Luckiest fans - Seulrene
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Managers, soloist and group leader are gathering at executive meeting room to have meeting with Seulgi. That’s mean Suho also included. Seulgi face look cheerful this morning so his staff don’t feel tension or worry if he will scold them

“Everyone…I call for meeting today because I have urgent announcement to make. Lately I’m working on certain case that involving our idol safety. To be exact our female idol. I made investigation and find out the culprit is among us in this building”

Seulgi grab the envelope from the table “Here is the result of investigation. I’m shock when I find out the person behind the damage and big scandal in our agency throughout these years. This envelope contain all his crime and with this I can easily put him behind the bar. None of you expect this person will commit crime. However, behind his angelic façade he is a devil”

He stop for a while and looking at the people in front of him. He just giving them smile before speak again

“From now on, please be extra careful. Make sure your members not going out without telling you. Don’t do something that can ruin your carrier or others carrier. Don’t let jealousy takeover yourself, understand leaders?”

“Yes sir”

“As for managers, make sure you keep your eyes on your idol. Their safety is in your hands. Be extra careful especially when you’re in public place. Don’t let manager Park incident happen again. He is not clumsy. He is not at fault but the enemy is cunning because they are desperate”

“Sir, is the person that hitting manager Park arrested already?”

“Not yet but soon”

“Is he the same person that persecute our idols?”

“Yes, he is same person. He might think that he is safe this time but he is stupid. He leave crucial evidence at the location” Seulgi smirk while looking at Suho with his peripheral vision. Suho face is darkened and he is emitting dark aura around him “Once again I hope everyone be extra careful because we don’t know the danger that could happen. Prevent is better than cure. That’s all for today. Meeting dismiss”

After bow to their CEO, the staff leaving the meeting room. Seulgi still there with Soojung

“Do you see his expression earlier?”

“Yes, he shooting dagger with his eyes to you” Soojung snort

“I can feel it too”

“Are you sure you can lure him?”

“Judging from his body language, he looked desperate and nervous. Hope that we can trap him today”


“Let’s get ready for next step”


[Breaking news: NEXT-IN stock dropping drastically since 4 hours ago]

[Highlight: Popular software’s company losing stock in blink of eyes]

[Today News: NEXT-In could become a history if their stocks continuously going down!]

[Business: Investors start leaving NEXT-IN]

[Seoul Today: Shareholders of NEXT-IN currently shaking because of sudden stocks crash]

“CEO of NEXT-IN, Kim Junjin rushed to hospital due to heart attack after find out they are facing bankruptcy”

Seulgi laughing evilly after reading the article from news portal. He is very satisfied that the company that was built from his money are dropping drastically. He promise that whoever play dirty to him will never live happily. No one can enjoying their life with his property without his consent

Currently both of them are somewhere in SG building. They are not in his office for some reason. Soojung sitting in front of computer to monitor stocks market. Now NEXT-IN stock are in their lowest.

“I bet before sunset NEXT-IN will not disappear like a dust” Soojung speak while her eyes still focus on the monitor

“The faster the better. I can’t wait to hear good news tonight. Now his father is at hospital. There are nothing I could ask for”

“Do you think he know that we are behind this?”

“I don’t care if he know. There’s nothing he could do. He doesn’t have evidence to prove that we destroying them. He is in his lowest now like his company” Seulgi cackle “Do you spot anything at CCTV footage?”

“So far not yet. He still in practice room” Soojung checking 3 CCTV footage on her ipad. One is in front of EXO practice room, one is in front of Seulgi office and one more is in his office



Suho sneak into CEO office successfully since Secretary Song is out for meeting. No one seeing him enter. After closing the door, he quickly go to Seulgi desk to search for envelope that Seulgi bring during their meeting earlier.

