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Author note: Bunch of photos ahead!

This evening Bae family will go to Kang residence for a family reunion that was arranged by Mr. Kang. The reunion will be held at Kang mansion, attended by Kang, Jung and Hwang family to introduce Bae family to them. Since it is special event for the family, Mr. Kang sending transport to fetch Irene and her parents

Eunji and Moonbyul found themselves in front of the Red Velvet dorm to fetch Bae's family. They are waiting for Bae's family to get ready. Both guy wearing formal suit


[Jung Eunji]

“Aigoo, why are you not tying your necktie properly?” Wendy complaining while fixing Eunji necktie

“He leave it like that on purpose so that you will do it for him” Moonbyul said innocently while lean at the car door

Eunji smack Moonbyul head and glare at him “I’m rushing that’s why I not tie it properly”

“As if I don’t know” Moonbyul smirk devilishly

Eunji turn to Wendy again “Kiss” he whisper



“We’re outside now”

“No one watching”

“Byul oppa”

Eunji sighs, then he calls Moonbyul “Hyung look!” he pointed at somewhere making Moonbyul quickly turn around to see what happened. While Moonbyul turns away, Eunji quickly kisses Wendy cheek “Easy, right?” he cackle

“Yah, Jung Eunji!” Moonbyul yell “There is nothing happen”

“Maybe I seeing things” Eunji hold his laugh

Irene comes out of the dorm followed by her parents. She curious seeing Moonbyul and Eunji coming and wearing suit

“Good evening Irene noona” Eunji greeted with his not-so-called big smile

“Good evening, are you two coming to fetch us?”

“Yes, there is our transport” Eunji pointed at Mercedes AMG CLA45 then Moonbyul waving his hand

“I thought Jackson or Henry would come. Are you two bodyguard now?”

“Our part-time job” Eunji joking “We only join special events like today and this is request from Seulgi too”

“What about other boys?”

“Hayoung and Eric fetching Mr. Jung and Mrs. Jung”

“You mean Seulgi grandparents from LA?”

“Yep” Eunji nods his head “Let’s go, we should arrive before 6:45. Distance from your dorm to the mansion is quite far”

“Okay, let’s go”

“Bye unnie, aunty and uncle” Wendy waving her hand

“Bye Wendy”

Eunji sends a wink to Wendy before he follows the family to the car. He enter driver seat while Moonbyul beside him


45 minutes later, they arrived in front of Kang residence entrance. There are 4 cars before them, entering the big gate. All of the cars are from luxury brands

“Traffic jammed?” Mr. Bae look at the window

“According to the schedule, everyone arrived on time. We should be there before 6:45 and we’re 5 minutes early. Thanks to Eunji who memorize the shortcut” said Moonbyul from front seat

“I am pro at shortcut” Eunji fooling around

Since they departed from the dorm, they talked about a lot of things. Irene's parents praised Eunji and Moonbyul for being friendly and talkative. Both guy making them comfortable and reducing their nervousness

“Who is that in the first car?” Mrs. Bae asking about a woman who just come out from the car and received salute from Seulgi and his bodyguard

“That is Choi Chorong also well known as General Kang of TSF. She is our leader”

“Hearing that giving me goosebumps” said Mr. Bae

“Amazing, right? She is the most influential woman after Mrs. Kang” said Eunji

Next car stop in front of Seulgi and Changwook then their bodyguard open the door

“Who is that?” Irene asking curiously

“That is Aunty Jessi parents”

“Oh I see”

Seulgi hugged his grandparents tightly and they babyed him. His grandmother showers Seulgi face with kisses while his grandfather patting his bum. Everyone at the last car holding their laugh as they witnessing that scene

“Such a spoiled brat” Irene commented

“He is spoiled by the elders since he is only son in their family” Eunji cackle

“He often complain that his grandparent still babying him in this age” Moonbyul added

The people who get out from 3rd car making Mrs. Bae choke her breath. They are the people that she longed for

“They are Soojung parents and her grandfather…Mr. Hwang” Moonbyul said slowly while take a glance at Mrs. Bae

Irene and her father focus on the older figure that exchanges greetings with Seulgi “Miyoung, that’s your father?” Mr. Bae asking his wife

