Luckiest fans - Seulrene
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After the incident at the agency, Irene did not contact Seulgi. She is upset. Seulgi also not texting her after their text early that morning. She wonders what Seulgi does with that woman until he forgets her existence.

It has been 2 days since Seulgi disappeared. He is not calling or texting Irene. His last seen on Whatsapp was 2 days ago. He also is not coming to the company. Irene asked their manager if he saw Seulgi or Soojung but he said none of Kang's family was coming to the office. It makes Irene worry. She lowered her ego and tried to call Seulgi's phone but it turned off. Her text also don’t get any reply

‘Where are you?’ she mentally asked. Her mood is going down right now

“Unnie, are you okay?” Wendy softly asks Irene. The members noticing their leader is draining and they know it is because Seulgi disappearing

“I’m okay” Irene said dryly

“Do you contact Seulgi oppa already?” Joy asked

“No, he turn off his phone”

“Do you try to reach Soojung unnie?” asked the maknae

“I do but still the same. I don’t know why they disappear like dust” Irene huff

“Hmm, they are also not coming to the agency for 3 days now. He should at least tell you if he have something important to do” Wendy sigh heavily

“Maybe I’m not important to him so he did not inform me. Who am I, right?” Irene chuckle bitterly then leave to her room without waiting for her members respond

“Poor unnie” Yeri pouting sadly

“They dating about 3 months now but this is first time they have big issue” Joy remarks

“Hope Seulgi will return quickly. I can’t see unnie in her lowest state. She usually strong but now she obviously weak even she try to cover it from us” Wendy said

Irene comes from her room with a handbag and dresses well. The girls quickly ask her “Unnie where are you going?”

“I want to calm my mind”

“Do you stay over or come back later?”

“I don’t know. If I come back maybe late at night”

“Okay, take care unnie”



Soojung her phone and received a lot of messages. One of the senders is Irene. She quickly opened Irene texts. After that, she run to Seulgi

“Kangseul, do you check your phone already?”

“Not yet, why?”

“Yah, Irene unnie looking for you. She send me few texts”

Seulgi eyes turn large upon mention of Irene name “Omo” he quickly turn on his phone

“Yah, you don’t tell where we are going?”

“No, I’m not telling her”

“Aigooo Kang Seulgi, you supposed to tell her that you are away for few days”

“I think it’s not important for her to know”

Soojung groans in frustration “She is your girlfriend for god sake. Wherever you go, she must know. You make her worry Seulgi. Such a stupid bastard”

Seulgi sighs when he saw lot of text and missed calls from Irene “She spam my phone”

“Of course she will. You leave her without telling her anything. She feel like she is not important to you”

“It is not important for her to know. It has nothing to do with her though”

“At least let her know where you are” Soojung rolled her eyes annoyingly

“She was just too emotional. She should know that I have lot of things to do aside from stuck with her” Seulgi said nonchalantly

“I can’t believe you said such things. You will hurt her if you say that to her. If you date her just for fun then let her know before both of you go too far. Unnie don’t deserve that treatment” Soojung leave Seulgi alone after that


Seulgi goes to the Red Velvet dorm to meet Irene after he tries to call Irene over the phone but she turns it off. He greeted by straight face Wendy at the front door

“Where is Irene?”

“She is out” Wendy answered coldly

“Why did she turn off her phone?”

“I don’t know. She don’t tell us”

“Do you know where she is going?”


“Impossible that you don’t know where she is going. Usually she will tell all of you her whereabouts”

Wendy smirk “Now ask yourself why unnie suddenly behaves that way. You also don’t tell her where you are. She is like crazy worrying about you but none of you are reachable. Now go find her yourself because we don’t know where she is now”

“Wendy, I don’t…”

“Stop, I don’t want to hear any excuse. Whatever is it, you talk to unnie and she will decide either your excuse is acceptable or not. If she accepts it then we will do too. Whatever is her decision, we will support her. Go now” Wendy closed the door right away. To be honest, she was also upset seeing Seulgi treat Irene like that so she lost her mind not minding Seulgi is their boss. Whoever makes her members sad will not easily get forgiveness from her. She will protect them at any cost.

Before leaving the dorm, Seulgi checks his phone to track Irene's car GPS but Irene turns it off. In the end, he decides to drive around to look for Irene. He believe that she will not go far


Irene lazes on the couch at an apartment studio. She leaves their dorm because she wants to be alone. Now here she is, at apartment studio watching random TV show while her mind is out somewhere

She was startled because the sound of the door opened. She does not bother to check because she knows that it is Seulgi. No one else know that place except both of them

“So here you are, huh?” Seulgi said and sit on the couch

Irene not giving a response to Seulgi. She don’t like it when Seulgi greeted her that way after few days leaving without telling her

“Why do you turn off your phone? Do you know that I’m looking for you?” Seulgi asking coldly

“Then what about you leaving for a few days without telling me? You turn off your phone make me worry and waiting for you like crazy”

Seulgi huff “I’m away for some important work. You should understand that. I can’t stick with you 24/7. I have lot of works to do too”

Irene shut her eyes tightly after hearing Seulgi answer. She does not expect Seulgi will give her that kind of answer. He is so cold right now

“Fine” she sighs heavily “If concern about you is wrong then I’m sorry. I just worry when you are silent for days, unreachable and not come to office. I thought I am your girlfriend and that's what I should do but I’m wrong. I’m sorry for being possessive. I promise I will not do it again. You are free to do anything you want, go anywhere with anyone and don’t need to inform me. I understand my position. I shouldn’t tie you with me knowing that I'm just your girlfriend and an idol at your agency. I tend to forget myself. I will not do it again” she gets up and walks to the bed where she put her handbag. After grab her handbag, she walk to the door

Seulgi stand up when he saw Irene leaving “Rene, where are you going?” he panic

“I’m leaving”

“Please don’t go. I’m sorry, okay?” Seulgi speak softly

“Let me go” Irene yank Seulgi hand harshly “We’re too attached to each other since we started dating. Let's have time for ourselves first. We need to take a break. I think this is the best for us. When time is right, we will talk again about our relationship either we should continue or…break up”

“Baby, I don’t want to break up” Seulgi tightly his hold on Irene hand

“No, we’re not breaking up yet. We just separated for a while. During this period, do whatever you want. You are free from me. I’m not disturbing you. I will do the same too” Irene stated “Let go of my hand”

Irene pulls her hand away from Seulgi and leaves him alone. Seulgi falls on the couch, mentally slapping himself for treating Irene badly. She is just concerned about him but he suddenly feels like Irene involves too much in his life. Now he realizes his mistake and he regrets it but he is too late. Irene walks away without turning back to him. He feel like most stupid person for hurting Irene. If his parents know about this, they will surely be upset at him. He knows how much his mom and dad love Irene.


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