Luckiest fans - Seulrene
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Seulgi arrive at home after lunch time. His house feel empty and he wondering where are the girls. None of them at living room or at the kitchen. Soojung also nowhere to be found. After drink a glass of cold water, he go to his bedroom

He found Irene sleeping soundly on the bed. He take off his jacket then climb on the bed, decide to tease the sleeping girl. He carefully lie on his side facing Irene. His hand brush her hair strands that covering her face. Slowly he lean down and kiss her lips. Suddenly…SLAP

“Ouch!” he groan after hard slap reach on his face

“Seulgi? Is that you?” Irene remove the blanket then checking the poor guy

“Yes” Seulgi said while covering his face

Irene chuckle slightly “I’m sorry for that slap. I thought you are somebody else. When do you arrive?”

“I just arrived” both of them sit on the bed. Seulgi still rubbing his face

“Is it still hurt?”

“Emm” Seulgi nods his head “For a small woman, you are so strong”

“Your fault too because kissing me when I sleep” Irene replace Seulgi hand with hers to caressing the slightly red spot on his cheek

“I used to kiss you when you sleep but you not aggressive”

“That is because I know you are here. I am alone earlier while you are working then suddenly someone kiss me so I protect myself. I’m good, right?” Irene smile proudly while wiggling her eyebrows

“Yes, you’re good” Seulgi said annoyingly

“Poor my baby bear. Let’s go to the kitchen to get ice pack for you”


Irene carefully pressing ice pack on Seulgi cheek. It helping to reduce the red mark. She can’t content her smile remembering she slap Seulgi for kissing her

“Done, feel better now?”


“Good, do you have lunch already?”

“Not yet. I promised to eat lunch at home so I not eating”

“Okay, I will serve your food”

“Alright boss”

Irene proceed to serve food for Seulgi while he watching her working at the kitchen. Few minutes later, all foods serve on the table and Seulgi eating happily. He really fall in love with Irene cook. She is really pro at cooking. Every foods that she made taste good in his tongue.

Seulgi done eating then both of them go to bedroom

“Go change your clothes” said Seulgi


“We are going somewhere”


Irene wearing red T-shirt and denim jeans while Seulgi still wearing on his black shirt. He only discard his vest, necktie and jacket

“Where are we going?” Irene asking as they on their way somewhere. Seulgi still not telling her where they are heading

“Date” Seulgi answer shortly

“I know date but what place?”

“Surprise” Seulgi just giving teasing smirk to Irene

45 minutes journey, they arrived at the place that Irene never know it exist. That place is a garden. Very beautiful filled with various kind of flowers and trees. According to Seulgi, on weekday that place is not crowded that’s why he bring her to come

“How did you find this place?” Irene questioning as they walking hand in hand along the garden

“I used to come here during school holiday with my friends”

“This place so beautiful”

Seulgi smile seeing Irene face look brighter than usual “You like it?”

“Yes especially the flowers. There are so beautiful” the idol pointed at the flowers on their right and left side

“Do you want one?”

“Yes, can I?” Irene showing cute puppy eyes to Seulgi

“Of course” Seulgi stop walking to pluck a tulip for Irene “For you”

“Thank you!” Irene squeal

“Kiss” Seulgi pointed at his cheek. Irene tiptoe and kiss Seulgi on his cheek

They continue walking again with their hands intertwined with each other. Seulgi lead Irene to the lake at the middle of the garden. Both of them sit on the bench without leaving a gap

“Baby” Seulgi wrapping his arms around Irene shoulder

“Yes?” Irene tilt her head to her side

Seulgi reach Irene chin with his hand to pull her closer then kiss her lips “I love you”

Irene can’t help but blushing because Seulgi stare at her lovingly “I love you too”

“So…can I claim your promise now?”

“What promise?”

Seulgi pouting “Don’t pretend that you don’t remember it”

“I’m not pretend. I promised lot of thing to you”

“You said we will dating after Suho case settled. Now he is jailed so I want to claim that promise”

“Ohhh” Irene nods her head

“Do you want to be my girlfriend?” Seulgi asking straight to the point

Irene stare at Seulgi for few while then she said “Yes”

Seulgi respond with kiss on Irene forehead “Thank you for accepting me”

“Thank you for waiting patiently and loving me without condition. You make me comfortable. You make me feel safe. You make me forget every worries and burden in me. I’m happy that I found someone like you. I hope you don’t change. Always understand me especially in my carrier. My schedule often hectic that make me hard to see you but please, remember that I always want you to be my side when I’m tired. You are my comfort place”

Irene look deep into Seulgi eyes. Her stare filled with love and affection towards the guy in front of her. No one make her feel this way before. Since she meet Seulgi, she feel butterflies in her stomach when they are together. She always excited to meet him even her body exhausted demand to stay in bed. She practically giving her all to Seulgi.

