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Luckiest fans - Seulrene
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I'm sorry because I can't write book 2 for this story. This is bonus chapter for everyone and an official goodbye for Luckiest fans. No more bonus, epilogue or whatsoever. Thank you for reading this story. See you all again in oneshot collection or another book.

With love, Mulgokizary

SG Daily FM

Irene is currently a guest in SGD FM which is a radio broadcast that is owned by SG Entertainment that launched 5 years ago the same as SG TV Channel. Now SG expanded their wing to the broadcasting system and it was very successful. Their DJ is among their own idols. Everyone has a chance to be a radio DJ. Seulgi encouraged his artist to take part in every activity that was launched by their agency. Since 10 years he took over the company, he made very big changes in every branch of SG. Now his name is well-known not only in Korea but overseas too.

Back to the studio, Irene sit down for radio interview to promote her recent movie that aired few days ago in big screen all around the country

“Irene-ssi, first of all…congratulation you for your new movie. It received the highest rating since day 1 and remains so until now. We from SG family are very proud of you” – DJ

Irene smiling shyly as she received the praising from the DJ who also her junior in entertainment

“Thank you for the compliment. We also do not expect this movie will be on top charts and become a big topic since there are a lot of amazing movies that were released before us. The acceptance from fans is unexpected. Thank you very much everyone for loving our movie” – Irene

“Fans really anticipate for the movie to release and as one of your fans, we know you and your co-actors will bring the best product to us. Besides, the director also is no joke and very popular since her debut as director” – DJ

“Yeah, it’s fun working with her. Despite her young age, she is very mature, hardworking, kind, experienced and easy to work with. Everyone one love working with her” – Irene

“Some articles revealed that your movie is based on real life. Is it true, Irene-ssi?” – DJ

Irene cackled “True and it is based on my life journey. The movie is about an actress who meets the love of her life by coincidence, how they get close, fall in love and live happily ever after. It is not exactly the same as my life story but a little bit similar to how I met my husband. I worked together with the script writer and director for this movie. My husband also join a bit to share his story that’s why his name appear on ending credit”

“Oh I see. Believe me, there will be a lot of people who will watch your movie since they are curious to know how you and your husband meet each other. It might be not similar but at least they see a little bit of how you two become husband and wife. I admit your movie is romantic, sweet and funny at the same time. I will watch it again later” – the DJ laughing

“I describe it as a romantic comedy. At first we plan a romantic movie but when my husband join the table, there are many funny story that he share so we end up with this genre” – Irene

“It is very refreshing even though I don’t know it is based on your love life. I bet other viewers also agree with me” – DJ


“Do you accept any new offers for movies?” – DJ

“No, I decide to not accept any offer. You know my current condition not allow me to work a lot and my husband also not give permission for new job” – Irene

“True, now you’re pregnant and you shouldn’t tiring yourself. We will wait with respect until you come back to the screen again” - DJ

“Like the old time, I will come back after 2 years because I need to focus on my kids” – Irene

“What about your husband? He doesn't mind you still going with your job as an actress and singer after you have children?” – DJ

“He doesn't mind as long as I still focus on the kids and him. He also doesn't want me to tire myself. He never stops me to continue my career because he knows how much I work to reach this stage. After we have children, I decide to only accept offers for movies because it does not take a long time to record. I still can focus on my family and other works equally” – Irene

“Yeah, our career is important but family is over everything” – DJ

“Correct” – Irene

“Now you're expecting your 4th child, isn’t it?” – DJ

“No, I’m having 4th and 5th child” – Irene chirped happily. Now she is 3 months pregnant with twin

“Aigoo, congratulations Irene-ssi. Two Kang will be arrived in coming few months. We will wait for the good news” – DG

“Thank you very much and the twin probably the last one” – Irene

“You have a big family. I bet they are very adorable because your first born is very adorable and handsome. He takes after you and Mr. Kang equally. He is very friendly. Yesterday I saw him in the lobby with Mr. Kang. He greet everyone happily” – DJ

Irene cackles when the DJ talks about her son. That boy often comes to the office with Seulgi during school holidays. He was revealed to the public when he was 7 years old and became popular not only because he is the son of Irene and Seulgi but also because of his appearance. He got a title ‘original visual male version’ that he got after his mother. Irene often uploads her son's daily activities on her Instagram. She is not shocked when her son has his own fanbase as much as herself.

