Luckiest fans - Seulrene
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Jackson goes to the Red Velvet dorm early in the morning to deliver flowers for Irene from their boss. He smiling like stupid seeing pink flower bouquet with bunny doll on it. It look really cute

“Boss really have big fight with his real boss” he chuckle while looking at the flower bouquet

“Hmm, the great Kang Seulgi subdued by his real boss, Irene Bae. Finally boss have his own weakness” he said to no one in particular

He pressed the doorbell then waited patiently outside. Door open by the owner and Joy appear

“Hi Joy-ssi” Jackson greet with charming smile

“Oh hi Jackson-ssi” Joy reply with her signature captivating smile

“Is Ms. Bae at home?”

“Yes, she is at the kitchen”

“Can you call her for me?”

“Sure thing, wait a minute”


Joy runs to the kitchen calling Irene who is having breakfast with Wendy and Yeri. Few minutes later, Joy come back with Irene

“Jackson-ssi, good morning” said Irene

“Good morning Miss. Bae” Jackson bow his head

“Jackson-ssi, no need to be formal. We’re not working though” Irene said awkwardly

“You’re not working but I’m on duty now so I have to follow protocol” Jackson said “Ms. Bae, this is flower from boss”

Irene received the flower bouquet with forced smile “Okay”

Jackson take out pink envelope from his pocket “This is card from him too”

“Alright, where is him now?”

“According to Captain Ji, both of them go to his parents' mansion because our boss will have breakfast together with them but he will come back before lunch. He have personal schedule after that”

“Alright, can I ask you something?”

“Go ahead”

“Do you know about a woman named Lee Sunmi?” Irene curiously waits for Jackson to respond. Joy also waiting as well

Jackson rubbing his chin “Emm, I don’t know much about Ms. Lee because I rarely heard about her. I only know that she returned from California early this week. She manage her business there”

Irene registered the new information she just received from Jackson “Do you know about how she related to the Kang family?”

“I’m not sure about that. I only know she is close to Kang family like very close”

“Is she staying at the boss's house?” Joy asking

“Nope, she is at his parents place”

“Okay, thanks for information” said the girls

“No problem. Anything else you want to know?”

“No, that’s all for now”

“Alright, I got to go now”

“Drive carefully” said Irene

Jackson waving his hand to the girls before he enter his car


In her bedroom, Irene sighs heavily, staring at the flowers and gifts that Seulgi sends to her throughout this week. Seulgi was really sincere, apologizing to her. He also texts her every day but she just read it. Honestly, she missed Seulgi so much but his words hurt her badly.

She grabs the card that Seulgi sent to her earlier. She hasn't read it yet since she is busy cleaning their dorm with her members and after that they have lunch. The contain is apologize letter as she expected

My love,

Words will never be able to express all the regret I’ve been feeling these past few days. I know everything has been my fault, and I want to say that I am sorry. The only thing I’m asking for is for your forgiveness. Without you my life is empty, and losing you because of something I did is something I could never allow myself to do. I feel so stupid knowing that even though I promised to make you happy, I was the one to cause you sadness. If you ever bring yourself to forgive me, I want you to know that I will be here patiently waiting for you to come back to my loving arms, so we can continue living our lives together. I love you more than I could possibly love anything else in this world, even myself. Please forgive me for I said, for the things I believed and the things I ended up doing. I miss you so much honey TT.TT


Irene spacing out after reading a handwritten letter from Seulgi. She can feel sincerity in his letter. It has been a week since she gave him silent treatment. Both of them are in the same state. Every day Soojung updates her about Seulgi.

Same as her, Seulgi is also not in a good state. He looked so lost these days. No shining smile painted on his face. The only thing that they saw in him was a forced smile. He often skipped meals and Soojung needed to force him to eat. He keeps blaming himself for being careless when he talks and hurting Irene.

After calming her mind, Irene put the letter back into the envelope and put it inside the drawer. She goes out to prepare dinner with her members. She want to talk to Seulgi but she need time for self-reflection too

From: Love KSG


I’m outside of your dorm now

Can you come here and talk to me?

I missed you 😢

It has been 5 minutes since Irene stared at her phone screen reading the texts repeatedly. She still contemplates whether she should go out to meet him or not. She still not ready to talk to Seulgi

I don’t want to talk

Go home now


Please, I want to clear the issue between us

I want to apology to you

Not now

I will wait until you come here and talk to me

I said go home!

Don't be stubborn Kang Seulgi!


I don’t care if I need to wait until next morning

Weather is bad outside

You will catch cold

If you don’t want me to catch cold, come here

We will talk at my house. Pack your clothes

Choose now

Irene groaned after receiving a reply from Seulgi. Seulgi is really stubborn. Weather is not good outside and she doesn't want Seulgi to get cold. He is really sensitive when exposed to rain. His mom said he easily catches colds and tends to catch cold fever. Before something bad happens and creates another trouble, she packs some of her clothes and necessities then goes outside. She not forget to inform her members and they cheer for her

Seulgi car parked in front of their gate. Wind blowing quiet hard making Irene slightly shivering. Luckily she wears a hoodie and jogger pants since she knows it will be so cold. She quickly enter the car without looking at Seulgi

“Baby…” Seulgi not finish his words when Irene cut him off

“Go now before the rain starts pouring. Don’t you see the sky is too dark right now?”

“Okay” Seulgi answer obediently then drive away


Soon as they arrive, Seulgi turns on the heater in the living room to reduce the coldness. Now both of them sit comfortably on the couch but still have a big gap between them. Irene sit on the end of the couch and so does Seulgi


“Emm?” Irene hummed in response

“I’m sorry for what happened between us. I know my words are hurting you badly. I carried away by my emotions that I don’t realize that I hurt you”

Irene her hair as she took a glance at Seulgi. She mentally admitted that he looked adorable right now. He is kicking his legs on the carpet and sit properly like a kid just scolded by their mother

“Now tell me what

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