Luckiest fans - Seulrene
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Next morning

“Seulgi…wake up~” Irene shaking Seulgi body to wake him up but no respond from the bear “Seulgi baby…wake up…you need to prepare for work”

5 minutes later, Seulgi stirs up from his deep sleep. He rubbed his eyes before opening it. Irene smiles while staring at the cute sight before her. Seulgi's morning face is her favorite since she slept with him. He looked adorable when he wake up

“Honey, wake up. It 6:30 already” she said softly

Seulgi finally open his eyes then his eyebrows meet “Baby, what are you doing here?” he asked absentmindedly

“I wake you up” Irene pull Seulgi to sit

“When do you arrive?” he looked around and realize something wrong “Wait, this is not my room”

Irene laughing as she finally knows that Seulgi forgot where he is now “Honey, you’re at our dorm now. You did not go home last night because of heavy rain. You and Eunji sleepover, remember?”

Seulgi heaves a loud sigh “I thought I was kidnapped” Irene pinch Seulgi cheek “Where is Eunji hyung?”

“He is in the kitchen helping Wendy cook. He tried to wake you up but he gave up after a few minutes so he asked me to come. Now go wash up and get ready to work”

“Okay baby. Morning kiss” Seulgi pointed at his lips

However, Irene plant soft kiss on his cheeks “Good morning my bear”

“Why not kissing my lips?” Seulgi pouting

“Brush your teeth first”

“You used to kiss me a lot even before I brush my teeth” Seulgi rolled his eyes

“I kiss your lips earlier but you not open your eyes so no more kiss on lips today”

“I will sleep again” Seulgi sulking

“Yah!” Irene grab Seulgi wrist “No more sleeping Mr. Kang”

“You don’t want to kiss me”

Irene gives in as she doesn't want to prolong their childish argument. She kisses Seulgi lips lovingly “Done, now get up and shower. I want to tidy up this bed”

“Okay boss” Seulgi said cheerfully. He grabs his towel then skips to the bathroom. After tidying up the bed, Irene goes to the kitchen to help Wendy and Eunji prepare their breakfast. The kids are still in their room.

Seulgi dresses up with shorts and black plain shirt. Then he went to the dining table where breakfast was already served. Wendy and Irene are still busy in the kitchen while Eunji scrolls on his phone at the dining table. He put his phone aside when he noticed Seulgi presence

“Good morning boss”

“Good morning” Seulgi sits on an empty chair on Eunji right “What are they doing?”

“Make coffee and tea”


Eunji beckons Seulgi to come closer and the younger one leans forward “I feel like we have a wife already” he whispers. Both of them giggle after that

Seulgi nods in approval “I also feel the same” he said in low tone

Wendy comes with coffee followed by Irene who brings a teapot. They put it carefully on the table

“Where are the kids?” Seulgi asking when he noticed the younger girls are not around

“They are still sleeping. Both of them don’t have schedule today that’s why they wake up late”


Wendy scoop kimchi tuna fried rice for all of them then invite everyone to eat. Everyone complimenting Wendy's cooking skill. Eunji and Seulgi finish 2 portions of fried rice since it is too good. They even request Wendy to cook it again for them

After breakfast, they sit in the living room. Seulgi is waiting for Soojung to come with his suit

“Seul, when Soojung will arrive?” Irene questioning

“She is on her way already”


Seulgi turns to Eunji who focuses on watching daily news. “Hyung, are you working today?”

