Luckiest fans - Seulrene
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Seulgi has been nervous since morning. Today he and Irene will go to Daegu to visit Irene’s parents. Irene smiles brightly since they depart from her dorm because she is excited to meet her parents and introduce Seulgi to them. However, she don’t know that her boyfriend is nervous to death

“Baby, are you really staying until next Tuesday?” Seulgi take a glance at Irene

“Yes, I took few days leave because I want to spend time with appa and mommy”

“Sorry because I have to go back on Friday morning. That event is important and daddy also has other schedule so he can’t replace me”

“It’s okay honey. You spend 2 days is good enough. Next time when you’re free, you can stay longer. Appa very excited to spend time with you” Irene pinch Seulgi cheek playfully

“Okay baby”

They safely arrived at Bae house. That house is not as big as Seulgi or his parent’s house but it is beautiful and comfortable. According to Irene, her father is a police officer at Daegu while her mother is a housewife.

“Aigoo, it has been a while” Irene stretching her body after she get out of the car

Seulgi walks to Irene's side and still nervous “Honey, are your parent’s at home? Your house looked empty”

Irene cackled “Your house also looked empty even when you’re at home” she patted Seulgi shoulder “They are inside. Mom said both of them at home. Appa takes one week leave after he knows that I will come here. Both of them are waiting for us. Let’s go” she linked her arm with Seulgi’s


“I’m nervous” Seulgi said quietly

“No worry, my parents never eat humans. Come on boy!”

Seulgi and Irene are waiting for someone to open the door. Irene has a key but she is too lazy to unlock the door. Her smile cracked when she saw her father appear at the door with silly smile

“Aigoo my baby Baechu” Mr. Bae hugging his daughter and spin around. Both of them laughing happily. From their interaction, Seulgi acknowledge that Irene is very close to her father. That scene reminds him of his daddy who always pampering him even he is too old for that stuff.

His thought distracted by Mr. Bae's voice “Baechu, when will you introduce this handsome man to appa?”

“Omo!” Irene knocked her own head “Appa, this is Seulgi”

Seulgi bow his head then offer a handshake to Irene’s father “Nice to meet you Mr. Bae. I am Kang Seulgi”

“Nice to meet you too young man” Mr. Bae shake hand with Seulgi and flashing toothy smile

“Let’s go inside. Your mom is waiting for you” said Mr. Bae to his daughter “Come in Seulgi”

Irene and Seulgi walk side by side following Mr. Bae to the living room. Pink color dominating the house interior. Irene used to tell Seulgi that her mother loved pink. She insists on color their house pink and her appa can’t argue with that. Seulgi mentally laughs when he imagines that officer Bae brings a pink lunch box and water bottle to the office. At first, Irene's father complained but he gets used to it now. Mrs. Bae also influenced her daughter with pink but thankfully Irene's obsession is not as bad as her mother’s. She only bought items that looked cute in pink. She also is not forcing Seulgi to use or wear pink stuff because she knows Seulgi doesn't like that color.

“Have a sit kids” said Mr. Bae

Mrs. Bae comes with drinks for them then she hugs and kisses her daughter. Now Seulgi sees her in person, Irene and her mother resemble each other. Only their eyes are different because Irene take after her father’s

Seulgi shake hand with Mrs. Bae “Nice to meet you Mrs. Bae”

“Nice to meet you too” Mrs. Bae said calmly

Somehow, her reaction is different from her husband when meeting Seulgi. She looked cold and that aura is very strong. Seulgi does not expect anything because Irene already informs him beforehand that her mother has a cold aura. He also used to see someone with a cold aura because his mother is one of them and the same with Soojung. To be exact, ladies from his mom side looked cold and scary compared to his dad side. Kang families are cool and friendly. He inherit his mom and dad equally

“Seulgi, how old are you?” Mr. Bae initiates their conversation

“I am 27 years old”

“Oh, you’re younger than Baechu”

“Appa, are you trying to say that I am too old?” Irene very sensitive when it come to age topic

“Aren’t you really older than him? You’re 30 years old this year” Mr. Bae answer without guilty

“We just different by 3 years” Irene rolled her eyes

“Still, you’re older than him” Mr. Bae and Seulgi giggle seeing Irene face contorted

Mrs. Bae questioning Seulgi “How long since you two are dating?”

The couple looking at each other “About 4 months”

“Aigoo Bae Joohyun, you’re not telling us that you two are dating that long. We thought you just date around 1 or 2 months” Mr. Bae complain

“Sorry appa” Irene grin innocently

“Seulgi, tell us about yourself. I mean your background” Mr. Bae continues his interrogation

Irene sighs “Appa, you sound like interviewer”

“Appa must know everything about your boyfriend. You don’t mind that, right Seulgi?”

Seulgi nods his head “Yes Mr. Bae, I don’t mind”

“See” Mr. Bae poking Irene shoulder “Continue it son”

“I am originally from Seoul and just returned from America a few months ago. Now I’m working at my family company as CEO. I am the only son in my family. My parents also currently at Seoul, working”

“Which company is yours?” asked Mrs. Bae

“SG Group”

The elder looked at each other “So you’re her boss?” Mr. Bae looking at Seulgi then to his daughter

“Yes sir, I am CEO of SG Entertainment also SG Group”

“Wow, daebak! Beech's boyfriend is young CEO” Mr. Bae said in amazement while Irene smiled proudly. Mr. Bae got enthusiastic with his talk with Seulgi “Son, I heard the owner of SG Group has 3 children so which one is your parent?”

“I am son of Kang Taeyeon and Jessica Jung”

“Oh, I got it. No wonder you looked familiar. You looked like Mr. Kang Taeyeon. I used to see your father in certain events when he comes to Daegu. Your dad and mom are very nice people. They always treat us lot of foods or rent best hotel for us when we them”

Seulgi feel proud hearing Mr. Bae praising his parents “Thanks on behalf of them”

Meanwhile, Mrs. Bae balled her fist soon as she discovered Seulgi's background. She stare at him sharply

“You are really the son of Jessica Jung Sooyeon?” she suddenly ask making everyone staring at her

“Yes Mrs. Bae” Seulgi answered with a polite smile even he was shocked when Mrs. Bae knew his mom Korean name. His mother never reveals her Korean name to the public. Only her family knows about it. She only well-known as Jessica Jung or Jessica Kang or Mrs. Kang Taeyeon

“Why mom?” Irene looking at her mother curiously

Mrs. Bae sighs harshly “I'm against your relationship. Joohyun, I don’t want you to have any relationship with this guy” she pointed at Seulgi

Irene is speechless while Seulgi gets puzzled, both

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