Luckiest fans - Seulrene
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The couple watching TV in Seulgi room. Irene wearing sleeping gown while Seulgi shirtless. He only wearing short pant. He tapping Irene arm to get her attention


“I’m hungry” Seulgi showing puppy eyes

“Aren’t we have dinner like 3 hours ago? Now is too late to eat”

“Rene, I’m hungry. You don’t hear my stomach growling?” Seulgi whining like a kid

Irene give in “What do you want to eat?”

“Ramyeon. Cook for me please”

“Okay, let’s go” Irene hop down from the bed. Seulgi excitedly following her but she stop and turn around “Put on your shirt”


“No but Mr. Kang. Go get your shirt now or we sleep” Irene widened her eyes to scare Seulgi

“Okay” the bear walk lazily to the bed and wear his shirt

Irene cooking ramyeon for Seulgi while the hungry guy playing game in his phone. He is in his own world too immerse with his mobile game. He is so noisy that make Irene turn around glaring at him

“Seulgi, stop making noise like a kid. Don’t disturb others resting in their room”

Seulgi snort “Sorry Rene, I forgot that I have housemate”

“Play silently before I take your phone”

“Okay boss” Seulgi continue playing silently

Ramyeon cooked perfectly and Irene serve it on the table. Seulgi also get ready to eat but he want to get spoiled by Irene. He looking at her with dorky smile

“What? Why don’t start eating yet? Aren’t you hungry?”

“Feed me”

“Kang Seulgi such a kid huh?”

“Please” Seulgi blinking his eyes

“Alright, alright” Irene grab the chopstick from Seulgi and start feeding him

“Rene, this ramyeon suddenly taste good than usual” Seulgi commented after swallow his food

“Aren’t ramyeon flavor are same? No more no less”

“It taste different because you cook it” Seulgi flashing flirty smile

“Flirt” Irene cackle

“Do you cook it with love?”

“I cooked it with love and affection. You will not find same taste anywhere. This is special flavor and very limited. Only certain people have chance to taste it”

“Don’t cook for anyone. I don’t want to share”

“I cooked for the girls too”

“Use different flavor for them”

“Okay boss, okay. Now finish this ramyeon” Irene scoop the last portion and feed Seulgi. He also drink ramyeon soup until nothing left in the pot

“Let me wash it” Seulgi offer

“No, I will”

“You cook for me and feed me so now I will wash. You sit here. I will take over the kitchen” Seulgi chirp

Irene smiling seeing Seulgi antic “Mr. Kitchen manager, can you make hot chocolate for me after you done washing?”

“Sure, I will make special hot chocolate for you ma’am” Seulgi play along then them laughing

Seulgi make 2 mugs of hot chocolate for both of them. He sit on the stool beside Irene

“I thought you not going to make drink for yourself”

“I want to drink too”

“You’re a big eater”

“My appetite is big when I have someone accompany me eating”

“I bet this abs will disappear after you married. It will be 1 pack instead of six pack” Irene punch Seulgi tummy lightly

Seulgi catch Irene hand that punching his tummy and hold it on his laps “I don’t mind losing six pack for my wife. No way will I waste the foods that she cooked for me. I will come home early to have dinner with my wife and if possible have lunch together”

“Who will be that lucky woman?”

The bear beaming sweetly “The best woman of this generation, Bae Irene”

“Are you sure?”

Seulgi bring Irene hand to his chest “There is no one else here except you”

“It’s my honor” Irene turn shy because of Seulgi being cheesy “You promise to eat any foods that I make?”

“Yes, I promise. You can mark my words”

“Okay” Irene kiss Seulgi lips lovingly

“Watch movie, shall we?”

“Sure. Avenger please. I want to see Captain America”

Seulgi head slowly turn to Irene and his face annoyed “Don’t tell me you fans on him because of his body”

Irene immediately know that Seulgi is jealous and decide to more “He is hot and handsome”

“Yuck…I’m still handsome than him”

“Who said?”

