Luckiest fans - Seulrene
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“Seul, we find out info about Kim Jinseok” Eunji stated and turn his laptop facing Seulgi

Seulgi reading the data carefully “Hmm”

“Currently he stayed at village at outskirt of Jeonju with his family. He never working again after resigned from SG”

“Is he enjoying his life with the money that he stole?” Seulgi asked quietly

“What is your next step?” Moonbyul and his team looking at Seulgi

“I want to go to his place together with all of you”

“We’re on anytime”

“When we will go?” asked Eric


“Okay, we will get ready tonight”


Seulgi calling Irene early in the morning. The idol answering her phone lazily with her eyes close



“I will go somewhere today”


“Jeonju. I have work to do there”

“Okay, take care”

“You too. I have to go now”

“Okay, text me when you arrive”

“Okay boss. Bye”


Right after the call end, Irene tossed her phone somewhere on her bed then sleep again. Who one earth will get up on 4 AM without urgent reason


Irene and her members eating breakfast. Today their practice start on 10 because their trainer have some works to do so they are not rushing. As a kind woman she is, Wendy also make breakfast for bodyguards that guarding their dorm. Sometimes they also bought fruits or snack as their gratitude for taking care of them. At night they make coffee or tea to keep them warm.

While everyone eating their foods, Irene phone receive text message. It is from Seulgi. She open the text then frowning


From: Kang Seulgi

I’m arrived at Jeonju 😊 Miss you 😘

“Unnie, what’s wrong?” Yeri asking

“Text from Seulgi”

“What he said?”

“He said he is at Jeonju now”

“What is he doing there?” Joy looking at their leader

“I don’t know. He suddenly said he’s arrived. When did he depart to Jeonju?”

Wendy drink her coffee then say “Just call him for confirmation”

Irene dialing Seulgi number then press her phone to her ear. After few beep, call connected

“Hello Rene” – Seulgi

“Hello, what are you doing at Jeonju? When did you go?” – Irene

“Rene…I told you already, remember?” – Seulgi

“When? I don’t remember” – Irene

“This morning, I called you on 4 AM before I leave my house. You asked me to text you when I arrived at Jeonju”

Irene palmed her forehead and laughing. Her members just watching her antic while eating their breakfast

“Really? I don’t remember. I thought it just my dream, aigooo” – Irene

“Seriously Rene” – Seulgi

“You stay there tonight or come back?” – Irene

“Depends on my work. I will tell you again” – Seulgi

“Okay then” – Irene

“Got to go now, bye Rene” – Seulgi

“Bye” – Seulgi

Irene sighs then chuckle at her own stupidity. How could she forget Seulgi calling her early in the morning?

“Unnie, what he said?” Joy asked

“He have work at Jeonju today”



Currently, Seulgi and his friends arrived in front of the house as directed on GPS. The house is not too big and located at neighborhood area. A car parked at the garage but no one outside. Seulgi hope he will meet that person today

“Hyung, are you sure this is right house?” Seulgi asking his bodyguard, Ji Changwook who drive car for them

“According to GPS, this is right place”

“I think house owner is available. That is their car” said Eric

“Let’s go out” Changwook hop down then run to Seulgi side to open the door for him

Moonbyul press the doorbell while the others stand behind him. A woman come out few minutes later and jog to the gate

“Good morning ma’am, is this Mr. Kim Jinseok house?”

“Yes, what can we do for you sir?”

“We want to meet with him. Can we come in?”

“Yes sure, wait a minute” the woman unlock the gate and let them in

Kim Jinseok is reading newspaper at living room when they enter the house. He looked shock seeing Seulgi and his men arrival

“Mr. Kim Jinseok?” Seulgi asking

“Yes sir, have a sit” said the man then he looked at his wife “Make coffee for our guest”

“It okay ma’am, we just have breakfast” said Seulgi then Jinseok wife sit beside her husband

“So, what can we do for you sir?” Jinseok asking

Seulgi take deep breath before he speak “For of all let me introduce myself first. I am Kang Seulgi, CEO of SG Entertainment and son of Kang Taeyeon, your former employer” Jinseok eyes turn wide while staring at Seulgi

“Y-you son of…Mr. Kang?”

“Yes, I think you can guess already why I come here to see you. I hope you can give full cooperation to us to make everything easy. I’m not going to punish you if you help me but if you close your mouth then I don’t have choice. I want you to open up to me about the betrayal that you had made and I know there is someone behind you. You’re good staff back then that’s why my father appoint you as CEO. He trust you but sadly you stab his back mercilessly. Remember Mr. Kim, karma goes around. If you make it hard for me, I will make it hard for you too. Now what is your choice?”

Jinseok lo

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