Luckiest fans - Seulrene
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Irene and Seulgi sit at the terrace at night. It has been 20 minutes since they sit but no one talking. Seulgi feel something strange at his girlfriend. Usually she is talkative but now her face looked sour and frowning.

“Honey, what’s wrong with you?” Seulgi trying to ask

The idol slowly turn to him. Her face looked scary and cold giving Seulgi goose bump “Who is Amanda?” her voice also sound scary



“Which Amanda? Where do you hear that name?” Seulgi puzzled

“You and Soojung talked about Amanda earlier then you looked cheerful talking to her” Irene scowl

Now Seulgi understand why Irene looked grumpy. She is jealous! “Honey, are you jealous?”

“Of course I’m jealous when my boyfriend talked to other girl saying I love you and stuff!” the idol retort

Seulgi giggle make Irene getting upset “Let me show you my photo with Amanda” he scroll his phone gallery to search for the photo “Here is it!” he squeal

“No, I don’t want to see it” Irene turn her face away

“Please…just once. If you still angry, I will not show you again” Seulgi poking Irene shoulder


“Baby please~” Seulgi scoot closer to his girlfriend then hug her from behind. He show his phone screen to Irene which showing the photo of him and cat “This is Amanda”

[A/N Let’s ignore the fact that Seulgi is girl in this picture, haha!]

“Is she cute?” he peck Irene shoulder

Irene close her eyes and growling. She elbow Seulgi tummy “If you talking to cat, why must saying sweet things? It’s not my fault if I’m jealous”

“Sorry baby but I usually talked like that to Amanda”

“Where is that cat now?”

“Amanda at New York with Seohyun noona”

“That’s good then”

“Are you jealous at cat? Seriously honey?”

“Whoever taking your attention from me will be my rival. I don’t care human or animal” Irene stated firmly

“Wow, possessive much” Seulgi chuckle

“Just protecting my property”

“Hey, I have one more cat but at grandpa house. His name is Kang Lulu” Seulgi happily showing off his cat to Irene

Irene let out small giggle as she saw Lulu picture “Lulu antic is same as you”

“Well…lulu is my little brother. Sadly grandpa love him so much and he not allow me to bring lulu here” Seulgi pouting

“He better stay with your grandpa because you will scare me”

“Hmm, you just same as mommy” Seulgi rolled his eyes

“That’s why you choose me to be your girlfriend, right? Because I have some of Mrs. Kang character” Irene lean comfortably on Seulgi chest

Seulgi sighs heavily “You’re right. You almost same as mommy. Scary, nagger, possessive, ice human, can’t eat foods that everyone love, same preference in underwear pattern, shopping freak, good at baking and cooking, protective, caring and hardworking. Practically, you and mommy are similar to each other. That make me fall in love deeper. I want to have a wonderful wife like daddy”

Irene can’t help but smile happily “Cheesy” she peck Seulgi chin. She playing with Seulgi finger that rested on her stomach

“Next time when we’re free we will meet my family. I want to introduce you to them properly” Seulgi said while kissing Irene on her neck

“Aren’t your parents know me already?”

“But not as my girlfriend”

“I suddenly nervous”

“Don’t nervous. There only mommy, daddy and grandpa. No one else except them. Other Kang will meet you next time. Everyone are scatter around the world now”

Irene nods slowly “Why you never talk about your grandma? You don’t have grandma anymore?”

“Yes, grandma passed away long time ago because of cancer. I am 8 years old when she died. In Kang family, I only have grandpa but Grandma Jung still alive and healthy”

“Ohh, is he stay with your parent?”

“Nope, he stay at his house with Aunty Hyoyeon. Since she is the youngest, she will take care of grandpa. Whenever she travelling, mom and dad will visit grandpa often to accompany him. Sometimes aunty and uncle also sleepover at his place”

“Oh I see, what about grandparent on your mom side? Are they here too?”

“No, they are at LA. Mommy is half Korean-American”

“I got it”

“What about yourself?”

Irene shifted to sit comfortably “Appa is from Daegu while mommy is from California. I still have grandparents from appa side but I’m not sure about my mom”


“Mommy never tell a lot about her family. I never meet my cousins or my mom siblings. Appa said they are at California but not sure if they still stay there now. Appa also never meet mommy’s family”


“Yes, they get married

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