Luckiest fans - Seulrene
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Seulgi looking at his reflection at the mirror. He smile proudly seeing his charismatic look. He wear 3 pieces suit match with brown leather shoes. His brown hair comb well. He very satisfied with his own touch. After that, he walk to glass cabinet then pull out one of the drawer and pick his favorite watch that he recently received from sponsor. Then he proceed to pick his bracelet and wear it on his right wrist

“Charismatic, elegance and classy” he smirk “Way to go Seulgi!” he skip out of his closet and head to main door where Soojung waiting for him

“Good morning Jungie~”

“Took forever to get ready” Soojung said coldly

“I need to look good on my first day so must check my appearance lot of time”

“Hey, I prepare enough for you yesterday. You just need to wear in on your body. You look good is because of me who expert in choosing your suit”

Seulgi chuckle “Yes, I know. My good look is credited to you. Shall we go now Ms. Jung?”

“Of course, you shouldn’t late on your first day. You know your mother will nagging if you not arrive on time”

“Alright, let’s go” Seulgi grab his car key then they go to garage


Audi-R8-V10 Decennium arrived in front of SG Entertainment building. Security team line-up to welcome their CEO. Seulgi and Soojung dramatically get out of the car and receive deep bow from security and front desk staff


Seulgi big smile painted on his face as he receive warm welcome from his staff “Thank you”

One of female staff come forward and bow to Seulgi “Good morning CEO Kang. I am Victoria Song, head of secretaries at SG Group. I will lead you and Ms. Jung to function room”

“Good morning Ms. Song. Thanks for warm welcome from the staffs”

“My pleasure, sir. This way please”

Both of them following Victoria into the building. They ride executive elevator toward 8th floor


Staffs and idols of SG Entertainment gather at Grand Function Room which is biggest function room in their company. Currently they are waiting for Chairman Kang and his wife. They schedule to arrive any minutes from now

Everyone look at the door when they heard door open. Bodyguard open it widely then secretary of chairman come in follow by Chairman Kang and his wife. Both of them following the secretary walking towards the stage at the front. They sit on their respective seat and waiting for the new CEO

Door open again, this time Victoria come in follow by Seulgi and Soojung. Both of them keep straight face while walking to the front. Everyone in awe seeing Seulgi in his suit. He look so handsome and charismatic in his office outfit. Everyone can’t take their eyes off him as he walk passed by them. The most surprise out of the people in the hall is none other than Irene. She never know that Kang Seulgi that she met last night is her boss. She is very speechless right now.

Red Velvet members start whispering to each other as they recognize Seulgi and Soojung immediately

“Hey, it’s them who bicker in the plane last time, right? He is the one who sit beside Irene unnie” whispered Joy

“No doubt, that really both of them”

Yeri nudging Irene “Unnie, he is your seatmate, right?”

“Y-yes, that’s him” Irene answer shortly. She still in shock state because she not expect Kang Suelgi is her new boss

“Daebak, he is very handsome and charismatic. I fall in love at first sight” said Wendy while Joy and Yeri eyes showing love

“Done dreaming. The event start” said Irene then the girls sit properly

Meanwhile at EXO members row, their eyes turn wide and freeze on their seat as everyone remember Seulgi as the boy that their leader almost punch few days ago. They worry if Seulgi take disciplinary action towards them for disrespecting superior. While other members are having cold sweat, Suho keep his arrogant look. He doesn’t care about what happen around him. He play with his phone instead, not bother to listen to speech.

Chairman Kang come forward after MC inviting him. He smile to his staffs before speaking. He always showing fatherly aura to everyone that make his employee comfortable around him

“Good morning everyone”

“Good morning sir”

“As you all informed, today we are welcoming our new CEO of SG Entertainment who will replace Mr. Kim, our previous CEO who resigned last month. Our new CEO is none other than my dearest son, Kang Seulgi” Mr. Kang said proudly while Seulgi stand up and bow to the crowd. Everyone give applause to him

Mr. Kang continue “Previously, he work as Executive Director of SG Global that based in New York which now lead by my niece, Jung Seohyun. From now on, Kang Seulgi also will take over my position as CEO of SG Group of Company. I believe that he will lead the path better than I did based on his experience in leading SG Global for over 6 years. Please give full cooperation to him. Maybe you guys still unused to his working style but you all will do eventually. Different people will have different style so please cope with every changes that you all going to face in future. That’s all for now, thank you”

Everyone give big round of applause to Mr. Kang. Then MC invite Seulgi to give his speech. He walk forward with big smile

“Good day everyone, I am Kang Seulgi son of Kang Taeyeon and Jessica Kang. Since now I am your new CEO, I look forward to work together with all of you. As our chairman said, our style is totally different from each other despite he is my father. On top of it, I’m different from previous CEO. One fine day you all will see the different between me and Mr. Kim. Slowly but surely” Seulgi smirk “Alright, even today is my first day I would like to have meeting with every department also with idol. First team that I want to meet is management team. This team is very important to me because they are the closest with idol and their daily life. Don’t worry, we will just talk casually. I’m not going to eat you guys” he joking that make everyone cackle. He can see management team are nervous because of his cold look

He continue again “After management, I also will call production team, directors then each group of idol also soloist. There’s a lot I want to talk with you guys. If anyone of you have something to say personally, you are welcome to see me anytime. Make appointment with my assistant, Ms. Jung. So management department, this afternoon 1:30 PM sharp at executive meeting room. That’s all from me, thank you”

Seulgi bow before back to his seat. MC announce that the event reach the end. Kang family leaving the hall before their staff. Mr. Kang and Mrs. Kang walk Seulgi to his office


“Son, welcome to SG Entertainment. This is your office. Is it match with your preference?” Mr. Kang put his arm on Seulgi shoulder

Seulgi look around while nodding his head “It is perfect. It match with my liking. Thank you mommy and daddy for renovating this office for me”

“Anything for our one and only Kang Seulgi”

“Mommy and your daddy is happy that finally you return here and work with us. It is our dream to work at the same building with you. This position will more challenging for you but mommy, daddy and Soojung always there to help you. If you want to know anything about company also idols, just tell mommy. Mommy will help you anytime”

“Thank mommy, I will definitely refer to you about idols especially”

“Okay baby”

“Mom, dad, can we held welcoming party this weekend. I want to invite our staff and idols”

Mrs. Kang nods in agreement “Sure, where do you want

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