Luckiest fans - Seulrene
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At Seulgi’s parents house in the evening

“KANG SEULGI” Sunmi roared from the front door startling everyone at the living room

They turn around and see Seulgi sprint to the stairs. Mrs. Kang sighs heavily seeing her son's antics. Sunmi comes from the front door holding a shoe with a frowning face. Mrs. Kang and Bae family wondering why Sunmi face looked upset

“Sunmi, what’s wrong? Why do Seulgi run like a mad dog?” Mrs. Kang asking quickly

“Mom!” Sunmi whining

“What? Tell me now”

“Seulgi stealing my parking spot”

Mrs. Kang gasped as she knew the reason for the commotion just now “Just because of the parking lot?”

“Yes! I want to park my car at the nearest spot but he steals it. I have to park at the middle and walk to the entrance is really tiring”

“Aigoo you two” Mrs. Kang massage her temple “Yesterday you two fight for chicken drumstick, 2 days ago you two fight for TV channel and now parking lot. I don’t know what else will happen next”

“That’s what will happen if we have lot of kids at home” Mrs. Bae cackle

Sunmi was shocked hearing that voice. Her face turned bright then skipped to greet Bae family “Mama! Appa! Unnie” she hugging them one by one

“How’s work?” Mrs. Bae ruffling Sunmi hair

“Schedule today is not pack so not really tired” Sunmi flashing sweet smile “Unnie, please scold Seulgi for me”

“Sure thing, I will deal with him” Irene said

“Thanks unnie, I have to go upstairs and wash up”


Before going to the room, Sunmi not forget to kiss Mrs. Kang. The people at living room continue talking leisurely

Few minutes later…

“Yah!” now Mr. Kang voice echo the whole place

Mrs. Kang groaned then she turned to her husband “Yah, why are you shouting?”

“Where is Seulgi and Sunmi?”

“In their room, why?”

“Those brats! They make me park my car in the farthest part of parking lot” Mr. Kang grunt. Bae family holding their laugh

“Our basement parking is as big as public car park but all of you still fight because of stupid parking lot. We should just sell all cars and leave only one each so we can park freely”

“Honey, it is their fault”

“No excuse, go wash up now. If you all still fight, I will lock everyone in bedroom and no dinner”

“Okay then”

“Stop being stupid. We have guest”

Mr. Kang looks towards the couch and sees Bae family watching them with a teasing grin “Hey, when do you all arrive?”

“About 1 hour ago” said Mr. Bae

“I invite them to have dinner here and sleepover before Irene parent go back to Daegu this Friday” Mrs. Kang stated

“Okay, I go wash up now” Mr. Kang excuse himself

Mrs. Kang sits back on the couch “I hope you all don’t mind. This house sometimes sounds like a supermarket, stadium, shopping mall, zoo or war base if everyone is here including Soojung. You can ask Irene if you do not believe me. She used to witness the commotion happened here”

Bae family laughing “They are hilarious” Mr. Bae commented

“Why Seulgi stay alone instead of stay here with you and his dad?” asked Mrs. Bae

Mrs. Kang rolled her eyes “That kid wants to stay independently so he insists on staying at his house. He only comes here when he needs something or when he missed his dad pampering him. Luckily Sunmi decide to come back and I ask her to stay here with us so I can keep my eyes on her”

“It's good that she doesn't stay alone. I’m really worry when she passed out at the grave last time”

“That’s why I hesitate to tag her along but she insist”

Their conversation disturbed by Seulgi's voice “Mommy! I want to drink chocolate milk!” he shout from the hallway

“Yah Kang Seulgi!”

The bear skip to living room “Mommy, I want to drink…” he not finish his sentence when he saw Irene and his family “Hello” he giggle

“Hello boy” Mr. Bae waving his hand

“I don’t know you all coming” Seulgi scratching his back head

“That’s why you don't run like a freak. Embarrassing” Mrs. Kang hit Seulgi bum

“Sorry mommy, I just run for my life”

“If you all argue again, I will lock everyone in the room”

“Okay mom!” Seulgi salute “Mommy, I want chocolate milk” he whining immediately

“Seulgi, go get for yourself. We have guest here”

“But mom…”

Irene sighs “I will get it for you. Let’s go” she drag the bear to the kitchen

“Baby, you looked pretty today” Seulgi whisper while following Irene to the kitchen

“Am I looking ugly yesterday?” Irene get a carton of chocolate milk from the fridge and pour it into the glass before give it to her boyfriend

“You just extra pretty today” Seulgi drink half of the milk to quench his thirst

“Usually you have something behind your sleeve if you praise me. Now tell me what you want”

“I am serious, baby. You looked so beautiful in white~” Seulgi playfully singing

“Seulgi~” Irene whining as her face turn red

Seulgi peck Irene cheek “I missed you”

