Luckiest fans - Seulrene
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Hi every

Today is 4 years since I debut as writer on AFF. Thank you very much to all of you for keep supporting, motivating and giving ideas for me. Without you guys, I will not here today. I will keep writing as much as I can and produce good stories for everyone. I'm very sorry if sometimes my story is boring, nonsense or not match with your expectation. Sorry for my shortcomings. As for your comments and DMs that I not reply, I'm sorry for that but I read everything and waiting for any comments or DMs from all of you. Happy 4th anniversary everyone. Let's go for long time. Lot of loves from me. Stay safe!

With love, Mulgokizary

At Red Velvet dorm

Irene dress up with blouse and jeans as she get ready to go out with their manager. She go to living room joining her members watching TV

“Unnie, do you receive call from oppa just now?” Wendy asked

“I don’t know. I haven’t check my phone”

“He said he can’t drive you to spa today because his son is sick”

Irene pouting “Aigooo, I can’t cancel my appointment. Anyone want to go with me?”

“I’m taking Haetnim to veterinary today for monthly checkup” said Joy

“I go to baking class with my mom” the main vocalist said

“You Yerimie?”

“Guitar class” Yeri stated

The leader scratching her head “I don’t want to go alone” she whimper

“Unnie, why don’t ask Seulgi oppa to accompany you?” Joy suggest

“Hmm, I bet he is still sleeping right now. Last night he play game until late at night” Irene go to her room to take her phone then come back to living room. She try to call her boyfriend but he not answer “See…he not answering”

After 3rd attempt, Seulgi finally answer his phone

Irene: Kang Seulgi! Wake up!

Seulgi: Why?

Irene: You have to send me to spa. I have appointment 2 hours from now

Seulgi: I’m sleepy Rene. Can you ask your member to go with you?

Irene: They have their own plan

Seulgi: I will ask Soojung to go with you

Irene: Seulgi!

Seulgi: Okay…okay…I will be there in 30 minutes

Irene: Good, go get ready now

Seulgi: Alright

“How is it unnie? Is he coming?” Yeri asking

“Yes but forcefully. He still want to sleep” Irene groan “Seungwan, apply makeup for me please~” she pleading with puppy eyes

Wendy who just done with her make up giving her unnie disgusting look but still doing her makeup “As usual unnie?”

“Yes” both of them sit face to face as Wendy start doing her work

Few minutes later, Irene phone ringing again “Whose calling?” she asked

Wendy looking at Irene phone on the table “It say Kang Seulgi”

“Get it for me” Irene answer her phone with loudspeaker while Wendy continuing her work

Seulgi: Boss!

Irene: Yes

Seulgi: Weather is good today. Do you want to ride bike?

Irene: Hell no! Come here with car

Seulgi: But…

Irene: No but, I don’t want to ride bike

Seulgi: Okay, I will be there in 30 minutes

Irene: Alright, see you later

Seulgi: Bye boss!

Irene: Bye

The leader put her phone on her laps and sit properly so that Wendy can apply makeup on her face

“Unnie, you two are cute couple” Joy giggle

“I agree with Sooyoung unnie. He looked whipped for you” Yeri added

“He really whipped and stubborn at the same time”

“I guess his attitude when he is with you is different with when he is working” said Wendy

Irene nods shortly “He change 180 degree when he is outside of office. No one will believe he is CEO Kang if they in my position”

“If he is not our CEO, we might think that he is not a serious person after we saw him at the plane before” Yeri said make her unnie laugh lightly

Seulgi arrived at Red Velvet dorm with his new Audi. He wearing plain dark blue t-shirt and blue shorts also wearing shades.

He press doorbell then lean at the wall waiting for the door to open. Irene opening the door with bright smile

“Hello!” she greeted cheerfully

“Hello darling” Seulgi puckered his lips asking for kiss but rejected by Irene

“Not now Mr. Kang”

Seulgi end up pouting “Okay” he took Irene hand then put car key on her palm

“What is this?” Irene confusedly looking at the key

“You drive” Seulgi stated then leave to his car and enter passenger seat

Irene stomp her feet but still enter driver side. Seulgi smile goofily while Irene glare at him

“Yah, why do you ask me to drive?” Irene retort

“You can drive, right?”


“I want to sleep so you drive for us” Seulgi answer innocently

Irene hissed “What time do you sleep last night?”

“2 AM I guess” Seulgi tapping his chin

Irene pinch Seulgi nose “I told you don’t sleep too late” she gritted her teeth

Seulgi whining holding his redden nose “I don’t know that you have plan today that’s why I sleep late. You don’t want to die in accident, don’t you?”

“What are you going to do now?”

“I want to sleep” Seulgi adjust his seat

Irene give in and start the car “Okay” she drive away from her dorm. It feel awkward since it has been a while she drive but she calmly driving to make sure they arrive safe and sound. Seulgi already sleeping soundly beside her. Soft snore escape from him make Irene acknowledge her boyfriend really sleepy and tired because yesterday his schedule is pack

They arrived in front of the spa. Irene tapping Seulgi arm to wake him up. He stirred up from his sleep without trouble

“We arrived?” he asked groggily and rubbing his eyes

“Yes, let’s go inside”

“No, I will wait at that café” Seulgi pointed at the café across the building

“Why you don’t want to come with me?” Irene pouting

“You don’t want them suspect anything, don’t you?”

“Hmm, okay. You will not boring waiting for me? I will take like 2 hours”

“Hayoung and Eric will come to accompany me. We will play game while waiting for you”

Irene nods understand “Alright, I will call you when I’m done”

“Okay, have fun”

“You too” Irene kiss Seulgi fully on his lips before leaving him inside his car “See you later darling”

Seulgi move to driver seat and wait until Irene enter the spa. He drive his car leaving the building to meet his friends at the café. Since Eunji and Moonbyul are busy, only Eric and Hayoung will come to hangouts with him. Luckily the spa is across to the café where they always hangouts so they don’t need to go far to find place to meet up.

Seulgi know this day would come where he need to send Irene to spa, salon or shopping. He don’t have any complain with that. No matter how tired he is, he will not turning her down. He don’t mind dragging himself for Irene. The most important is Irene happy and have fun during her free time. He willing to wait for her until her ‘me time’ end. It not a burden to him. It not every day Irene have time to pamper herself at salon or spa so if she want to go to that place, Seulgi don’t have problem to drive her or even find the best place for her to relax. It is part of his responsibility as boyfriend and future husband of original visual. It not easy but Seulgi will make Irene hold that title forever. She will always be an ORIGINAL VISUAL and will always be the one and only.


“Seul why suddenly call us to come? Usually you will inform early” Eric said after he and Hayoung take their seat

“I send Irene to spa. She called me this morning when I still sleeping. I also don’t know she have plan today. Since she will take up to 2 hours, I invite you two out so we can play game while waiting for her” Seulgi smirk

“Such a good boyfriend, huh?” Hayoung teasing Seulgi

“Of course, I will do my best to make time for her” the CEO smile proudly

“So whipped” Hayoung and Eric snort

“What to do. She is too good to resist” Seulgi folded his arms on the table and lean forward “Hayoung, how was your progress with Joy? Do you ask her out already?”

Hayoung scratch his head after hearing Seulgi question. He told his hyungs that he like Joy and have plan to ask her out for date. No one else know about his feeling because he only tell his friends. It not a secret but they don’t think it necessary to gossip about it

Eric flick Hayoung forehead “Hey, why zoning out?”

“Ouch!” Hayoung rubbed his forehead

“You not answer Seulgi question yet”

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