During his birthday, there are a lot of gifts from fans sent to the office. Fans also created birthday ads for him and it appears here and there around the city. He is not a celebrity but he has his own impact on the community. Till now, Irene and Seulgi are confused about how their son became that popular. They also received a lot of endorsement offers for their son but they decided to reject it. It is enough that he is popular without doing anything. They want him to grow up in a normal life, enjoy his childhood with friends and his siblings, focus on his studies and explore the new world. They don’t want him to be involved in a lot of work that will burden his mind.

“We aim for a big family since me and Seulgi are only children and our family. As replacement, we will have more kids. I already expect that I will have a twin child since my husband has twin genetics from his mom's side. About my son, he took after that friendly attitude from his father. If he takes after me, he will be an introvert when meeting strangers. I am a very shy person. I’m happy that everyone loves him. Thank you for showing love to my son and his siblings even the other 2 are not revealed yet since they are still too young. I promise, one by one will introduce to public when time comes” – Irene

“Your fans must be excited to see your daughter. I believe that we will see another original visual when she appear on public one day” – DJ

“She is more like Seulgi. Our family said she is carbon copy of their dad” – Irene

The DJ squeals “Heard that guys, you all must be excited to meet the second Kang, isn’t it?” both of them cackle “What about your members? It has been a while since we heard from them. Last one is when Wendy and her husband appear on The Family magazine last month” – DJ

“Everyone is doing well. They focus on family and career as well. As everyone knows, Wendy is counting days to deliver her third child. Let pray for Wendy so her baby will born healthy”

“Amen, all the best for you Wendy-ssi. Fighting~” – DJ

Irene continues “As for Yeri, she is currently in London visiting her husband’s family. Joy still busy with her endorsement and her family too”

“Our fans suggest you all form Baby Velvet. Your kids will look cute on the stage” – DJ reading the comment from listeners

Irene laughing heartily “I don’t know what will happen if Baby Velvet is on the stage together but I know they will make everyone dizzy. To avoid damage, now let only focus on Mommy Velvet”

“Do you all have any plan for Red Velvet comeback?” – DJ

“Right now we don’t have any plan since mine and Wendy's condition do not allow us to participate. We will come back when everything gets better. I don’t want to give Luvies false hope” – Irene

“You’re right. Now everyone is focusing on individual careers now, right? I mean aside from solo come back, acting or sing OST” – DJ

“Yes, Wendy is producer and composer at our agency. Yeri, a songwriter, recently joined me on business via TIFFANY. We collaborate for a new cosmetic product that will launch soon. Meanwhile Joy is still modelling and acting. She is one of my models in TIFFANY, also our main product endorser. As for myself, aside from acting and endorsing, I take part in managing my family business also helping my mother-in-law in her foundation. All of us are busy with sub-career” – Irene

“We are very happy, fans are very happy that all of you succeed in every work you do and we hope everyone is always on a good track. Fans will always support everything you do. As everyone said here, they always got your back and will waiting with respect for your annual come back” – DJ

“Thank you everyone for your endless support since our debut day until now. We start from below together until we have our family, you all never tired supporting and showing love to us. We really appreciate it. Even we not come back as Red Velvet for a while, we will still greet you all in any platform” – Irene

“Please hope all the best for Red Velvet members. Pray for Irene and Wendy so they will deliver their baby healthily. Keep supporting Joy and Yeri in their career. They work hard to make Luvies proud of them” - DJ

“You make me teary” Irene chuckle

“I speak on behalf of your fans” said the DJ “Alright, now we reach the end of the segment. Irene-ssi, please give a word or two before we say goodbye”

“Okay, first of all thank you very much for supporting my movie and making it on top of the charts. Got top rank in an appreciation for us. For my movie team, we did it guys. For my fans, we will meet again in future. Please be happy and stay healthy!” – Irene

“With that goodbye speech, our segment will end here for today. I will see you all tomorrow. Irene-ssi will leav

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