Luckiest fans - Seulrene
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Seulgi lazily walk inside the airport, dragged by his cousin slash her personal assistant. She sleep late last night because of game streaming with his friends. This morning his PA nagging because have to attend Seulgi from head to toe. They leaving his house 30 minutes late than schedule, luckily they still have more time before fly back to Korea

He bump into his cousin back when the girl suddenly stop working. Seulgi rubbing his nose and complaining

“Yah Jung Soojung, why do you stop walking?” he hissed

“The entrance is crowded. Is celebrity come around this area?” Soojung tip-toe to look to her front

“Aigooo, let grab coffee first. I’m hungry. Hope they are dismiss when we come back” said Seulgi

“Okay, let’s go” both of them walk to cafeteria

After buying coffee and bread, they return to the hall. As Seulgi predicted, crowd dismissed already and they can walk with ease to departure hall.


Seulgi and Soojung walk down the aisle to find their seat. He checking his ticket then smile

“There~” he walk quickly leaving Soojung behind “My seat~” he said to his cousin “I’m lucky that I not seat beside you”

“I pick different seat because I don’t want to sit with you too. You’re tiring bear” Soojung rolled her eyes

“Meannie!” Seulgi knock Soojung head “Go find your sit”

“No need, I just right in front of you” Soojung walk to her seat

No interested to argue more, Seulgi slump his body to his seat. There are not many passenger boarding at same flight with them. He know he have seatmate but he don’t want to bother that person. He just minds his own business. All he want now is drink his coffee then rest

Take a sip of his coffee, Seulgi turn to his left and choke his drink as he saw who sit beside him. He spit the coffee but lucky that he not drink big quantity. His seatmate quickly lend a help

“Sir, are you okay?” she give tissue to Seulgi and pats his back

“Y-yes, I’m okay” clumsy Seulgi wiping his jacket and lips with the tissue

“Here, use my handkerchief”

“Thank you” Seulgi blushing as their hands brushed with each other “I don’t spit my drink on you, right?”

“Just a little bit but I’m fine”

“Sorry, my bad” Seulgi apologize “By the way, I am Kang Seulgi” he hold out his hand

“I am Bae Joohyun or Irene”

“I know, I am fan of yours” Seulgi grin

“Is that why you shocked when you saw me just now?”

“Yes, I not expect I will sit beside a goddess”

Irene blushing because of Seulgi remark “No such things”

“I bet you heard it a lot, don’t shy”

“Yahh, don’t tease me” Irene whine

“Alright” Seulgi giggle “Where are other members?”

“Scatter around this plane” Irene pointed at her members who sit at different places. Wendy, Yeri and Joy busy with their own activities.

“Ohh” Seulgi looking at the girls with smile since he is their biggest fans but Irene is his ultimate bias

Flight attendant announce that their flight will depart and asking them to follow safety precaution. Same as other passengers, Irene and Seulgi also following the advice. They wear seatbelt and put their phone on flight mode. Seulgi turn his head to his side and notice that Irene look anxious

“Irene-ssi, are you okay?”

“I-I’m okay” Irene stutter

“Do you perhaps fear of height?” Seulgi guessing

“Y-yes” Irene nods her head

“If you don’t mind, you can hold on me”

“Thank you” Irene hesitantly circle her arms on Seulgi’s and hug him tight. Seulgi boldly reach for Irene head and caressed it softly to sooth her. He hope that Irene don’t noticed his heart beating so fast that it almost explode in his chest. Irene hand is soft and small but it fit well in his hand

After the plane fly stable, Irene become calmer than earlier. Her hold on Seulgi arm loosened

“Feel better now?” Seulgi looking at Irene softly

“Yes, thank you again” Irene let go of Seulgi hand and he feel empty suddenly. He don’t mind if Irene cling on him for the whole ride

“No problem, anything for you” said Seulgi. He decide to talk more with a girl beside her to kill awkwardness between them “Irene-ssi”

“Just call me Irene” Seulgi nods his head “So, question?”

“Can we…meet again next time?”

“Sure, I would like too”

Seulgi giggle happily. He give his phone to Irene “Give me your number”<

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