Luckiest fans - Seulrene
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Irene dress up in suit today because she will go to court to attend last trial. She is very nervous today and get ready to face lot of reporters waiting for her. However, she calm down because Seulgi said he will be there with her. Since yesterday she keep nervous but Seulgi try his best to calm her down. The girls also helping a lot in attending her

“Unnie, feel better today?” asked Yeri when Irene plop herself beside her

“Still a bit nervous but better than yesterday”

“That’s good. Don’t stutter when you answer question or giving statement later. You used to talk in public”

“But in court are not the same”

“Unnie, just spill out whatever you supposed to say. Seulgi oppa will be there” Joy pats Irene shoulder

Irene sighs softly “Okay, I will do my best”

“Unnie, himnae!” the maknae pump their fist in the air

“Thanks girls” Irene pinch the girls cheeks

Seulgi arrive at their dorm to fetch Irene. He come with Changwook who also drive for him and Soojung. Today he wearing 3 pieces suit as usual. His face looked fresh because yesterday Irene drag him to do facial treatment together.

“Good morning my lady” Seulgi smile brightly

“Good morning my man”

Maknae duo show up behind Irene and chirped “Good morning oppa!”

“Hey, good morning girls” Seulgi patting their head softly

“Oppa, Irene unnie is still nervous. What if she pee in pants later?” Yeri asked innocently

“Yah!” Irene yell

“Chill unnie” both girls cackle

“Don’t tease your unnie. She will stress” said Seulgi as he saw Irene frowning “Let’s go before we stuck in traffic jam”

“Okay” Irene said “Don’t make mess. Wendy will come home and bring lunch for both of you. Don’t forget to lock the door”

“Okay mom!” the mischievous girls salute playfully

“You are like their mother” Seulgi giggle as they walk to the car

“I always remind them lot of things before leave the dorm. They always forget that they are too old to play like kids”

“They are cute”


Soojung and Changwook waiting for them at the car. Changwook open the door for Seulgi while Soojung open for Irene. Today they riding Seulgi official car that he only use for important event. This is first time Irene saw that car since it parked at basement parking

“Soojung, is there any reporters waiting for us?” Seulgi asking

“According to Henry, the entrance is clear since no one know about that trial schedule but if it suddenly leaked and reporters come, we will use west entrance”

“Okay, check again before we arrive later”


When they arrive, there is no crowd at the entrance. Seulgi bodyguard already waiting for them along with Irene manager, Ms. Kim and Mr. Lee. They get out of the car and greeted by Seulgi attorney, Mr. Yoo Jaesuk who also attorney for Kang family

“Good day Mr. Kang” they shake hand with Mr. Yoo

“Good day too Mr. Yoo”

“Nice to meet you Ms. Bae” Mr. Yoo bow politely

“Pleasure is mine” Irene smile sweetly

“Since we have 40 minutes before the trial, let’s go to discussion room. I have some files that you two need to read”

“Okay sir” said Seulgi “Let’s go”


The trial went well and smoothly. Irene and Seulgi win the trial as their attorney successfully giving every evidence to against Suho and his alliances. The judge sentenced Suho to 30 years in prison for several cases while his alliance sentenced for 10 years each except the one that helping Suho will jailed for 20 years for murder

Seulgi satisfy as he can find justice for late Hwang Minyoung. Now he is happy because the killer got what they deserve. He also satisfy because finally everyone around him are safe from any threat especially Irene and his company

“Seul” Irene tugging Seulgi arm


“Thank you for everything, literally everything”

Seulgi smile lovingly “My pleasure and you also doing good earlier. I’m happy that you not stutter when you answer their questions”

“Yeah, I also worry if I not able to answer properly and ruin everything”

“Now let start new page together. Let Suho and stuff related to him behind us. We go for next journey”

“I would like too” Irene smile warmly

“Let’s go” Seulgi want to hold Irene hand but he know they are in public now so he stop himself


After leaving the court, Seulgi asked Changwook to drive both of them back to his house while the bodyguard go to company again with Soojung

“Baby, why do you not working today?” Irene asking when both of them cuddle on the couch at the terrace

“I want to spend time with you. Besides, my schedule is not pack today and Soojung can do works for me”

“It has been a while since we cuddle like this” Irene peck Seulgi lips

“Yeah, I miss you so much” Seulgi circle his arms on Irene waist after pull his girlfriend on top of him

“I miss you too” Irene playfully kissing Seulgi lips and they giggling around

“Sleep here tonight. I will drive you back tomorrow, okay?”

“Okay baby”

Irene resting her head on Seulgi chest while lying on top of him “Do you miss me this much?”

“Very much. I want you to hold me like this when I’m tired” Irene said weakly

“Aww poor thing, I will make lot of time for you so you can lean on me when you need comfort”

“It’s okay, you don’t need to trouble yourself”

“I will do everything for you” Seulgi peck Irene head



“I want to sleep” Irene mumble cutely

“Okay, sleep now” Seulgi tighten his embrace on Irene body and tapped her back softly. In few minutes, both of them sleep on the couch at the terrace


Today both of them will go to Seulgi parent’s house to meet with Mr. Kang and Mrs. Kang. Seulgi will introduce Irene as his girlfriend not as idol. Seulgi looked excited for the meeting but Irene is nervous. They go in the evening to have dinner together and stay overnight

“Baby, why do you nervous?” Seulgi squeeze Irene hand softly

“It feel like first time I will meet your family”

Seulgi chuckle “Don’t worry, mommy and daddy excitedly waiting for you. I told them last night and they super excited. Mom said she will cook a lot for you”

Irene finally cackle “Aigooo, they don’t need to prepare a lot for me. I not VIP though”

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