Luckiest fans - Seulrene
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[Seulgi & Irene phone call]

Seulgi: Honey! *excited*

Irene: Yes my baby boy~

Seulgi: Can you come here tomorrow?

Irene: Where?

Seulgi: My house of course. Where else?

Irene: Oh, I thought you wanted me to go to the apartment. Any special occasion?

Seulgi: Not really. At night we hangout with the boys then next day we visit mommy and daddy. Noona want to get to know you

Irene: That’s mean I will spend few days at your house

Seulgi: Yes darling. You can stay here permanently if you wanted

Irene: You wish big bear. Why not pick me up?

Seulgi: I have work in another district tomorrow until late afternoon so I can’t come to your place. Besides, we can’t go together to an agency. You have to drive yourself to work so to make it easy, you drive here

Irene: Okay boss. Do you shop for groceries already?

Seulgi: Not yet, I’m busy this few days

Irene: I will shop for groceries on my way to your place. Do you need anything?

Seulgi: Restock my Pringles

Irene: Okay, that’s all?

Seulgi: Yes honey

Irene: Alright, I will see you at home tomorrow

Seulgi: Okay, go to sleep now honey. I have to go out early tomorrow

Irene: Goodnight, bye love

Seulgi: Bye~


“Aigoo yaaa” Irene jump down from 4x4 truck as both of them arrived at Ocean View Marina café

“Hey, here!” someone whistled from one of the tables gain their attention

“Oh, there they are” Seulgi waving his hand greeting his friends

They choose an outdoor seat to get fresh at while enjoying the beautiful view of the marina at night. They are at the right side of the café to avoid attention from the public. Solar reserved the west wing for her cousins and his friends to hangouts so no other customers came to that space. The side that they occupied now are totally hidden from other side

“Chanel couple” Eric remarks when the couple arrive at their table. Irene and Seulgi wearing matching T-shirt

“This is a gift from Jennie,” said Irene. She sit on empty chair between Seulgi and Wendy

Members of Red Velvet join them for hangouts since they don’t have any activities. They come separately with the boys not knowing they will go to the same place. They only discovered they have dinner together when they arrived at the café and of course childish fight happen

“Yah, what are you all doing here?” asked the leader

“Hangouts” Yeri shrugs her shoulder

“I know but why no one tell me that we will meet tonight”

“Long story short unnie, we also don’t know that we will meet. These idiots don’t tell us anything. We come separately. We only discover that we come to same place when we arrived” Wendy explained while glaring at Eunji who pretend that he’s busy with menu book since the waiter come on time

“These idiots pull prank on us” Joy pulling Hayoung sideburn making the tallest boy yelp

“Ouch! Sooyoung-ah! Eiii” Hayoung slap Joy hand

“That’s mean you are all going out with each other?” Irene giving the kids sharp look

“Yes” said Eunji “I go out with Wendy”

“Me with Yeri” Eric grin innocently

“And me with Joy” Hayoung wiggle his eyebrows


“You need one more member for me” said Moonbyul making everyone laughing

“Hey, are you all not dating yet?” Seulgi asking for first time after giving Irene chance to interrogate the couples

The boys shake their heads “Not yet”


Irene turns to Seulgi “You know they are seeing each other?”

“Yes, they told me” Seulgi nods his head vigorously

“Why not tell me?”

“The boys want to keep it secret. Your members also don’t know about other couples. They just find out tonight”

“You all really” Irene shakes her head

“Unnie, you’re not angry, right?” Wendy asked hesitantly

“Of course not. I don’t mind if you all go out but make sure don’t get caught by camera”

“Okay unnie” the girls answer together

Seulgi and s give thumbs up to each other. Everyone is still getting to know each other. Waiters come to their table with their foods that they ordered. The girls cook stew and grill the meats and seafood while the boys chit-chatting

“Seul, is that your new member?” Moonbyul pointed at unfamiliar Ford Raptor at parking lot

The CEO chuckle “Yep”

“Just arrived recently? We never see it around”

“Nope, it is from daddy. He bought new one that released recently”

“He bought a Limited edition Black Bison, right? I saw him yesterday at the mall with your mom” said Eric

“Yes, it arrived last week. He asked me if I could lend one of my cars for Sunmi noona so as an exchange, I got this handsome boy. Noona take my Maserati”

“I know this is from someone else because you will never purchase other colors except black and silver” Hayoung said

“The Ford Raptor is very amazing. It is one of my favorites. If I haven’t buy my current truck, I will purchase this model” said Eunji

Irene rolled her eyes hearing the boys praising the truck “I don’t see anything special with that truck. It is too high and tiring me”

“You just short not that truck too high” Joy said innocently

“Pffttttt” everyone hold their laugh when Irene shoot glare to them

“Guys, let’s go off-road sometimes. Since Seulgi have truck now, we can go together” Moonbyul excitedly looking at his friends

“I second that!” Eric chirped “It has been a while since my big boy Chevy do adventurous activity”

“Me too. I modified my Triton to prepare it for next off road adventure” said Hayoung

“What about both of you?” Moonbyul looking at Seulgi and Eunji

“I always on for adventures” Eunji said casually

“You Seul? You’re not going to try your Ford Raptor off road? That model is one of the best off road 4x4s. My thunder passes all terrain without problem so I bet yours also will make it. Our truck are from same family”

Seulgi tapping her fingers on the table “What if I’m not good at that kind of terrain? I only go twice”

“Ayy don’t worry, the place where we often go is less challenging. We used to drive on the hardest terrain last year and we will not go again to that place. It is very scary. Our regular terrain is safe” Eric explain “You on for that?”

“Okay, I will try but remember don’t leave me behind”

“Of course not, you will be in between us”

“Okay, I’m in” Seulgi said confidently

“That’s our brotherhood” they bump fist

Meanwhile, the girls getting bored listening to boys conversation that they don’t have idea what is it about

“You all have fun talking about boy stuff, huh?” Wendy said

“We just caught up on some activities that we used to do together. Seulgi also haven’t doing extreme activity with us for a while now so we plan to do it when we’re free” said Eunji

“What is best off road? I heard it dangerous and terrifying” Irene looking at the guys

“It is terrifying but fun. Men love that activity but not sure with women” said Moonbyul

“Only the bravest women want to join off road” Seulgi added

The girls nod their head “What are your memorable moments off road?” Yeri asking

“I bet we will choose most dangerous terrain where we go last year” Hayoung looking at s and they agree with him

“5 of you?”

“I’m not going with them” Seulgi deny since he still at America that time

“We are around 15 people with 11 trucks. I ride with Eric because my old truck broken” said Eunji

They cackle as they remember the terrifying moment during off road “2 members almost can’t make it and thankfully with everyone help, they succeed pass the hardest route” said Eric

Yeri got an idea then she looked at her members “Unnie, shall we join them off road?” she sound really excited

The boys were shocked and waiting for the other girl's reaction “Agree!” they answer together

Eunji and Moonbyul choke their drink while Seulgi, Hayoung and Eric looking at the girls with disbelieve

“What wi

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