“I will always be there for you. Whenever you need me, just give me a call and I will come running” Seulgi caressing Irene cheek softly

“Thank you honey” Irene circled her arms around Seulgi torso hugging him. Seulgi return the hug while kissing her scalp

“Baby, I have something to show you. Shall we go now?” Seulgi asking after break their hug

“Sure, let’s go”

Their journey continue to next destination. After long ride, they enter the apartment complex. Irene wondering why they come to this place. She hear a lot about this apartment complex because some of idol also stay here. This place is popular among celebrity because the security is tight and no strangers allow to enter. Reporters, dispatch or stalkers also not dare to come following the artist

Seulgi park his car at basement parking then they ride elevator to level 27. Irene following Seulgi to one of the room. He taking out a bunch of key from his pocket and unlock the door

“Come in” said Seulgi as he open the door wide for both of them

Irene can’t help but jaw dropping seeing the interior design of the apartment studio. The place is not big but the decoration make it look luxury and cozy

“Seulgi, whose place is this?” Irene sit on the couch beside Seulgi

The CEO smile before answering “Our apartment”

Irene quickly turn to see her boyfriend “Seriously?”

“Yes, I bought this place for both of us” Seulgi stated

“But…what about your house?”

Seulgi scoot closer to Irene then sneak his hand on her waist “Remember that I used to tell you that I want to give my house to my wife as wedding gift?” Irene nods her head slowly “However, that plan cancelled because I need to move back and stay there. As replacement, I buy this apartment studio and give it to you as gift. Consider as dating gift because I don’t want to wait until we married. We don’t know what will happen in future so this is for you and me” Seulgi put the key on Irene palm

“Seul, isn’t this too early for that kind of gift?” Irene play with the keys on her hand

“Nope, I believe I will marry you and you will forever be the owner of this place together with me” Seulgi said confidently

“Okay if you say so” Irene sighs softly “You gave lot of things to me but I haven’t give anything to you. I feel so unfair to you. You keep giving but not taking” she suddenly feel bad

Seulgi smile showing his white teeth “You don’t have to rush to give stuff to me. I’m not going anywhere. Just love me every day, cook for me, make love to me and be a mother to my children is good enough. I don’t ask for more”

Irene blushing as she hear Seulgi statement “Seulgi~, you make me shy”

“I just stating the truth. By the way, it’s good to stay in this small place, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, we don’t need to move a lot” Irene walk around the apartment while Seulgi following her “I thought you love big space seeing every place that you own are big”

“I want to try staying at small and simple place like now. We just here for few minute but I love it already. I feel like want to move here permanently. Besides, this complex is 20 minutes from your dorm and 10 minutes to agency without traffic jam. You can come here anytime when you want to be alone. The route is safe. We have mini market, playground and gym in this complex”

“You really like to waste money. I heard from Soojung that you love to buy car for your collection. I know you are rich but it is too much” Irene glare at Seulgi who grin innocently

“Alright, I will try to not buy another cars for now. Sorry ma’am”

Irene open the door at balcony and step outside to see the beautiful view of Seoul. She taking deep breath few times with her eyes close and Seulgi follow suit like a son copying his mother

“I guess the night view will be pretty” Irene smile brightly

“Want to sleep here tonight?” Seulgi lean his arms against the rail

“We don’t bring clothes”

“We can wear bathrobe” Seulgi smile sideway

Irene punch Seulgi tummy “Are you thinking of something now?”

“Emm…since we’re here at our new home. Isn’t it good if we celebrate it” Seulgi cornered his girlfriend while smirking

“What are you going to do?” Irene look at Seulgi eyes and she noticed his gaze looked dark

“I want you” Seulgi whispered then captured Irene lips. Their kissed each other passionately and having tongue battle. Both of them start producing soft moan as they eating each other face

Seulgi kissed trailed to Irene neck making the idol breathing heavily. Totally enjoy Seulgi touch. Her hands unconsciously Seulgi shirt and taking it off him

The CEO carrying Irene to the bed and continue kissing her. He taking off her shirt leaving her only on her bra. His hand then move to her back to unclasp her bra but he stop

“Stop me before I go too far” he said

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