“Of course, today is Wednesday”

“I thought you not working since you looked relax” Seulgi chuckle

“I will go straight to the office. I will wash up there later”

Doorbell ringing distracting their conversation “That must be Soojung” said Seulgi

“I will open the door” Irene go to open the door for their guest

Soojung smiling widely as she saw Irene and greeted her with big hug “Morning unnie”

“Morning Soojung, come in” Irene walk Soojung to living room

“Hi Jung!” Eunji chirped

“Older Jung, what are you doing here?” Soojung smile evilly

“I become 5th members of Red Velvet” Eunji answer playfully

“Older Jung is sneaky nowadays, huh? I thought only Kang sleep here last night”

“Shut up!” Eunji slap Soojung arm lightly

The girl stuck her tongue out mocking Eunji “Seul, put on your shirt and pant first”

“Okay boss” Seulgi take his shirt and pant from Soojung then go to bedroom to dress up

“Soojung, do you have breakfast already?” ask Irene

“Yes unnie, I have my breakfast before leave home”

“That’s good then”

“Unnie, is he eating already?” Soojung refer to Seulgi

“Yes, we breakfast together earlier”

“Is he eating a lot?”

“He eat 2 portions of fried rice”

“Okay, he will not concentrate on his work if he not taking heavy breakfast especially for his schedule today”

Wendy says “Both of them eat a lot today. I bet they will not hungry until lunch time”

Soojung looked at Eunji as she again “This person is a big eater so you should prepare a big portion for him. If he don’t get enough food, he will eat your share”

The girls laugh seeing Eunji's frowning face “I will pay back one day. Just wait” said Eunji

“I don’t care”

Seulgi comes back after dressing up with white shirt and black pants. Soojung proceeded to do his necktie. She doing it skillfully and very fast

“Soojung” Seulgi speak while his PA doing his necktie


“Do you really can’t go with me?”

“They said only the secretary will join so I will not be coming. It is obvious that they are not mentioning other staff. Besides, I have a meeting with your mom and Sunmi unnie at TIFFANY HQ today. You just go with Vic unnie”

“It feel a bit weird if you not coming”

“Don’t complain. I’m there or not, you still have to focus. This is your first time so you must do your best. I will wait for you at the office. Don’t bother Vic unnie. She will guide you since she used to follow your dad to that event before”

“Hmm, okay” Seulgi said lazily

Then Soojung helped Seulgi to wear his vest and jacket. She literally dressed him up. She even buttoned his vest for him. Seulgi looked different after wearing his suit. The result is very good


“Do you attend any important events today? That is your exclusive suit, isn’t it?” Eunji pointed at Seulgi suit

“Yes, I will attend Asian Leadership Summit today”

“You and your secretary only?”

“Daddy also will come. He will be the speaker of that summit. I will be representative of SG Group”

“Good luck” said Wendy

“Thank you Wen”

“Done!” Soojung dust off her palm “Where are your used clothes and your bag?”

“Still in the room. I will get it” Seulgi go to the room to get his stuff

He came back with a damp towel and used clothes, also his toiletries, then gave it to Soojung. The girl quickly folded it and shoved it inside the bag. She also put the toiletries before zip it. As for the suit that Seulgi wear yesterday, she hang it with hanger

“You really like his mother” said Irene

“You’re right unnie. I am practically his mother. I’m doing his mother duty more than she did” Soojung joking around

“Mommy complains when she needs to prepare me for work. She wondering how Soojung can do these stuff without complain” Seulgi chuckle

“You should pay her extra for working hard to make you looked presentable” said Irene

“Her salary is half of mine. She also get big bonus every year”

“She deserve it”

“Looked like Soojung should treat us food after receive her bonus” Wendy teasing Soojung

“She is stingy” Eunji stated

“You too!” Soojung kicking Eunji shin making him yelp “I will treat everyone except older Jung”

“Yah!” Eunji whine

Everyone in the living room is laughing happily “Seul, we should leave now. You and unnie must depart on 8:15”

“Okay, let’s go” Seulgi stand up “Thank you for foods and hospitality”

“You’re welcome” Irene smiling lovingly to her boyfriend

“Unnie, next time if they sleepover don’t forget to ask them to pay” Soojung said

Wendy and Irene agree right away “That’s good idea too”

Seulgi wants to respond but Eunji stops him “Seul, don’t say anything. Women always right”

All of them walk to the front door. Suddenly Seulgi stopped in front of Eunji and faced him with an intense look. Soojung sighs while Irene and Wendy curious

