can call me when you’re ready with your decision. Discuss with your husband and daughter. Take your time, I will wait” Mr. Kang takes out his business card and gives it to Mrs. Bae “Call me after you make your final decision. I will arrange everything for you”

Mrs. Bae looked at the white color card on her hand “What if Jessi does not agree?”

“Don’t worry about her. She will not touch that part. She is fine with that. Actually she is happy that she is finally meeting you. Last time she was just emotional because you shouted at Seulgi and kicked him out. Seulgi is her precious diamond and whoever messes with him will mess with her too. That is the main reason she come here emotionally”

“I’m sorry for that. I caught in my emotion too”

“It’s okay, I’m cool with that. I understand your situation” said Mr. Kang “I hope Tiff, please don’t involve our kids in this matter. They have nothing to do with the issue. We will talk about Seulgi and Irene after the current problem settle”

“Okay” Mrs. Bae nods “Tae, how is pops now? Is he healthy?”

“In terms of health, he is diagnosed with hypertension and still takes meds every day. Other than that, he is fine. Nothing to worry about. Right now he is staying with Stephanie and her husband in New York. Your pops live his happy life now. His granddaughter sometimes will bring him along when they travel or occasionally have vacation together. He will be very happy if he know we found you”

“Who married Steph?”

“She married Jessica's twin brother, Jesse Jung. Remember Jesse?”

“Yes, I remember”

“Steph has 3 daughters now. Jung Seohyun, Jung Soojung and Jung Sinbi. Seohyun is working at SG Global that based in New York as Executive Director, Soojung is Seulgi’s personal assistant while the younger one, Sinbi in her final year at university”

“That’s mean one of her daughters is here?”

“Yes, Soojung is here. She moves together with Seulgi since she is his PA. Irene knows her. They are close with each other”

“True” Irene smiles brightly. She not expect that bubbly Soojung is her cousin but yeah, this world is so small

“Both of you don’t know that you’re relatives, huh?” Mr. Bae teasing his daughter

“We don’t even have idea that we’re cousins” said Irene

Mr. Kang chuckled, “Seulgi said he will tell Soojung later after they finished meeting. She will be very happy when she know that you’re her cousin”

“You’re right dad” Irene giggle

“Remember Tiff, think carefully about your son's will. We will get ready anytime for the reading. He entrusts his wife to keep it until you come. Sunmi will read it for you. Don’t hesitate to accept it because you’re the rightful owner”


Mr. Kang added “If you want to visit Minyoung, I will bring you to his place too”

“I would like too”

“For your information Tiff, Sunmi still can’t bring herself to visit Minyoung grave. She is still not strong enough to see his tomb. It has been 4 years but it still hurts her. She used to visit him before and she fainted right after she saw his tomb”

“Poor thing” Bae family sighs sadly

“Not only Minyoung that make her weak but their miscarried child also buried next to her late husband”

Mrs. Kang gasped “They used to have a child?”

“Yes but that poor baby can’t make it. Sunmi lost her baby in 5 months of her pregnancy because of depression. It made her condition get worse. In the end, I and Sica decide to send her to a psychiatrist. After she’s getting better, Sica insists on sending her to New York so she can move on from her husband and unborn child. She only came back around 2 months ago and will stay here permanently. Right now she stays with us because Sica does not allow her to stay alone. Their mommy still can’t trust her even she said she is fine”

Mrs. Kang feels so sad when she hears about Sunmi. “I can’t wait to see her. It must be very hard for her to accept”

“What else do you wish to do? Do you want to meet your pops too?”

Mrs. Bae looks at her husband and daughter then they nod together “Yes, I want to meet with him. I want to apologize and introduce my family to him”

Mr. Kang smiles happily “Alright, I will arrange the meeting. Don’t worry, I will make the memorable reunion for all of you”

“Thank you so much Tae. Thank you so much”

“My pleasure” said Mr. Kang “I have to go now. I can’t arrive late at home because I promised to take Jessica and the kids out. They suddenly want to eat chicken and whining since yesterday” he chuckle

“It must be Seulgi who whining a lot” Irene guessing

“True, your boyfriend is so childish lately. Please come back quickly. I can’t deal with his whine every day. These days he is so clingy to his mom”

Irene laughing hearing Mr. Kang complain “He also keep asking when I will go back even he know already”

“You must get used to his antics. Sometimes he is tiring”

“I slowly get used to it”

“Alright, I have to go now. I look forward to hear from you Tiff” Mr. Kang stand up follow by Bae family

“I will let you know very soon. Thanks again for coming” Mrs. Bae shook hands with Mr. Kang followed by her husband. They walk him to the front door and wait until he leave before back to their house


Irene arrived at their dorm in the afternoon. She decides to take the train because she doesn't want to trouble her dad to drive her from Daegu to Seoul and return again. Dorm is silent when she arrive because the girls have their schedule

After unpacking her stuff, she refreshed herself since the weather is a bit hot today. Then she cleaned her room. She checks their living room, kitchen and toilet to make sure it is clean when she is away. Usually the kids love to make a mess when she is not around.

She doesn't know when she dozed off in the living room but now the girl's voice wakes her up from slumber. They hugged her on the couch and laughed happily. After their mini reunion, they sit on the couch

“Unnie, when do you arrive?” the maknae asking

“I arrive around 1 PM”

“Do you ride a taxi?”


“Why not asking Seulgi to pick you up?” ask Wendy

“He is busy today. He wants to ask his bodyguard to pick me up but I don’t want to trouble them. Besides, the station is not really crowded today”

“Unnie, we bought foods for us so we don’t need to cook tonight” Joy chirped

Irene looks at a lot of plastic bags on the table then she turns to the grinning girls “We don’t need to cook or…not food in the fridge?” she narrowed her eyes

Wendy, Yeri and Joy giggle awkwardly while scratching their nape “Busted” Yeri mumble

“Unnie…we not shopping grocery yet” said Wendy

“It’s okay, we can go tomorrow. Our schedule tomorrow will end at 3 PM, right?” the leader smile

“Yes unnie, we only have recording until 11 AM then meeting after lunch” Joy answered


The girls sigh in relief because their leader is not nagging because they do not refill their food stock. Everyone is so lazy to shop for grocery so they only order their food or eat at the café for last 3 days

Wendy starts their new topic “Unnie, how are you and your mom? Are you two reconcile now?”

Irene smile widely “Yes, we’re okay now”

“What about you and Seulgi oppa? You two will not break up, right?” Yeri asked then they showing puppy eyes and pouting lips

Irene laughing seeing her members face “We will never break up. Don’t show that face”

“Thanks God”

“I have surprise for all of you” Irene stated

The girl's face glows “Do you buy gifts for us?”

“No but I have surprise news”

“Okay, what is it?”

Irene clears slightly “You all know that late CEO Hwang is not biological son of Mr. Kang and

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