“Me. I also have muscular body”

“Jealous?” Irene poking Seulgi cheek. He just glare at her “You’re cute when jealous”

“No more watching Avenger after this. Don’t worship others body”

“Seulgi~” Irene shaking the bear arms but he just ignore her

Seulgi search for movie in his phone then play it. He wrapped his arm around Irene shoulder while the idol nuzzle to Seulgi neck crook resting her head comfortably on his broad chest


Everyone lounge at living room. Wendy and Seulgi play chess on coffee table. Irene reading magazine. Meanwhile Yeri, Joy and Soojung are watching drama while eating snack. Their activities halted when visitors coming. They are none other than Moonbyul, Eunji, Eric and Hayoung

“Dude!” Seulgi bump fist with his friends. Soojung also follow suit

“Long time no see” Eric chirped

“I just met you all last week”

“Mood breaker” Eric rolled his eyes

Seulgi snort “Girls introduce, they are my friends Eric, Jung Eunji, Moon Byulyi and Oh Hayoung”

“Nice to meet you all” Red Velvet members said happily

“Nice to meet you all too. We are your fans”

Eric led the others to shake hands with the girls “Ericson Daniel from United Kingdom. The most handsome and charming foreigner in town” he introduce himself shamelessly. His friends staring at him lazily

“Air-headed” Soojung remark

“I just stating the fact” Eric playfully nudging Soojung

Eunji push Eric to his side “I am Jung Eunji. The Prince of Busan. I am fans of Wendy” he give flower to Wendy. Everyone wondering where he got that flower because they never stop at florist when they come to Seulgi house

“Thank you very much” Wendy happily accepting the flower

“Wendy unnie is lonely these days” Yeri stated innocently

“Stupid Kim Yerim. Don’t say such things” Wendy face turn red

“I’m willing to fill that loneliness” big smile painted on Eunji face

Seulgi tapping Eunji shoulder “Hyung, before you flirt with Wendy, where did you get that flower? It look familiar to me”

Eunji give innocent smile “From that vase” he pointed at the vase on the table beside the couch

“Hyung really” Seulgi just receive innocent grin from Eunji. The others also laughing at Eunji silliness

Then Hayoung proceed to introduce himself “Hi, I am Oh Hayoung. The tallest and the youngest among us”

“And the impostor too” said Soojung along with devilish smile

“Yah, it’s you who are impostor last night” Hayoung retort

“None of you can catch me” Soojung stuck her tongue out mocking the boys

Joy eyebrows creased while looking at Hayoung “Wait Hayoung-ssi, are you an ex-student of Incheon High school?”

“Yes I am” Hayoung wiggle his eyebrows

“Yah, remember me?” Joy pointed at herself

“Of course, you are Park Sooyoung my eternal classmate”

“Aigoooo, why you don’t tell me early? I hardly recognize you” Joy and Hayoung hugging each other

The others just watching their reunion until someone clearing throat “Sooyoung, aren’t you student of SOPA?” Irene confused

“Unnie, I transferred from Incheon High School to pursue my study on SOPA. Hayoung is my classmate since we start study at elementary school. We are classmate until high school. We haven’t meet each other since then so I can’t recognize him well because he change a lot”


Hayoung beaming proudly “I’m getting handsome” his friends giving him dirty look

“Joy-ssi, how is Hayoung at school? Is he naughty?” Eric asking

“He is a famous football player at our school. Hey, are you still playing?”

“He still a player nowadays” said Eunji

“He is the biggest player in town” Moonbyul added

Seulgi added “True, just mention Oh Hayoung every women know him”

Hayoung rolled his eyes “I’m not a player, hyung” he nudging Eunji side then turn to Joy “I play basketball and football when I transfer to Seoul High School. Nowadays I just play to fill my free time”

“You’re leaving our school too?”

“Yes, a year after you transfer. That is where I meet these annoying people. Except Seulgi hyung, we are working at same field and run our own business”

Joy nods her head “Glad to hear that”

“Get off my way!” Moonbyul hitting Hayoung shoulder then the maknae pinch his waist make him wince in pain


“Hello girls, I am Moon Byulyi. Just call me Moonbyul or Byul oppa. You can call me yours too” Moonbyul smile cheekily

“Flirt” his friends said quietly

All of them gather at living room. The girls sit on the couch. Seulgi and Eunji sit on the chair. Moonbyul on beanbag while Eric and Hayoung on the floor

“What bring you all here?” Seulgi initiate their talk


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