“I miss you too”

“It has been a while since I see you”

Irene smack Seulgi shoulder “We just met 2 days ago at agency”

“But I still missed you” Seulgi pouting “It feel like forever”

“We talked last night and this morning yet you act like we not seeing each other for months”

“Mood breaker” Seulgi poke Irene shoulder

“You just being dramatic” Irene squishing Seulgi chubby cheeks “Drink your milk then we go back to living room”

“Okay boss” Seulgi finish his milk then wash the glass


“Seulgi, Irene, when do you want to announce your relationship to the public? Remember that you two promise to daddy that you will make announcement after meeting with Irene family” Mr. Kang stated during their dinner

Irene and Seulgi looking at each other then Seulgi speaks “I can make a statement anytime. Just wait for green light from her”

Then everyone focused on Irene “Since the problem in our family was solved, I am also ready to release a statement. I just need permission to announce it personally on my Instagram. I want to make a move first”

“If that is your choice then we also agree” said Mr. Kang

“Just do whatever make you comfortable, we doesn’t have problem with that” Mrs. Kang added

“Okay mom, dad”

“I will release a statement to confirm yours on SG Entertainment website. I will ask Soojung to do it” said Seulgi

“Can’t wait to read sweet statement from cheesy couple” Sunmi teasing the couple

“We also will wait” said Irene parents

Mr. Kang said again “When you two want to move to another step? I mean engage”

“We decided to take it slow dad. We just dating for few months and we want to know each other deeply before taking next step” Seulgi answered

“That’s good then. We always support your decision”

“Marriage is for lifetime so before you make the decision to settle down, make sure both of you are ready for the commitment. You two are our only child so we want the best for both of you. Control your anger, especially you Joohyun. Ego and anger are the biggest killers in a relationship so make sure you slow it whenever you have a problem. Key to a long last relationship is communication, remember?” said Mr. Bae

“Yes appa” both of them answer

“Good, protect your relationship at any cost. You two know how hard it is for you to finally be together. Don’t let your struggle be in vain”

“Okay appa, we will do our best to protect our relationship” said Seulgi

“Good, I entrust my daughter to you” Mr. Bae ruffle Seulgi hair

“I promise I will take care of her” Seulgi stated boldly

“I have faith in you”

“Thank you appa”


Irene joins Seulgi on the bed after changing to her pajamas. He pull her to his embrace and hugging the Idol tightly

“Miss me?” Irene caressing Seulgi hair

“Yes” Seulgi mumble in Irene shoulder

“I missed you too” Irene kissing Seulgi head

“Honey” Seulgi start kissing Irene neck and caressing her flat stomach

“Seul…” Irene moan a bit

Seulgi kept going with kisses on Irene's neck softly. His hand squeezing Irene covered

“Seul…we can’t” Irene voice stopping Seulgi action


“I’m period”

Seulgi slump his head on Irene tummy. He is very disappointed now “Honey, it has been a while since we do it”

“I can’t help it. Situation is not helping. Next time, okay?”

“How long do I need to wait?”

“Next few days”

Seulgi nods his head slowly. His hands still travel to Irene's chest rubbing her “Can I inside?”

“Aren’t you always inside?” Irene looked towards her chest where Seulgi hand looked so busy playing with her mound. She get rid of her bra so her bear can touch her skin

“I mean without protection” Seulgi stated while moving up and the

“You want to make me pregnant? Seriously? Aren’t you saying that we want to take it slow, why suddenly plan a family?”

Seulgi peck Irene lips softly “I do say that but sometimes I want to quickly make you mine. However, I don’t want to force you. Your journey is still so long to go. I don’t mind starting family in our age now”

Irene hugged Seulgi who rested his head on her chest “Seulgi…if you seriously want to marry me, I don’t have a problem with that. My career is important but you’re my priority. I still can work after we are married. If we decide to have a child sooner, I will take a break for sure. You’re not forcing me at all. I also want to have family with you but you must discuss properly with me. We must talk if you have something regarding us”

Seulgi looked up to Irene with a big smile “Do you really want to start family with me?”

“Yes baby” Irene answered confidently “Yah, are you proposing to me?”

“You think?” Seulgi giggled. He crawl to bedside table after buttoning Irene pajama then taking out something from the drawer

Irene only watches him with confusion. Seulgi comes back and sits beside Irene facing the girl. He holds up the dark blue velvet box then opens it. There are a couple rings inside the box

“Seul…w-what is this?” Irene stutter nervously

Seulgi clears his throat “I know this is so sudden and I’m sorry for shocking you. I don’t know how to describe how much I love you and want you in my life. I almost lost you 2 times and I don’t want it to happen again. The thought of losing you scares me the most. There are a lot of men out there wanting you. They are many times perfect than

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