Little did her know, a camera at the corner of the room recording him and connected to Seulgi ipad

“, where is that ing envelope?” he curse then continue finding the envelope on the table

At the other side of the building, 2 pairs of eyes are watching with evil smirk. They are none other than Seulgi and Soojung

“He ate our bait” Seulgi laughing “Lock the door then connect the camera to all monitor in this building”

“Okay boss” Soojung doing her task quickly. She locking the automatic look of Seulgi door then connect the camera roll to monitor at every department

“Let’s go and catch the criminal”

Both of them leaving the room and run to CEO office. Now everyone can see the event that happen at the office. All staffs and idols work halted as they distracted by something that appear on the screen at their department and practice room

“Unnie that is Suho oppa in CEO office!” Joy exclaimed gaining attention from her members, managers and dance crew

“Omo, what is he doing there? He looked like looking for something” one of them said

“I think it has something to do with the meeting this morning. Our CEO and his PA looked like planning something big” said Wendy

They focus on the screen and waiting for whatever happen in the office. The most nervous is Irene. She worry if Seulgi hurting himself because she know Suho is psychopath and unpredictable


Sound of door unlocked echoed in the big office. Suho turn around and shock seeing Seulgi and Soojung stand behind him with smirk

“Suho-ssi, looking for this?” Seulgi showing the black envelope in his hand

“Are you trapping me?”

“No, I’m not trapping you. You’re the one who come to this trap. You know yourself guilty that’s why you come to destroy the evidence, no?” Seulgi cackle. He shove his hands in his pocket and slowly approaching Suho “Suho-ah, now is time for you to go to the place where you belong to. You should be in prison long time ago but you’re cunning. You make everyone blind by your kindness and angelic face. However, behind them you are the cruelest human being”

Suho move backward as Seulgi cornering him. He fall back onto the chair “What-what do you said?” he stutter

The CEO scoff “Don’t act innocent. Whole building is watching you now. Your members, managers, seniors, junior and your superiors even the security guard. I want them to know that Kim Junmyeon that everyone worship is born to be an evil!” Seulgi snapping at Suho

“To all staff and idols of SG, I want all of you to know that this is the devil that trying to take over this company and ruining your carrier. He is the mastermind of every scandals involving our artist. He hired someone to persecute his own group member. He pay someone to start stupid rumor about Irene. He stop ex-CEO to back up our artist that involve in baseless scandal. He want to shine on his own” Seulgi speak while looking at Suho. His eyes filled with anger and hatred towards the idol

“Not only that my dear staff, he threatened ex-CEO Kim Jinseok to steal the money from annual provision for his own sake. He asked him to fake the account report so my family are clueless. He indirectly shaming us in front of our own staff! He make himself a director so he know every project that we work for. It help him to get the profit. This man is greedy and selfish. He don’t want to work hard to earn money. He want to own SG Group using his puppet. He deserves to be called an undignified human being. He want to against Kang family but he don’t know what we capable at. He underestimate us”

Seulgi reach for Suho neck and strangle him. His face and eyes turn red “He not only trying to steal SG Group but he is a murderer. All this time we thought late CEO Hwang Minyoung died in car crash but we don’t know the fact that his car sabotaged. The killer is none other than this man. He dare to kill Hwang Minyoung just because the late CEO want him to be a better person. It is something negative to this stupid guy. You owe me a life, Kim Junmyeon! You are lucky that I’m not a killer like you. If luck is not by your side, you will die witnessed by people around you. You make me lost half of my life. You make me lost my strength. Last week you almost kidnapping Irene. You thought you are clever but actually you the most stupid people. Thanks to baseball bat that you leave at the location have your name printed on it so we know the kidnapper is this psychopath!”

Suho already choke his breath because of Seulgi strangle. He try to release himself but Seulgi is so strong. He completely powerless under Seulgi grip

“Seulgi!” Mrs. Kang voice filled the room. She quickly come to Seulgi office right after she received call from Soojung “Seulgi, let him go”

“Mom, he killed Minyoung hyung. He killed him!” Seulgi crying hateful tears while holding Suho on his neck

“Seulgi baby, please let him go. Don’t be a killer. Listen to mommy, okay. He will rot in prison after this” Mrs. Kang pulling Seulgi from Suho then hugging him tightly. Soojung who watching them also shed tears

Mr. Kang arrived at Seulgi office seeing his wife and son hugging each other. He jog to them after talking to Soojung


Seulgi pull back from his mother embrace “Dad, he killed Minyoung hyung. He hired someone to sabotage hyung car to make him accident”

Mr. Kang eyes produce invisible fire. He walk to lifeless Suho and slap both of his cheeks “You bastard!”

“Kang Taeyeon!” Mrs. Kang grabbing her husband suit to pull him “Are you two want to go to prison with him?”


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