Luckiest fans - Seulrene
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“Aigooo, it has been a while since we come to executive office” Joy said soon as they step out of elevator. She walk beside Wendy while Irene and Yeri behind them

“I don’t remember last time we come here. I think when I get offer for my movie” Irene said

“This is private space in our agency” add Yeri

“That is Ms. Jung” Wendy led them towards Soojung

“Good afternoon Ms. Jung” everyone bow politely

“Red Velvet members, good day” Soojung greet with wide smile “I’m waiting for you all”

“Are we late, Ms. Jung?” asked Irene

“No, you all 5 minutes early. Let go inside and meeting our boss”

They following Soojung walking to Seulgi office. As they enter, everyone awe by new decoration of his office. Their former CEO don’t really care about interior design of his office. Now when Seulgi use that office, everything are new, modern, elegant and look wider than last time

“Unnie, this office change a lot” Yeri whisper to Irene

“Yeah, interior design is gorgeous than before” Irene also agree with their maknae

“CEO Kang have good taste”


Seulgi is busy with documents on his desk when Soojung enter with the idols. He don’t realize that he have visitor until Soojung speak


The CEO look up and smile right after “Hi, Red Velvet members. Have a sit” the girls go to meeting table and sit, waiting for their boss. Soojung also sit with them

Few minutes later, Seulgi get up from his seat then join the girls “Sorry, I’m a bit busy just now”

“It okay sir, we can wait” Joy answer and beaming wide

“So…” before Seulgi talk more, someone knocking the door then he give permission to enter. That person is Secretary Song coming with folder “Ayy, what this Victoria want?” he mumble

“Sir, this is document from Mrs. Kang. She need your signature for verification. Urgent” Secretary Song open the folder then put it in front of Seulgi

Seulgi reading the papers carefully while frowning. Soojung also take a look. Done reading, Seulgi sign the paper “Are you meeting Mrs. Kang or Chairman after this?”

“I will go to Mrs. Kang office to give back this file”

“Okay, tell her that I will go back to mansion tonight. I have something to discuss with her and chairman. I will have dinner together with them”

“Okay sir”

“That’s all, you can go now” Secretary Song bow her head before leaving

Soojung nudging her cousin “Hey, why do you suddenly go home? Don’t want to eat alone anymore?”

“I want to discuss about certain things”

“Okay, good luck. I don’t need to go to mansion tomorrow, right?”

“Of course, I have something to do tomorrow maybe will come late”

“Alright boss”

They focus back to the girls who are waiting patiently “Sorry for interruption earlier. So, back to our talk. How was your comeback preparation?”

“The process goes smoothly. We are focus on dance and vocal practice” the leader said

“What about recording?”

“We done recording last month”

“Good” Seulgi nods in satisfaction “Wendy, are you in good condition now?”

Wendy smile sweetly “Yes sir, I’m getting better but still need see doctor every months”

“No hurt after dancing?”

“Sometimes a bit stinging but it not affecting my move”

“If it hurt, don’t push yourself, okay? Even it getting better, you must be careful. You don’t want those pain recurrence, don’t you?”

“Thanks for concern sir, I will be extra careful” Wendy touched by Seulgi kindness

“My pleasure” then he look at the maknae, Yeri “Yeri, your talk show getting popular nowadays. Congratulation”

Yeri cackle in happiness “Sir, are you watching my show?”

“Of course, I watch every episodes. You have talent” Seulgi show 2 thumbs up

“Omo, thank you sir. Can you come to Yerihan bang in future?” Yeri showing puppy eyes

“Sure, just invite me anytime. I will definitely come as your special guest”

“I will make special episode for you and will welcome you with red carpet”

“Thanks in advance” Seulgi entertain by the maknae antic “Joy, I heard you got a title Queen of OST”

Joy smile shyly but her heart filled with happiness “They just exaggerate things. I don’t deserve that title. Wendy unnie supposed to be the queen, not me”

“Ayyy Joy, you are the best too” said Wendy

“I wonder why they don’t give you solo debut” Seulgi sighs

“Not my time yet, sir” said Joy

Seulgi lean at back rest “You and Wendy…I look forward for your solo debut next year so prepare”

“Is it true, sir?” Joy and Wendy eyes open widely

“Yes, it’s true. You two have talent so why hide it. Duo rapper too, get ready for first sub-unit” Seulgi looking at Irene and Yeri

“Seriously?” both of them squeal

“Yes, we will make big comeback next year. Every one of you will have chance to get out of your comfort zone. I read lot of articles demand for Joy and Wendy solo debut while Irene and Yeri rapping talent. Fans ask for it so we will make it true. Slowly but surely”

“Thank you very much sir. This is our dream since before. We will work hard once we get our chance”

“Everyone will have chance to shine. No matter how long it take, when your time come you will make it”

“We will work hard” said Irene then she and Seulgi exchange sweet smile

“Way to go” Seulgi bump fist happily. Then, he talk about same topic he talked with other idol


Seulgi on his way towards dining table but he stopped when security guard approaching him with brown envelope

“Good morning sir”

“Good morning too Mr. Jang”

“Sir, this is envelope for Chairman Kang. Can you give it to him?”

Seulgi frown while looking at the envelope. He wondering because there is no sender or receiver address. It just plain envelope. He suddenly feel suspicious

“Where is my mom and dad?”

“They leave already that’s why I give to you”

“Okay, who send this earlier? Courier?”

The security shake his head “I asked his name but he’s not telling me. He just asking me to give it to chairman and it is urgent. He don’t ask for receiver verification too unlike other courier did. Besides, he just come with black big bike”

“Alright, thanks for information. If that person come again and give anything to my parents, just give it directly to me”

“Okay sir”

“You can go now”

Seulgi walk to the table with suspicious envelope. Without hesitation, he unseal the envelope and take out the content. His eyes widened as he saw what is inside. It is photos of Irene come out of his car last night. He know who behind this and that person is none other than Suho. EXO members told him everything yesterday about their leader. The person that he saw a

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