“I need your blessing for my work today. Please pray for me” Seulgi bow his head

Eunji tapped Seulgi head softly “You got my blessing. My prayer always go with you” he speak softly

“Thank you Commander Jung” Seulgi salute to Eunji then the older guy reply with same pose

“What game did you two play just now?” Wendy asking curiously

“I ask for blessings from him because this is my first time going to that big event. I’m nervous actually and need blessings from elders. Since mommy and daddy is not around, I ask from Eunji hyung”

Irene and Wendy laughing lightly “We thought both of you fooling around again” said Irene

“Why not ask from unnie? She is elder too” Wendy looking at Irene

“She is my girlfriend but Eunji hyung is an officer of TSF so I chose him. Your soon-to-be boyfriend is commander at TSF”

Wendy laughs awkwardly while Irene teases her. Eunji also smile like idiot beside them

“Kang Seulgi, come on! We don’t have time!” Soojung shout from her car

“Okay boss!”

Seulgi kissing Irene cheeks before going to his car. Irene face turn red in embarrassment as everyone witnessing Seulgi kissing her

“Seul…your hyung is still alive here” Eunji stated lazily

“Hyung, do you want a kiss too?” Seulgi approaching Eunji while puckered his lips

“Yah, who wants to kiss you?!” Eunji quickly shoving Seulgi face away

Seulgi laughing as he successfully teasing Eunji “Just in case you want me to kiss you”

“Stupid” Eunji rolled his eyes “Go now!”

“Wendy, don’t forget to kiss Eunji hyung before he leaves. Look, he is jealous” Seulgi run to his car before Eunji react


Wendy and Irene waving their hands towards Seulgi and Soojung while Eunji glares at them. The cousins leaving with their cars. Eunji also excuse himself since he will go to office directly


Irene's parents arrive at their dorm on Thursday. The girls welcome the elder warmly since they are close to each other. They are very happy because of their presence making their dorm merrier

In the evening, Irene brings her parents out for dinner. Mrs. Bae invites the members to join them but they have their own schedule. Yeri celebrates her sister's birthday, Joy going out with her mother while Wendy has vocal lessons until night.

“Hyun, whose car is this?” Mrs. Bae asking when Irene insist to use her car instead of her dad’s

“This is my car” she said proudly

“When do you buy it? Your car looked cool” said Mr. Bae

“This is a gift from Grandpa Kang. I have it around 3 months ago”


“Yes appa, Mrs. Kang requested it for me when Seulgi and his aunty asked Grandpa Kang to buy a car for them. Few days later, this car arrive”

“You’re very lucky” Mrs. Bae commented

“I think so” Irene giggle “Let’s go”

The Bae family has dinner at Marina Café. That café suits her parent’s food taste so she chooses it for their family dinner. This is first time they come to that café together

“This café looked calming. We can watch sea while eating” Mrs. Kang commented after they order their food

“This is the most recommended seaside café. The design is good, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, I love it here. We can enjoy good food and breathe fresh air at the same time”

“We can see luxury boats too” Mr. Bae said while looking at the harbor where luxury boats tied

Irene and her mother agree with Mr. Bae idea “This café is owned by Ocean View Marina. It is one of SG Group subsidiaries”

Mr. Bae and Mrs. Bae nods their head for the information that they just received “I guess Seulgi bring you to come here often” Mr. Bae joking

“No, we just come once with our friends. Usually we will eat at his uncle restaurant since it is most private place”

Irene noticed someone's family came from the opposite direction. That is no other than Kang Seulgi. He cracked a big smile when he saw Irene. He stop at their table to greet them

“Hello” Seulgi bow his head

“Hey, Kang Seulgi” Mr. Bae chirped while his wife mutter smooth hello to the boy

“Just arrived?”

“Yeah, we arrived around 10 minutes ago” said Mr. Kang

“What are you doing here?” Irene looking at Seulgi from head to toe since her boyfriend still wearing his suit

“I have meeting

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