Luckiest fans - Seulrene
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The off road trip team arrived at the campsite about 2 PM because they stopped at the rest area to have lunch. As Mr. Kang wanted, the bodyguards and medic team came together to ensure their safety especially the girls. Both teams come with separate transport. Mr. Kang and his wife also join the kids since they are also interested in extreme activities. Soojung also came together and rode with Moonbyul since he had no passengers. The other girls ride with their man

“Aigoo, finally we arrived” Seulgi stretch his body

“Drink water first” Irene give a bottle of water to Seulgi who lean his head on the steering

After drinking the water, he gives the bottle back to Irene. They are waiting for Moonbyul and Eric to get their cabin key. Few minutes later, their truck enters the site and stops at the cabin area. There are no other visitor since it is reserve for them for whole weekend

Soon as they get out of the car Eunji, Eric and Hayoung run to the other side of the campsite. Everyone looked at them weirdly. Few minutes later, they come back with dorky smile painted on their face

“Where are you all going just now?” Seulgi asking

“Nature calling” Eunji said

“Eww” Wendy quickly shoving wet tissue to Eunji for him to wipe his hand. Same with Hayoung and Eric, both of them got tissue from the girls

“Since everyone is here, now I will give our cabin keys” said Moonbyul “As Aunty Jessi ordered, we will only use 5 cabins. 3 for males and 2 for females”

Mr. Kang and the boys practically shock after Moonbyul stated about their room. They already plan to spend night with the girls in the cabin but Mrs. Kang is few step ahead of them

“What's with those faces?” Mrs. Kang looking at the boys

“Mommy, we will share a room and you all also share a room? Is that what Byul hyung means just now?” Seulgi questioning

Mrs. Kang snapped her fingers “Correct! No couple stuff in this campsite” the girls giggle beside her while the boy’s face contorted

“What about us?” Mr. Kang pouting

“You sleep with them too. No excuse” Mrs. Kang stated “Byul, you may proceed”

“Okay aunty” Moonbyul cleared his throat “Let me tell you which one is your cabin. Cabin 1005 will be Uncle Tae, Seulgi, Eunji, Eric, Hayoung and me. Cabin 1006 is Aunty Jessi, Soojung, Wendy, Irene, Joy and Yeri. Cabin 1007 that is in a separate area is Dr. Song and her female medic team. Cabin 1008 is Eunwoo, Taecyeon, Henry and Mark while cabin 1015 in front of our cabins is Captain Ji, Jackson, Junho, Changsub and Mr. Lee” he give the keys to the cabin owner after that

“Hmm, it feel like school trip” Mr. Kang mumble

“Kang Taeyeon, I hear you” said his wife “Everyone, now you all can rest. Every cabin has a barbecue pit and mini kitchen inside so you all can cook anything you want. Get whatever you want from the convenient store there. Everything is on us but strictly no drinking alcohol. Staff can go to your cabin now”

“Thank you Mrs. Kang” the bodyguards and medic team move to their own cabin

Mrs. Kang turn to her husband and the kids “Kang Taeyeon”

“Yes” Mr. Kang answer lazily but his wife ignore his protest

“On 5 PM you and the boys prepare for our barbecue while I will go to the store to get our foods, understand everyone?”


“Good, now go to your cabin and rest. You all must be tired after driving” Mrs. Kang said softly

“Okay aunty”

“Girls, let’s go inside” Mrs. Kang said to the girl then they follow her to their cabin

The cabin is fit for 6 to 7 people and it has a mini kitchen, toilet attached with bathroom and large space bedroom. Blankets, pillows and sleeping mats also provided.

“Aigoo, I’m very tired even I’m not driving” Joy landed her back on sleeping mat

“Just seeing Seulgi driving making me exhausted” said Irene and stretching her body

“Soojung unnie” Yeri chirped

“Yes baby~”

“Is this your first time joining an off road trip?”

“Yeah, I am first timer like you all”

“I’m excited for the trip tomorrow” said Wendy

Mrs. Kang comes from the bathroom after changing her clothes and washing her face. She sat on the floor with the girls “I don’t know that you are all interested in joining this activity. First time Seulgi told me and his daddy that you all want to join the trip, we thought he’s just joking”

The girls cackle “When they show the picture, it looked fun so we wanted to join” said Irene

“Let's see who will survive until we reach the rest area. First time I joined a road trip, Seulgi's dad's right ear malfunctioned for a few days because of my scream. He need to check his ear soon after we’re back to the city” Mrs. Kang and the girls laughing heartily

“One of the members who will face the problem is Byul oppa. He warned me already not too scream and hitting him” said Soojung

“I also can’t guarantee Seulgi ear will survive tomorrow” Irene cackle

“Hayoung also warned me already. He said if I throw up in his car, he will never bring me to join off road again” said Joy

“Eric oppa not say anything but I see he have first-aid-kit in compartment earlier” Yeri added

Wendy sighs “Eunji also warned me about throwing up, screaming and hitting him. He said if his muscle get hurt, I need to treat his bruises”

“The boys are funny” Mrs. Kang commented “Let rest now before we prepare our dinner”

“Okay aunty”

“Soojung, don’t forget to wake me up”

“But aunty, I always fail in my attempt to wake you up” Soojung hold her laugh

“I’m sure I can wake up easily since this is not my bed. Don’t worry” Mrs. Kang said confidently

“Okay, we will see”


Meanwhile in male cabin

Mr. Kang and the kids lounge at the sleeping space and drink cola that provided in the fridge

“The weather is good for outdoor activities” said Eric

“Yeah, I’m boring stay indoor when the weather is fine” Eunji added

“You two are not tired?” ask Mr. Kang

“No, we not usually taking nap even we’re tired”

“What activities can we do to kill our boredom?” Seulgi asking

“You also want to join us?” Moonbyul giggle since he know Seulgi usually taking nap

“Of course, I also want to have fun since we’re have chance to getaway”

Hayoung snapped his finger “Let’s go fishing at the river at the back there. Usually the fishes are big. We can eat grilled fish for dinner”

“Sounds good. It has been a while since I go fishing” Mr. Kang said in excitement

“Cool, let’s go to rent fishing rod at the manager” said Eric

“Invite Changwook hyung and his boys. Maybe they want to join us fishing” said Seulgi


Opposite to the ladies, the guys go out to do outdoor activities

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