“Y-yes” Mrs. Bae said nervously

“Mommy, you and Soojung mother really looked alike!” Irene chirped


The last car before them stops in front of the entrance. Soojung and her sisters get out of the car

“Soojung is VIP tonight” Eunji and Moonbyul cackle

“It’s rare seeing her come after Seulgi. Usually she stand beside him”

“Those 2 are Soojung sisters?” ask Irene

“Yes, the tallest one is Jung Seohyun and the one that looked like their dad is Jung Sinbi”

“Gorgeous” Irene commented

Eunji slowly moves their car as it is their turn. He stop at the entrance

“This one is our big boss” Moonbyul unbuckle his seatbelt then he and Eunji hop out to open the door

Seulgi smiling happily while waiting for the Bae family. He non-stop smiles when he and his girlfriend get out of the car. She is very pretty in the blue dress that she showed-off to him last night. Seulgi also wearing blue jacket that Irene choose for him when they video call last night so they wearing matching color

“Welcome to Kang mansion” Seulgi exchange bow with Bae family

“Thank you”

“Our family are waiting so let’s go”

Seulgi walked the family into the mansion. They stopped at living room where Kang family gathered

“Seul, they are upstairs in your grandpa office” said Hyoyeon

“Okay aunty” Seulgi turn to Bae family “Let’s go”

They stop in front of black door, then Seulgi knocks on the door. After receiving permission to enter, he scans his fingerprint on the lock then opens the door. Seulgi open the door wide for everyone

Seulgi's parents, grandpa Kang, grandpa Hwang, Soojung family and Sunmi are waiting for their arrival. They stand up to welcome the Bae family. However, Hwang family face looked tense except Soojung

Seeing the atmosphere suddenly intense, Mr. Kang nudged his wife then he whispered to her. The wife nods then she walk to Bae family

“Let’s go and talk to your pops” she whisper and received slow nods as reply

Seulgi, Irene and Mr. Bae follow the women but they stop beside Mr. Kang. Mrs. Kang brings Mrs. Bae to grandpa Hwang who keeps a straight face. Now they stand beside each other

Mrs. Bae is very nervous because she knows what that face means. She know her father well and she believe that he not change since before

“Pops” Mrs. Bae slowly look at her father

Out of the blue, grandpa Hwang's palm landed on Mrs. Bae's right cheek. She stumbles backward and Mrs. Kang quickly catches her. Everyone in the room shock to death especially Irene and her father

“Don’t call me pops because you’re not my daughter. Since the day you step out of our house, you are not a part of Hwang anymore. You're a stranger!”

Mrs. Bae cried hard then she kneel before him “Pops, I’m sorry. I know I am a sinful daughter. I make stupid decision and breaking many hearts. I regret it pops”

“No way will I forgive you easily. Your tears can’t bring your mom and your son back. You are hurting your mother. Every day she hopes that you come back to our house but you never return. You are selfish and ego! Why do you come back when we don’t need you anymore? I don’t mind if the Kang family doesn't find you. You have nothing to do with me anymore. Your return can’t bring back my wife and my grandson. If only you’re not stupid, your mother will cure from her cancer but your disappearance making her lost hope to continue her life. You know how much she loves you but you let your stupidity win over yourself. If you do not abandon Minyoung, he will not work very hard and waste his lifetime looking for you. Even until his last day, he never knew who his mother was! He only knows Tiffany Hwang by name and your young picture is not helping at all” Grandpa Hwang taking a deep breath “I’m very disappointed in Tiffany. If Stephanie is not forcing me to come, I will not tire myself of flying back just to see you. I have more important things to do than seeing your face again”

“Michael, calm down” Grandpa Kang rubbing grandpa Hwang back softly

Grandpa Hwang words stabbing Mrs. Bae heart mercilessly. She is not blaming him. She deserves his resentment. She will accept it if he disowns her. Irene cries in her appa embrace as she witnesses her mom crying and kneeling in front of her grandfather begging for his forgiveness. She hates it when her mom is crying but she knows her grandfather has a reason for treating her mom that way. No parents want to see their child in that state

“Pops, you can hate me…you can disown me but please forgive me. I’m begging you” Mrs. Bae still kneeling on the floor

Grandpa Hwang shut his eyes tightly before he opened it again. He wants to cry but he holds it “Don’t apologize

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